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Game Description: Capcom's series moves to Las Vegas as the zombie apocalypse ups the ante with more zombies on-screen and drops original game protagonist Frank West and his camera. Players step into the zombie-slaying shoes of Chuck Greene as they use new weapons, tools, and moves to fight back the forces of the undead in Sin City.
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Dead Rising 2 Story Mode Hands-On Impressions

Dead Rising 2 Story Mode Hands-On Impressions

By Jake Gaskill - Posted Aug 25, 2010

Dead Rising 2 Hands-On Preview

Zombies to the left of me. Zombies to the right of me. Zombies to the front of me. Zombies to the…back…of me. The shambling, undead hordes extend in all directions for as far as I can see. The glittery neon signs of Fortune City’s Silver Strip of casinos and shops light up the night, giving the evening’s festivities an air of the spectacular, even though I’m about spend the next 15 minutes bashing, slicing, shooting, and crushing hundreds of walking dead with everything from a bat covered with nails to a bucket outfitted with three power drills to a standard lawnmower. It’s at this moment that I truly feel welcomed into the world of Dead Rising 2.

And actually, the situation I just described, was by far the most enjoyable part of the five or so hours I spent with Capcom’s upcoming sequel. There aren’t too many big developments story wise in the first part of the game, other than we find out that protagonist Chuck Greene has been framed for the zombie outbreak that has turned Fortune City into an undulating sea of animated corpses. Greene and a number of other survivors, including his long ago zombie bitten daughter, Katey, have holed up in a security facility, biding their time until the military rolls into town to clean up the mess. 

Because of Katey’s condition, she requires a shot of the zombie suppressant Zombrex every 24 hours (or around two and a half hours of actual gameplay). You can search for Zombrex while you’re traveling from mission to mission, or stop by a pawn shop and throw down $25,000 to buy some. Fortunately, I didn’t find it very hard to come by, but I could see how not being able to find some (or being able to afford to buy some) would add a tremendous sense of anxiety and fear to the already intense situation.

While I’m still not fond of the Dead Rising structure (fight your way through a bunch of zombies, find survivors, escort them back to the safe house, do a story mission, repeat), the sheer number of walking dead on screen is staggering, and the various themed casinos are spectacularly detailed, so traversing the world is consistently enjoyable. If there weren’t thousands of zombies trying to eat your face, you’d definitely want to take some time to stroll around sightseeing for a few hours; it’s just that pretty. 

Dead Rising 2 Hands-On Preview

I wasn’t able to try out the online co-op or multiplayer mode, Terror is Reality, but the game opens with a TIR event in which you ride a motorcycle with two chainsaws attached to the handlebars through crowds of zombies trying to rack up as many points as possible. It’s a shame having to go from this fast paced, chainsaw-fest to the slower, on foot combat and somewhat tame weapon choices of the early part of the game. Of course, once you start leveling up and earning combo cards, which let you start building custom weapons like a leaf blower that shoots jewelry or a broom with a machete attached to it, the zombie slaughtering reaches all new levels of ridiculousness.

I encountered a few psychopaths (i.e. mini bosses) in my playthrough as well, and like the first game, the creepiness factor of these characters is out in full force. Unfortunately, fighting them is far less enjoyable than their cutscene introductions, since you can only get hit six or seven times before dying, and yet it takes dozens and dozens of hits (I unloaded 100 bullets from a light machine gun at point blank range on one guy only to see his health bar barely decrease) to bring down the psychopaths. Worst of all, their animations take precedent over yours, so while they can interrupt your attacks, you can’t interrupt theirs, which is always good times.

Dead Rising 2 Hands-On Preview

From what I’ve played so far, Dead Rising 2 appears to take everything that fans loved about the first game, and amped it up in every way. The absurd and blood soaked sandbox is definitely in place, but we’ll have to wait until the game ships on September 28 to see if the game can rise above the ever increasing zombie game pack.

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  • HarleyRose

    Dying and restarting stronger may be a little annoying but I can get over that if it means messing up zombies. I`d just really like if there would be any way to free roam with all areas open and just do what everyone really get this game for : killin` nadz, zombies. It don`t need to be a separate sandbox mode or anything, just have everywhere open from the start. I heard story mode is free mode, well I don`t have a problem with that, but it won`t be free mode if you have to follow the missions to unlock areas. But That1GamerGirl and Thogin have it right, we get to mess up the undead, everything else is secondary. You can start pooing your pants zombies, here I come.

    Posted: September 19, 2010 11:46 AM
  • Thogin

    You don't have to play on xbox: pastafarian13

    I am with you That1GamerGirl, they had me with zombies and since this one is going to be multiple platform.... PC here I come...

    My gf is going to enjoy this game... she loves killing zombies in weird ways more than I do...

    Woot for zombies killing girls...

    Posted: September 3, 2010 4:23 PM
  • natdawg2010


    Posted: August 30, 2010 7:44 AM
  • gunner432

    For the most part i think it looks good, and i like the fact that there are gunna be more weapons to choose from, yes, the saving was pretty annoying, but i wouldnt skip it because of that. i just wanna get on the dirtbike with the chainsaws =D

    Posted: August 29, 2010 4:13 PM
  • RPG-fan

    I'm happy there are now three slot for saves but not too happy that there's the same 72 hours limit on the campaign.

    Posted: August 26, 2010 4:16 PM
  • pastafarian13

    i sure am glad thisis going on steam. my xbox just broke due to microsoft using cheap adheasive so im not paying 100$ to fix it.

    Posted: August 25, 2010 8:17 PM
  • Bi-PolarBear

    You had me at zombies, the only thing I really hope for is that in dead rising 2 they improve the very slow and for the most part very stupid ai survivors.

    Posted: August 25, 2010 5:30 PM
  • DiSandwich

    What a worthless preview.. When you complain about dying quickly while fighting the psychopaths, it might be important to consider whether or not the character levels up the same way as in the first game....

    Posted: August 25, 2010 5:13 PM
  • juice3335

    This game is gonna be great!

    Posted: August 25, 2010 2:25 PM
  • jdiggitty

    I read in another preview that they still have the same stupid save system in it, only 3 slots instead of 1. If true, I'll be skipping this one. The first pissed me off to no end.

    Posted: August 25, 2010 1:09 PM