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Game Description: Renowned for their technical excellence, artistic craftsmanship and commitment to quality, Crytek is building Crysis 2 on their new state-of-the-art multiplatform game development solution CryEngine 3 for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, and the PC.
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Crysis 2 News

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  • EA Announces E3 Game List

    Electronic Arts has revealed the rather sizable list of games its showing off at E3 this year, including Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2and more. Overall, the list is pretty heavy on sequels and sports titles. Bulletstorm is really the only major game that isn't a sequel, tie-in or sports game, so if you were looking for original IP, look...

    Posted June 10, 2010

    EA Announces E3 Game List
  • Crytek Confirms Natal And PlayStation Move Development

    Crysis developer Crytek have long been known for being on the forefront of gaming tech, and judging from what we’ve seen of Crysis 2 (check out Andrew Pfister’s preview for details), they’ve been hard at work bringing their robust and PC-melting engine to consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So given the amount of time...

    Posted April 16, 2010

    Crytek Confirms Natal And PlayStation Move Development
  • Crytek Rep: "Slightly More Performance" From PS3 Version Of Crysis 2

    In an interview with European games magazine PSM3, Crytek's business development lead Carl Jones said that they're getting "slightly more performance" from the PlayStation 3 version of Crysis 2, as compared to the Xbox 360 version. While that's most likely the honest truth from a man inside the studio, here's why you should just let...

    Posted April 14, 2010

    Crytek Rep: "Slightly More Performance" From PS3 Version Of Crysis 2
  • A First Look at Crysis 2

    Why does my home state of New York always get the shaft? Between giant monsters, super-villains and destructive aliens, you'd think someone would invest in some top-notch defense detail by now! The latest to call NYC its victim: Crysis 2, and to witness the rubble in all its digital glory, our own Andrew Pfister flew to the Big Apple to get our...

    Posted April 9, 2010

    A First Look at Crysis 2
  • Crytek To Unveil 3D For CryEngine 3 At GDC 2010

    An improvement to Crytek's CryEngine 3 game engine will be shown off at next week's GDC 2010... and it's in 3D. That's right, Crytek has grown tired of of the run-of-the-mill dimensions of length and width, and are adding a third dimension (depth) to its engine, and eventually, to the games you'll play. "Over the past few years, S-3D...

    Posted March 5, 2010

    Crytek To Unveil 3D For CryEngine 3 At GDC 2010
  • First Crysis 2 Details -- Aliens Are Invading New York City!

    Electronic Arts recently alluded to Crysis 2, but details on Crytek's multi-platform sequel have been difficult to pin down since the game was announced last summer. No longer, as The Official PlayStation Magazine will be dropping the first details on Cryis 2 in their next issue. The news was announced by the magazine's editor-in-chief Gary...

    Posted January 20, 2010

    First Crysis 2 Details -- Aliens Are Invading New York City!
  • More Crysis (Probably Crysis 2) Arriving Sometime Before March 2011

    Crytek fans patiently waiting for an update on the development of Crysis 2, announced by Electronic Arts and Crytek in the summer of last year, should be happy to hear that EA has confirmed it's scheduled the release of Crysis game sometime before March 30, 2011. March 30, 2011 is the end of EA's fiscal year 2011. I can't confirm the game's...

    Posted January 11, 2010

    More Crysis (Probably Crysis 2) Arriving Sometime Before March 2011
  • EA GamesCom 2009 Press Conference Report

    Watch Larger Version of this Video UPDATE: The video of the press conference has been added for your viewing pleasure. This blogged event has already happened. It was a good blog, but it’s no longer the blog we once knew and loved. It is not a live blog. It is now a Zombie Blog. Reanimated, and possessing unrelenting intent on...

    Posted August 19, 2009

    EA GamesCom 2009 Press Conference Report
  • Crysis 2 Goes Multi-Platform

    Crytek and Electronic Arts have apparently re-thought their Crysis release strategy for the sequel. Rather than being PC only, and limited to people who own computers powered by the most advanced graphics cards and processors, Crysis 2 will be out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles as well as PCs. That means everyone will be...

    Posted June 1, 2009

    Crysis 2 Goes Multi-Platform
  • Crysis 2 Retaliation DLC Trailer

    Posted: May 10, 2011

    8,416 Views | 02:01

  • Sessler's Soapbox: Collection in Games

    Posted: April 5, 2011

    26,780 Views | 04:38

  • Crysis 2 Video Review

    Posted: March 30, 2011

    40,550 Views | 03:00

  • Adam Sessler Talks Crysis 2

    Posted: March 23, 2011

    15,393 Views | 04:22

  • Crysis 2 vs Homefront Newsreel Comparison Video

    Posted: March 23, 2011

    14,985 Views | 04:03

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