Kinect Joy Ride - Xbox 360

Game Description: Kinect Joy Ride is a unique racing game that uses the Xbox 360 avatar system. Customize your car as you engage in friendly competition. Perform jumps and stunts or join a race team to reach the finish line. A "joy ride" without a controller!
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E3 2010: Kintect Joy Ride Preview

E3 2010: Kintect Joy Ride Preview

By Jake Gaskill - Posted Jun 18, 2010

Kinect Joy Ride

Microsoft first announced Kinect Joy Ride at E3 2009, but it wasn‚t until this year's E3 that Microsoft really showed it off. Despite the game looking awfully similar to United Front Games's kart racing title ModNation Racers, Kinect Joy Ride is using the motion sensing power of Kinect to separate itself from traditional racing titles. And based on my brief time with the game, it's definitely a unique experience.

Granted, it's a bit weird to hold out your arms and mime like your hands are on the wheel to drive, or to push out your hips to drift, but it works, and that's something. I played the stunt challenge mini-game in which you drive up and down a giant half-pipe, collecting cherries and pulling off giant aerial tricks. Leaning forwards and backwards induces flips, leaning to the side causes you to spin, and combinations of both cause your car to twist and turn in all kinds of ways. It was an admittedly simple game, but shoving out your arms to boost as you hit the ramp and then making your kart do flip after flip after flip through the air is simple fun.

Kinect Joy Ride

Being able to control a car through motions is kind of surreal and amusing, but there's no way you could do it for more than an hour or two, which I'm guessing might be Microsoft‚s way of simultaneously promoting physical activity and keeping kids from playing those darn video games for hours upon hours.

Kinect Joy Ride will be available in November.



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  • ndumkx316

    At first i didint like Kinect but as iv read and seen more demos of it in action it actually looks fun

    Posted: June 18, 2010 7:37 PM