Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes - Xbox 360

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre:Fighting
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Date:Jul 29, 2009
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Blood, Suggestive Themes, Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: One of Capcom's greatest arcade fighting games makes its way to the PS3 and Xbox 360 in downloadable form with all the classic over-the-top, frenetic gameplay in tact.
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Capcom: Fighting Games Comic-Con 2009 Archive

Capcom: Fighting Games Comic-Con 2009 Archive

By - Posted Jul 27, 2009
[2:38] Brian Leahy: "Welcome to our liveblog for the Capcom: Fighting Games Comic-Con 2009 Panel. Coverage will begin momentarily!"
[2:41] Sterling M: "Hello, Sterling McGarvey, Sr. Reviews/Previews Editor here."
[2:41] Sterling M: "Capcom's Seth Killian is onstage, and he's demoing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. It's like mini-EVO in here."
[2:42] Sterling M: "The panel ran over, since my cohorts over at Attack of the Show had the room prior, and the mob surrounding Olivia Munn resembled another Capcom title..."
[2:42] Sterling M: "...Dead Rising 2."
[2:43] Sterling M: "It looks like Killian's test driving TvC for the panel. People are still milling in right now."
[2:44] Sterling M: "I'm still not sure if this panel had a longer line than the ones I covered yesterday, but there are a LOT of fighting game fans here at Comic-Con."
[2:46] Sterling M: "Onstage, we have Ryota Niitsuma, producer on TvC, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya from fate/unlimited codes, and Rey Jimenez representing Marvel vs Capcom 2. Plus translators."
[2:47] Sterling M: "Capcom marketing guy leads one side of the room in "CAP!" and the other side of the room in "COM!""
[2:47] Sterling M: "And the last of the audience is in."
[2:47] Sterling M: "Killian takes the stage. He's super excited to moderate the panel and talk to the fans about what's next."
[2:48] Sterling M: ""Fighting games are back!" Crowd whoops."
[2:48] Sterling M: "Introduces Niitsuma, Tsuchiya, and Jimenez."
[2:49] Sterling M: "Niitsuma is starting up his magical Power Point."
[2:50] Sterling M: "Niitsuma introduces the E3 trailer for the game."
[2:50] Sterling M: "I love trailers for Japanese games like this. They're full of synthy electronic music and peppy descriptions with exclamation points."
[2:51] Sterling M: "Example: "THE ULTIMATE CROSSOVER!""
[2:51] Sterling M: "TvC will have Japanese voices and localization for the US."
[2:51] Sterling M: ""COMING SOON!!!""
[2:52] Sterling M: "Power Point shows off its numerous E3 fighting game awards, including ours. Yes, I voted for it too."
[2:53] Sterling M: "Niitsuma thanks the fans and media for all of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's awards."
[2:53] Sterling M: "Now, the Power Point leads to the characters in the game."
[2:54] Sterling M: "Many classic Japanese animation characters from Tatsunoko (but not Speed Racer) will be in the game."
[2:54] Sterling M: "Killian surveys the crowd: "Who's the best fighting game character?""
[2:54] Sterling M: ""RYU!" "G-FORCE!""
[2:55] Sterling M: ""The correct answer is Chun-Li.""
[2:55] Sterling M: "Looks like the US is getting exclusive characters not in the Japanese version, which is already out on Wii in Japan."
[2:56] Sterling M: "Killian calls someone onstage to play."
[2:56] Sterling M: "He picks Ken the Eagle from G-Force and Viewtiful Joe. Crowd pops big for VJ."
[2:57] Sterling M: "Opponent picks Ryu and Chun-Li. Crowd screams for what player to pick."
[2:58] Sterling M: "Ken the Eagle reminds me a bit of Spider-Man in MvC2."
[2:58] Sterling M: "There's lots of assists. Killian demos Viewtiful Joe laying out a bomb attack as Ken the Eagle starts a combo."
[2:59] Sterling M: "There's three tiers of super combos."
[2:59] Sterling M: "Killian totally flubs a Level 3 super combo and the crowd boos."
[3:00] Sterling M: "Killian explains that G-Force's trademark Phoenix transformation might come into play."
[3:01] Sterling M: "Unlike MvC, Niitsuma points out, this is a 2 on 2 fighter, rather than 3 on 3."
[3:01] Sterling M: "Killian plugs the daily TvC tournaments that are going on daily in Capcom's makeshift boxing ring."
[3:02] Sterling M: "Looks like Niitsuma has some autographed towels and T-shirts to give out."
[3:02] Sterling M: "And I thought Olivia Munn would cause a stampede."
[3:02] Sterling M: "He's tossing autographed stuff in the crowd. Thankfully no one has killed anyone over them yet."
[3:03] Sterling M: "It's ridiculously loud. Also, Niitsuma-san has an arm. Did he play baseball?"
[3:03] Sterling M: "Now Tsuchiya is talking about fate/unlimited codes, the upcoming PSP 2D fighter."
[3:04] Sterling M: "We have a trailer."
[3:05] Sterling M: ""Anyone can pull off special moves with ease!""
[3:05] Sterling M: ""The Ultimate Combo!""
[3:05] Sterling M: "Trailer's done, lights up."
[3:06] Sterling M: " Tsuchiya is giving some background."
[3:07] Sterling M: "Fate is a Japanese fighter taking place in Japan that features people with magic powers who have servants that help them."
[3:07] Sterling M: "The servants are spirits based in mythology."
[3:07] Sterling M: "Imagine, say, Gilgamesh helping you unleash an epic combo."
[3:09] Sterling M: "Fate/stay night started as a PC game made by a group that got started at the Japanese equivalent of Comic-Con."
[3:09] Sterling M: "Before Capcom's renaissance, PC gaming was big for 2D gaming during this decade."
[3:09] Sterling M: "Many developers made indie fighting games in Japan."
[3:10] Sterling M: "That's how Fate/stay night got its start."
[3:10] Sterling M: "The latest game, part of a series of manga and anime tie-ins came out in Japanese arcades in June 2008."
[3:10] Sterling M: "A Japan-only PS2 version came out in December of last year."
[3:11] Sterling M: "It's got a 2D aesthetic reminiscent of Street Fighter."
[3:11] Sterling M: "The new game will be a download-only release for PSP in North America and Europe."
[3:11] Sterling M: "It's been tweaked and retuned from both arcade and PS2 versions."
[3:12] Sterling M: "It's got 8 different game modes and lots of bonus content, plus 17 characters with tons of costumes (according to the PowerPoint)."
[3:13] Sterling M: "The combo style of the game is hinged upon high speed. You can even nail hundred-hit combos."
[3:13] Sterling M: "And with that, Tsuchiya is done."
[3:13] Sterling M: "Jimenez takes over to explain MvC2."
[3:13] Sterling M: "Crowd: "IT'S MAHVEL BAYBEE!""
[3:14] Sterling M: "Jimenez gives a big shout-out to the original team that worked on the game."
[3:14] Sterling M: "He has a new trailer to build up the launch."
[3:14] Sterling M: "Someone from the crowd  shouts "Take us for a ride!""
[3:14] Sterling M: "Big laughs."
[3:15] Sterling M: "Trailer features comic book stills of different characters in combat, then cuts to footage."
[3:15] Sterling M: "Spider-Man vs. Strider Hiryu."
[3:15] Sterling M: "M. Bison vs. Magneto."
[3:15] Sterling M: "It's so Pringles."
[3:16] Sterling M: "Capcom did an awesome job with the trailer. Hopefully it'll be out soon."
[3:17] Sterling M: "Jimenez wants to cut to the chase for Q&A with the audience."
[3:18] Sterling M: "The fundamentals: widescreen support, HD upscaling, online and leaderboards. On release day, tyfar.com (Take You for a Ride) will have stats."
[3:18] Sterling M: "There's a promotional hip-hop soundtrack to go with."
[3:18] Sterling M: "Debuts a video from Planet Asia that's tied into the game."
[3:19] Sterling M: "You can't separate real MC's from their fighting games."
[3:19] Sterling M: "There are limited edition Marvel vs Capcom 2 soundtracks in vinyl at Comic-Con."
[3:19] Sterling M: "I can't front. I want one."
[3:21] Sterling M: "Applause for the producers. Panel section's done."
[3:22] Sterling M: "Killian: "We were gonna have a tournament, but thanks to our friends at Attack of the Show...""
[3:22] Sterling M: "Guy shouts "I love Olivia!""
[3:23] Sterling M: "Killian asks everyone to keep their questions to what games are here today. No MvC3 questions. Not that they'd answer anyway."
[3:23] Sterling M: "Guest, jumping the gun:  "Any way of seeing Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2?""
[3:24] Sterling M: "Niitsuma: Depends on TvC's success."
[3:24] Sterling M: "Guest, also jumping the gun: "What about MvC3?""
[3:24] Sterling M: "Jimenez: "Hit up Marvel!""
[3:25] Sterling M: "Guest: "How difficult was it to deal with Tatsunoko licensing, since so many companies own the American rights?""
[3:25] Sterling M: "Good question. One I wanted to know, too."
[3:25] Sterling M: "Niitsuma: "It was very hard, with so many rights holders, but we pulled it off.""
[3:26] Sterling M: "Guest: "What are the most bizarre character requests you've gotten from fans?""
[3:26] Sterling M: "Jimenez: "I get Deadpool a lot. He'd be the perfect match against Dante, something like that. I wish I had a more bizarre answer for that.""
[3:26] Sterling M: "To Niitsuma now."
[3:27] Sterling M: ""Samurai Pizza Cats.""
[3:27] Sterling M: "Everyone goes NUTS."
[3:27] Sterling M: "One more question from dude dressed as Kratos."
[3:28] Sterling M: ""How did Marvel vs Capcom do elsewhere, and how did it influence the decision to bring the other games Stateside? What was the internal conflict at Capcom corporate?""
[3:28] Sterling M: "Tsuchiya's on the attack."
[3:29] Sterling M: "Translator: "Bringing anime games to the States is a risk when people outside Japan might not know the license. But in some cases, it's worth the risk. Our game is accessible, whether you know the anime or not.""
[3:29] Sterling M: "It's a wrap."
[3:29] Sterling M: "Thanks for reading our liveblog, and for more Comic-Con coverage, please check out g4tv.com/comiccon!"

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