Risen Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description: In Piranha Bytes latest RPG, players find themselves shipwrecked after a storm on a mysterious island. An active volcano dominates the scene. Ancient temple ruins recently have risen from the ground, and bizarre creatures infest the island. Explore the vast and varied environments of Risen, and forge your reputation like never before thanks to the game's sophisticated reputation system.
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Risen Cheats

  • Archer

    Found first bow

  • Ferocious wild boars

    20 wild boars killed

  • Master detective

    Find Hemlar's murderer completed

  • Master thief

    50 pockets picked

  • Samaritan

    Medicine for everyone completed

  • Archaeologist

    The mystery of the eastern temple completed

  • Beast slayer

    500 monsters killed

  • Fence

    A package for the Don completed

  • Ladies' man

    Woman beater completed

  • Terror of the hens

    20 chickens killed

  • Big game hunter

    2000 monsters killed

  • Moneybags

    100,000 gold coins obtained

  • Pandora's box

    The Titan trap completed

  • Safecracker

    100 locks picked

  • Sharpshooter

    Every ranged combat talent learned

  • The Traveler

    Find all the teleport stones completed

  • Freedom fighter

    Esteban's return to Harbour Town

  • Jester

    25 Jest spells used

  • Titan Lord

    Defeat the Titan! completed

  • Well-to-do

    1.000 gold coins obtained

  • Wise man

    The test of Master Ignatius completed

  • Beginner

    First monster killed

  • Expert

    100% achieved in an attribute

  • Field hand

    10 grain plants collected

  • Hard worker

    250 quests completed

  • Map reader

    Found first map in the game

  • Master of the classes

    100 % achieved in three attributes

  • Rune master

    The fourth seal of rune magic completed

  • Showdown

    The Inquisitor is dead! completed

  • The brave little tailor

    Seven grave moths killed

  • Adventurer

    Found way out of the first ruin

  • Death of a Legend

    The Legend of the Gyrger completed

  • Family man

    The sons of Tilda completed

  • Gladiator

    Every close combat talent learned

  • King of the handymen

    20 tool bags collected in inventory

  • The merciful one

    The farmer's sick wife completed

  • Defender

    Secure the volcano keep completed

  • Ghost hunter

    Find all the vassal rings completed

  • Idiot

    Fell to death 3 times

  • King Midas

    300,000 gold coins obtained

  • Peacekeeper

    Peace and order completed

  • Philanthropist

    Rescue Sara from the wilderness completed

  • Weaponsmith

    100 weapons forged

  • Workaholic

    Every profession learned

  • Fervent swimmer

    Caught by the tideworm 10 times

  • Little hero

    Where is Patty? completed

  • Mage

    All crystals learned

  • Ogre friend

    Rescued the ogre, Drok

  • Sidelined

    Power struggle completed

  • The fourth triplet

    10 treasures found