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Game Description:The teamwork based third person shooter returns, with a vengeance. Army of Two: The 40th Day drops the players into the city of Shanghai, when it is under attack by an unknown force. Luckily Rios and Salem are in the right place at the wrong time. Players work together to defeat enemies and solve puzzles as they make their way through the disaster to uncover who, or what, is behind it. The sequel includes many new co-op moves and abilities to challenge the players in whole new ways. Save yourselves before the entire city is lost.
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Army of Two: The 40th Day: Bridging Games & Comics Comic-Con 2009 Archive

Army of Two: The 40th Day: Bridging Games & Comics Comic-Con 2009 Archive

By - Posted Jul 27, 2009
[3:20] Patrick Klepek: "Hey guys! I'm here live at the last video game panel for Army of Two: The 40th Day."
[3:21] Patrick Klepek: "EA wants more "player-created stories" in the new Army of Two. They want people to express themselves, even though it's too expensive to build a game with eight million different paths."
[3:22] Patrick Klepek: "This room is WAY too big for the panel."
[3:23] Patrick Klepek: "EA wants to force players to make tough decisions."
[3:23] Patrick Klepek: "Video clip about to run to introduce the game and how the choices are being presented in Army of Two: The 40th Day."
[3:24] Patrick Klepek: "EA is calling the decisions "morality moments," even though the development team isn't a big fan of the name. It's better for marketing."
[3:25] Patrick Klepek: "EA is showing the same morality decision demonstrated at E3, where you come across a weapons locker and are given the choice between killing the guard and stealing the weapons or just leaving the weapons alone."
[3:26] Patrick Klepek: "All choices are A/B, one or the other. It's meant to push players to think about who they are when they play games."
[3:26] Patrick Klepek: "Sometimes the right choice will have unforeseen consequences and sometimes the bad decision won't actually be that bad, but you won't know till it happens."
[3:28] Patrick Klepek: "After you make a decision, you're shown what happens through a series of flash forwards.  "
[3:29] Patrick Klepek: "Army of Two: The 40th Day is much less about the actual storyline and more about the characters themselves. The team recognizes the story was pretty convoluted in the original game and they wanted to re-focus for the sequel."
[3:30] Patrick Klepek: "The team wants the game to introduce real choice. If you offer a player two good choices, it's not really a choice. Army of Two: The 40th day gives you a choice between immediate reward or potentially nothing. What would you do?"
[3:32] Patrick Klepek: "The team is showing the other morality option available."
[3:33] Patrick Klepek: "In this demonstration, if you take the weapons, the guard dies. If you don't take the weapons, you learn the guard was going to sell them to someone else, anyway."
[3:35] Patrick Klepek: "When he does, there's a slideshow cut scene that shows the guard's family."
[3:35] Patrick Klepek: "If you keep making bad/evil decisions, it will interact with the choices you're presented with later."
[3:38] Patrick Klepek: "The team wants the game to feel like a natural disaster, almost like an earthquake is unfolding around you."
[3:38] Patrick Klepek: "One of the big inspirations for Army of Two: The 40th Day is Cloverfield. There is no monster in this one, though. Bummer."
[3:38] Patrick Klepek: "Another theme of the game is "exaggerated reality.""
[3:39] Patrick Klepek: "i.e. Walking down a skyscraper that's fallen over and landed on another. What would it be like to climb down it?"
[3:40] Patrick Klepek: "Whereas the previous game involved quite a bit of world hopping, but the sequel is set in one place: Shanghai."
[3:41] Patrick Klepek: "The team really paid attention to critics and fan reaction. One of the biggest problems with the original was a lack of realistic grounding."
[3:43] Patrick Klepek: "The team went to Shanghai in order to get a good sense of China.  "
[3:44] Patrick Klepek: "They wanted to find locations and settings that hadn't been done in video games before. For example: a zoo."
[3:44] Patrick Klepek: "The game will include dead hippos you can take cover behind. Brilliant."
[3:47] Patrick Klepek: "The team is talking about a building that's falling apart as you move through it because an airplane has crashed into it."
[3:53] Patrick Klepek: "The team is scrolling through a slideshow of different weapons."
[3:53] Patrick Klepek: "Now, they're showing some of "morality characters," people who you'll encounter throughout the game and present you with a decision to make."
[3:55] Patrick Klepek: "There were no civilians in the first game -- that's not the case this time. The team wants to present the player with a choice in how to deal with them. Save them? Abandon them? Kill them?"
[3:57] Patrick Klepek: "You can pick your gun in the sequel. Apparently you couldn't in the original? Weird."
[3:58] Patrick Klepek: "Q&A time!"
[3:59] Patrick Klepek: "Question about the linearity of the sequel, since the original was very linear."
[4:00] Patrick Klepek: "The team says there are more player choices this time around -- how to approach a situation, morality decisions -- but it's still fairly linear."
[4:01] Patrick Klepek: "The team admits weapon customization was a huge pain in the last game."
[4:02] Patrick Klepek: "The team wanted to get away from fighting a specific culture."
[4:03] Patrick Klepek: "Fan asking about a collector's edition?"
[4:03] Patrick Klepek: "Doesn't sound like one is in the works, though."
[4:04] Patrick Klepek: "They would love to produce Army of Two-branded marks."
[4:05] Patrick Klepek: "Flamethrower will be in the sequel. It's a rule of game design for sequels!"
[4:05] Patrick Klepek: "There will be no big, elaborate "boss battles" in the sequel."
[4:06] Patrick Klepek: "Versus mode details are coming soon."
[4:06] Patrick Klepek: "The team really took the criticisms of the versus mode to heart. There will be big improvements in the sequel, but they can't talk about it."
[4:07] Patrick Klepek: "The versus mode will feature more players simultaneously."
[4:09] Patrick Klepek: "Team just joked about how they love achievements. "I even played Terminator Salvation.""
[4:10] Patrick Klepek: "No word on the release date."
[4:10] Patrick Klepek: "Sometime in the "winter.""
[4:14] Patrick Klepek: "DLC is coming to the game, obviously. They are still figuring out what to do with it."
[4:15] Patrick Klepek: "They are working on coming up with new ways for DLC that isn't just a new map or a new weapon."
[4:17] Patrick Klepek: "All of the co-op moves that people liked are coming back."
[4:17] Patrick Klepek: "Parachuting, for example, isn't coming back."
[4:19] Patrick Klepek: "And that's a wrap for the Army of Two panel and my Comic-Con coverage. Thanks for reading!"

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  • Gyrorobo

    I hope this is better than the first. For me the first was a bomb, it sucked really bad, and 2 weeks after it came out I tried to sell it and I could only get $10 bucks for it! Please improve from the first and im sure it will be great!

    Posted: July 28, 2009 11:19 AM