Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 - Xbox 360

Game Description:The Superhero Registration Act has been passed. The Marvel universe has been torn apart, as superheroes everywhere are being forced to either become military agents of the United States government or rebel against their fellow heroes. Players are thrown into the middle of the chaos, and must choose between the Iron Man-led Pro-Registration side and the Captain America-led Anti-Registration side. Choose from 24 classic Marvel characters, and battle your way through fully-destructible environments with up to four friends in online and offline cooperative play.
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance Interview: Guha Bala, President of Vicarious Visions

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Interview: Guha Bala, President of Vicarious Visions

By Stephen A. Johnson - Posted Jun 02, 2009

At this year's E3, we tracked down Guha Bala, President of Vicarious Visions, to get the inside story on important super-hero video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. The game is closing in on its beta date, kids, although we don't have an exact release date yet.

According to Bala, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 features 24 playable characters right out of the box, with more on the way as DLC. "Yeah, but which of my very most favorite Marvel super heroes will be included?" you might ask. How's this: Old Ultimate Alliance favorites Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk will be joined by newcomers Songbird and Iron Fist. New for E3 is the revelation that Deadpool is a playable hero and Venom and Juggernaut (biotch!) are playable villains.

Check out the interview below:


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