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Game Description: Battle your way through the nine circles of Hell, and confront an endless series of twisted and terrifying demons as you search for your lost love, Beatrice, in this video game adaptation of Dante Alighieri's classic epic poem.
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Dante's Inferno Comic-Con 2009 Panel Archive

Dante's Inferno Comic-Con 2009 Panel Archive

By Patrick Klepek - Posted Jul 23, 2009
[12:23] Brian Leahy: "Welcome, everyone. Patrick Klepek is at the panel and will be giving you all of the updates shortly. There is no video as Comic-Con does not allow the filming of panels (except for the Star Wars Spectacular, which we have special access too)."
[12:33] Patrick Klepek: "Hey guys! I've made it. :)  "
[12:33] Patrick Klepek: "I'm here live at the Dante's Inferno panel at Comic-Con 2009. The internet speed here is terrifyingly slow, but bear with me. :)"
[12:34] Patrick Klepek: "The guys here are still trying to get their computers setup, too. Phew. I've been to Comic-Con two years in a row now and the inept line staff baffles me every year."
[12:34] Patrick Klepek: "Someone didn't know where the line started or ended! Ridiculous."
[12:35] Patrick Klepek: "OK, looks like we're starting!"
[12:35] Patrick Klepek: "Starting off with a new gameplay trailer for Dante's Inferno, which is, according to them "a little greener than it should be." Computer problem I think."
[12:36] Patrick Klepek: "Wow, yeah -- this is really green. Technology fail. Trailer is ominous, with dark voice telling us how terrible things are down in Hell. No duh?"
[12:36] Patrick Klepek: "Cutting to some dramatic camera cuts. Of course, they are really green. Maybe this is the German version? They don't particularly like the blood."
[12:37] Patrick Klepek: "Oh crap. A guy in a Dante suit just showed up."
[12:38] Patrick Klepek: "Big round of applause for poorly dressed Dante. It must be chilly. "That takes courage and stamina." He's wearing  real chain mail apparently."
[12:39] Patrick Klepek: "We have Jonathon Knight, creative director at EA. Ash Huang, art director at EA. Christos Gage, writer at DC Comics. Brandon Auman, write for the animated feature and Vin cook, director for the animated feature.  "
[12:39] Patrick Klepek: "They're addressing the literature the game is based upon. Many people were badmouthing this in the line for the panel. Let's see how they address it."
[12:40] Patrick Klepek: ""really been a great journey to follow that history and hopefully be small part of it."  "
[12:40] Patrick Klepek: "The maps of Hell in the literature were the basis for the game.  "
[12:41] Patrick Klepek: "This is Jonathan Knight speaking, by the way."
[12:42] Patrick Klepek: "The sins of Hell go in the order of Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Hersey, Violence, Fraud, Treachery. Wonder where I fall...where's beer?"
[12:42] Patrick Klepek: "Just called the poem "boring." Says "not a lot happens." There's no "conflict or drama." Not sure that's going to go over with this audience."
[12:43] Patrick Klepek: "Claims it "deals with the basics of the poem." Meaning -- problems with Dante's life and his love and his quest to the love of his life. EA added bigger roles for Lucifer, a dark past for Dante and created a game with "action, conflict and drama," which he claims wasn't in the poem.  "
[12:43] Patrick Klepek: "Showing comparison between Dante in the poem, Dante in the game. Original Dante wasn't bad ass enough. Apparently."
[12:43] Patrick Klepek: ""Wouldn't be much fun wandering through hell as a poet.""
[12:44] Patrick Klepek: "Ash Huang, the game's art director, is now speaking."
[12:44] Patrick Klepek: "Decided to remodel Dante based on a medieval knight of the times."
[12:45] Patrick Klepek: "Turned the headgear into something more "aggressive." This is a common theme of the panel."
[12:45] Patrick Klepek: "Someone's cell phone won't shut up. Everyone is pissed."
[12:46] Patrick Klepek: "Dante is "not just a hack 'n slash guy." Big component of the game is "holy" and "unholy" and the concept of being rietchous. However that word is spelled. This is a live blog! Dante's described as a "troubled soul.""
[12:47] Patrick Klepek: "The Q&A should be interesting. The EA team has dropped some bombs on the poem. When the team asked how many people had honestly read the poem and at least half the room put their hand up. Backfire!"
[12:47] Patrick Klepek: "Knight says the team constantly went back to the poem to find new elements to incorporate into the game so they wouldn't become to "gamey." Hard to say there's much evidence of that, based on what the panel has described so far."
[12:48] Patrick Klepek: "Moving onto environmental design. Huang is speaking."
[12:49] Patrick Klepek: ""We do spend a lot of time reading the poem." Making marks of key landmarks."
[12:49] Patrick Klepek: "Huang appreciated the poem describing and outlining Hell as a "real geographical place." The team could literally draw out a map of the nine circles."
[12:50] Patrick Klepek: "Dante just left the room, bumped his shoulder into the wall on his way out. Must be heavy.  "
[12:51] Patrick Klepek: "Huang is walking us through the design of the environments."
[12:51] Patrick Klepek: "Important to visualize torture in hell, as it's a principle factor in the environment.  "
[12:52] Patrick Klepek: "Characters are up next."
[12:52] Patrick Klepek: "The team went to the poem to look for character design reference.  "
[12:53] Patrick Klepek: "Sorry I can't bring you pictures, guys. Comic-Con rules."
[12:53] Patrick Klepek: "One day we'll be able to live blog through our eyes. Maybe with 4G."
[12:55] Patrick Klepek: "Christos Gage, writer of the comic connected to the game is up next."
[12:55] Patrick Klepek: "Some sample dialogue from the comic. "Death cannot stop me. Hell itself cannot impede my course. If any evil dares cast its shadow over my beloved...""
[12:57] Patrick Klepek: "The comic's being published through Wild Storm. Cage was given a chance to play the game early to develop concepts for the comics. Cage didn't want to re-tell what happened in the game because it's redundant. Because Dante's Inferno is a specific story, though, there weren't many options. So instead, Cage decided to help fill in some of the backstory of characters who had less game time."
[12:57] Patrick Klepek: "Meant to provide a "deeper understanding of what's happening in the game.""
[12:58] Patrick Klepek: "Cage has never actually met his artist, Diego, in person. Wow."
[12:58] Patrick Klepek: "He'll be meeting Diego for the first time later today; Diego is currently flying in from Spain and will be signing copies of the first issue of the comic this week."
[12:59] Patrick Klepek: "And now the animated feature segment is coming up. Brandon Auman, writer of the animated feature, is speaking. He just confirmed a reason to watch the film -- Dante gets shoved up a bad guy's butt. I'm sure that's in the poem, right?"
[1:00] Patrick Klepek: "Auman joked about writing the script for the animated feature by reading the cliffnotes...aka the poem. Is he joking? Hard to say. Not reading the poem has been a running joke so far in this panel."
[1:01] Patrick Klepek: "The animated feature has some elements from the poem the game didn't have a chance to include. Auman hasn't even seen the movie yet."
[1:01] Patrick Klepek: "Knight's joking that Dante's Inferno the game was supposed to feature the Dante-in-the-butt-of-an-enemy but it was cut out. Not a joke."
[1:05] Patrick Klepek: "We're about to see the teaser for the Dante's Inferno animated feature. This one's green tinted, too. Not sure why no one feels compelled to fix it."
[1:06] Patrick Klepek: "Teaser is rolling. Bunch of random scenes are playing. Describes "an epic journey for redemption." The movie drops in 2010 alongside the game. Didn't really show much except several random scenes of violence and screaming."
[1:06] Patrick Klepek: "OK, we're moving onto the Q&A part as many people file out and move onto other panels."
[1:07] Patrick Klepek: "Most people seem to be actually leaving, instead of holding a Q&A session. That's not very promising."
[1:07] Patrick Klepek: "Most people seem interested in getting autographs or asking questions up at the front instead. Honestly, I've never seen this many people file out of a panel so quickly."
[1:11] Brian Leahy: "That concludes the Dante's Inferno panel. Be sure to check out all of our panel coverage and more at http://g4tv.com/comiccon Thanks, everyone!"

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