Terminator: Salvation Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:It's Man vs. Machine, with nothing short of armageddon on the line. Based on the movie, Terminator: Salvation is set ten years after Judgment Day, when Skynet nearly nuked humans out of existence. Play as John Connor in a third-person action saga where you're up against heavily armored, hyper-intelligent robot enemies who will send you scrambling for cover. If they had emotions, they'd laugh as your bullets bounce off them. Instead, they'll just try and outflank you (or worse). Use smart tactics and the heaviest firepower you can find. When you feel like giving up, remember - these are the machines that sent something back in time to make sure you weren't even born.
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2 / 5
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Terminator: Salvation Cheats

  • L.A. 2016

    Complete Chapter 1 - L.A. 2016 on any difficulty

  • New Acquaintances

    Complete Chapter 3 - New Acquaintances on any difficulty

  • Seasoned Commander

    Complete the Game - Become a commander on Medium difficulty

  • Underground

    Complete Chapter 5 - Underground on any difficulty

  • Veteran Commander

    Complete the Game - Become a commander on Hard difficulty

  • For the Resistance

    Complete Chapter 9 - For the Resistance on any difficulty

  • The Sights

    Complete Chapter 4 - The Sights on any difficulty

  • Thank Heaven

    Complete Chapter 2 - Thank Heaven on any difficulty

  • Into the Wild

    Complete Chapter 6 - Into the Wild on any difficulty

  • Angie

    Complete Chapter 7 - Angie on any difficulty

  • Every life is sacred

    Complete Chapter 8 - Every life is sacred on any difficulty