Tekken 6 - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Namco Bandai
  • Genre:Fighting
  • Developer: Namco Bandai
  • Release Date:Oct 27, 2009
  • # of Players:2 players, 2 online
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Alcohol Reference,Crude Humor,Mild Language,Suggestive Themes,Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The critically acclaimed and beloved franchise is back for another blistering round of gorgeous fighting. Featuring the largest roster in Tekken history, highly polished visuals, and fully customizable characters, fans can expect the most complete Tekken experience yet. The game also includes destructible environments and new online game modes to round out what is sure to be one of the premier fighting games of this generation.
G4TV Rating
3 / 5
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    3.9 / 5
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First Look: 'Tekken 6' -- New Characters Described!

First Look: 'Tekken 6' -- New Characters Described!

By Andrew Pfister - Posted Apr 29, 2009

First Look: 'Tekken 6' -- New Characters Described!

Tekken experts and aficionados, I mean you no harm. But it should be known from the start that I last played Tekken in college. Tekken 3, to be exact. As was the case with most games I played back then, if my friend beat me on a regular basis, I wouldn't practice or look at movelists -- I'd simply refuse to play any further. Between frustration and immaturity, I choose the latter. (You will learn that about me in the days to come.)

Tekken 6 Gamer's Day Trailer

That said, my first experience with Tekken 6 was quite enjoyable, and not nearly as slow and floaty as I remember Tekken 3 to be. I was only allowed to focus on four (of the forty!) characters at this time: Jin, Kazuya, Zafina, and Bob. (One of these is not like the other...). Jin and Kazuya are known quantities by now, and I couldn't tell you about the intricacies of their fighting styles, but something about them just felt "right."

First Look: 'Tekken 6' -- New Characters Described!

Zafina definitely reminded me of Voldo, as if she was his younger, normal sister. Flaunting what looked to me like a drunken/mantis/crab hybrid style, she could fight at regular height or go low and be ridiculously annoying with fluid transitions to the feet and mid-section. Well, it was only annoying when it was being done to me.

Bob is just...weird. He's a big boy with a power-brawler style, not too nimble but packing a punch. I noticed frequent knockbacks and devastating combinations to go along with his creepy haircut. He's definitely the type of character you want to strike hard and quickly, and then back off before he can counter.

First Look: 'Tekken 6' -- New Characters Described!

For someone whose fighting preferences lean towards costume pieces, ridiculous weapons, and tag teams of three, I can still see myself giving Tekken 6 a warm home reception. Now feel free to fill in the gaping holes of my Tekken knowledge. Posts containing the phrase “we already know this from the arcade version, you jerk” will be respectfully brushed aside.

Tekken 6 Gamer's Day Gameplay Footage

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