Dead to Rights: Retribution - Xbox 360

Game Description:Set in the neo-noir, morally corrupt and nightmarish world of Grant City, Dead to Rights: Retribution thrusts the player into the epicenter of an intensely dark, dangerous and tragic narrative as vice-cop Jack Slate. Along with vicious sidekick Shadow, Jack must fight to expose the shadowy underworld figures exerting their evil grip over the crumbling metropolis. Introducing an innovative new hybrid combat system, Volatile Games has unified third person shooting, hand-to-hand fighting and AI dog, Shadow, into a visceral, intense and seamless gameplay experience. Experience Jack’s full combat potential: use your sidearm to pick off the enemy at a distance, take cover and blind fire, take human shields, steal enemies’ weapons with special disarms or unleash his deadly takedowns. All the while, the immersive gameplay and storyline combined with beautifully imagined backdrops and scenarios pulls the player into Jack’s world as he investigates the threats facing the once great city. Jack will encounter a variety of ruthless gangs, each with their own fighting style, and all looking to destroy him and Grant City. Jack’s special bond with his canine companion, Shadow, makes the duo a formidable team in combat situations. Players will take control of both Jack and Shadow at various points throughout the game to cover potential threats from the enemy.
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'Dead to Rights: Retribution' Gamers' Day Preview: Franchise Rebooted

'Dead to Rights: Retribution' Gamers' Day Preview: Franchise Rebooted

By Jeffrey Kanjanapangka - Posted May 08, 2009

Time for a major reboot. Dead to Rights: Retribution Creative Director Nick Dixon previews the reimagined installment coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Between Andrew Pfister's First Look and the following video you'll definitely well-covered in the Dead to Rights: Retribution hoopla.

Dead to Rights: Retribution Gamers' Day Preview

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