Darkness Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Take Two
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Jun 26, 2007
  • # of Players:1 player, 8 online
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore,Drug Reference,Intense Violence,Strong Language,Suggestive Themes)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Jackie Estacado works for his uncle Paulie, the despicable leader of the Franchetti family. Jackie wakes up on his twenty-first birthday to discover he has received the awesome yet terrifying powers of the Darkness. But in order to return his family to power, he must unleash his newfound abilities. Take control of Jackie as you use the Darkness to devour, impale, and implode your enemies. Turn the corpses of your fallen victims into Darklings, impish demonites who do your bidding. Hide in the shadows to feed the slavering maw of the Darkness within you as you battle through the seedy underbelly of New York. Then take your skills online and show the world how Dark you can be.
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    5 / 5
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Darkness Cheats

  • Crazy For You

    Acquire Black Hole

  • Flag Owner

    Capture 50 flags in a CTF match

  • Gatherer

    Unlock 25 collectables

  • Into the Dark

    Complete the second part of the game

  • Contract Killer

    Be on the winning side in 50 multiplayer matches

  • Hard to Kill

    Take enough damage without dying within a multiplayer match

  • Darkling Master

    Acquire all Darkling types

  • Darkness Master

    Only for those who are completely in tune with the Darkness

  • Executioner

    Kill 25 enemies using execution moves

  • Anti Air

    Bring down the Chopper

  • Anti Hero

    Complete game on normal setting

  • Bringing People Together

    Trap 5 enemies within a Black Hole

  • Beginnings

    Complete the first part of the game

  • Butcher

    Claim 20 Killing Streaks in multiplayer

  • Cannibal

    Devour 300 enemies

  • Ghandi

    Find a peaceful solution. At least momentarily

  • Hills

    Acquire Darkness Guns

  • Flag Runner

    Capture 20 flags in a CTF match

  • Gunner

    Kill 30 enemies using Darkness Guns

  • Happy Birthday

    Acquire Creeping Dark

  • Bullet Dodger

    Finish a multiplayer match with less than 5 deaths (minimum of 4 players)

  • Completionist

    Unlock 100 collectables

  • Fashionable

    Collect all the Darkling outfits

  • Heart of Gold

    Help those in need

  • Henchman

    Be on the winning side in 20 multiplayer matches

  • Gunslinger

    Kill 7 enemies within 15 seconds

  • Hoodlum

    Be on the winning side in a multiplayer match in any of the multiplayer modes

  • Legendary Dark

    Complete game on hard setting

  • Murderer

    Claim a Killing Streak in multiplayer

  • No Man's Land

    Acquire Demon Arm

  • One With the Dark

    Achieve maximum Darkness level

  • Keeper of the Secret

    Someone's waiting by the phone

  • Legendary Summoner

    Summon 50 Darklings

  • Take a Look at the Sky

    Take down 6 airplanes.

  • The Obsessive Collector

    Unlock 75 collectables

  • Void Bringer

    Kill 20 enemies using Black Hole

  • Mook

    Be on the winning side in 5 multiplayer matches

  • Patriot

    Capture a flag in a CTF match

  • Picking Up Stuff

    Unlock a collectable for the first time

  • Ripper

    Kill 30 enemies using Demon Arm

  • Knuckle, Meet Face

    Perform a melee kill for the first time

  • Roadkill

    Kill the workers in the tunnel

  • Rogue Killer

    Kill 15 enemies using Creeping Dark

  • Summoner

    Summon 5 Darklings

  • Legendary Executioner

    Kill 50 enemies using execution moves

  • The Collector

    Unlock 50 collectables

  • The Don

    Be on the winning side in 250 multiplayer matches

  • Made Man

    Be on the winning side in 100 multiplayer matches

  • Romantic

    Real guys stick around for their ladies

  • Up Close and Personal

    Perform an execution move for the first time