Viva Pinata Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Nov 13, 2006
  • # of Players:4 players
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Comic Mischief,Mild Cartoon Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Take care of a living garden that's home to a species we bet you've never seen before - living pinatas - in this all-ages exercise in imagination. Explore a vibrant, immersive world that grows in real time. You'll begin with a few essential items and use them to shape the environment into your own personal paradise. Customize hundreds of different aspects of your garden in order to create a welcoming home for over 60 species of wild pinata. The colorful environment comes to life with graphics so richly detailed you might tack a whack at your screen...though trust us, there's no candy in there.
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    4.3 / 5
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Viva Pinata Cheats

  • Bonus accessories 1

    Submit the code

    Code: chewnicorn

  • Bonus accessories 2

    Submit the code

    Code: Bullseye f

  • Bonus accessories 3

    Submit the code

    Code: goobaa

  • Bonus accessories 4

    Submit the code

    Code: Kittyfloss

  • Fourheads

    Twingersnaps evolves to become Fourheads

  • Mallo

    Pretztail evolves to become Mallo

  • Salamango

    Newtgat evolves to become Salamango

  • Sweettoth

    Badgesicle evolves to become Sweettoth

  • Lackatoad

    Linkatoad evolves to become Lackatoad

  • Twingersnaps

    Syurpent evolves to become Twingersnaps

  • Candary

    Spearowmint evolves to become Candary

  • Juicygoose

    Quackberry evolves to become Juicygoose

  • Redhott

    Taffly evolves to become Redhott

  • Pink Squazil

    Feed a squazil a pink snap dragon head

  • Piñata Value Master

    One Piñata worth 10,000 chocolate coins.

  • Master Challenger

    After finishing 20 Factory requests.

  • Master Evolver

    Evolve eight species.

  • Sour Tower

    Tower of Sour has two pieces.

  • Master Horticulturist

    Full bonus growth for 25 plants.

  • Crowla Delay

    Distract Dastardos with the Crowla.

  • Collector

    Made 5 species resident.

  • Helper Name Caller

    Named a Helper.

  • Diggerling

    Employ a Diggerling.

  • Master Sour Tower

    Tower of Sour has six pieces.

  • Harvester

    Collect produce from a Buzzlegum, Moozipan or Goobaa.

  • Label Designee

    Made a Custom Label.

  • Green Fingers

    Grown 5 plants to maturity.

  • Land Owner

    Garden size increased once.

  • Variants

    Make five variant Piñatas.

  • Super Shovel

    All the Shovel Head upgrades.

  • Challenger

    After finishing 5 Factory requests.

  • Longevity

    Played the game for 10 hours (real time).

  • Chewnicorn Healing

    Heal a Piata with the Chewnicorn's power.

  • Master Green Fingers

    Grown 25 plants to maturity.

  • Shovel Strength

    All Shovel Handle upgrades.

  • Sprinkling

    Employ a Sprinkling.

  • Variants Master

    Make 20 variant Piñatas.

  • Watchling

    Employ a Watchling.

  • Evolver

    Evolve two species.

  • Longevity Master

    Play for 50 hours real time.

  • Master Romancer

    Become Master Romancer for 20 species.

  • Weedling

    Employ a Weedling.

  • Master Land Owner

    Garden size at maximum.

  • Master Talent

    Reach Level 50.

  • Cocoadile Tears

    Attain full bonus growth for a plant using the Cocoadile tears.

  • Generosity

    Turn the Beggar into a Trader.

  • Taffly Fertilizer

    Make fertilizer with the Taffly.

  • Pigxie Prize

    Cross Romancing a Swanana and a Rashberry.

  • Sherbat Dance

    Distract Dastardos with the Sherbat.

  • Gatherling

    Employ a Gatherling.

  • Mallowolf Howl

    Use the Mallowolf to scare off Ruffians.

  • Master Collector

    Made 50 species resident.

  • Garden Value

    Garden worth 25,000 chocolate coins.

  • Horticulturist

    Full bonus growth for 5 plants.

  • Wealth Master

    Have 100,000 chocolate coins.

  • Wealthy

    Player has 25,000 chocolate coins.

  • Romancer

    Become Master Romancer for 5 species.

  • Talent

    Reach Level 10.

  • Piñata Value

    One Piñata worth 5,000 chocolate coins.

  • Cluckles Hatches Egg

    Hatch an egg using the Cluckles.

  • Macaracoon Gift

    Get brought a Romance Sweet by a Macaracoon.

  • Garden Value Master

    Garden worth 100,000 chocolate coins.

  • Watering Can Do

    All Watering Can upgrades.

  • Piñata Name Caller

    Named a Piñata.

  • Attracting Pinatas

    If you want to attract a certain Pinata, go to your Pinata Encyclopedia inside your journal for hints.

  • Red Fertilizer

    Use the Red Fertilizer on a growing chili plant to increase its value and size.

  • Rare pinata

    First get a flame brand tortch at costalas then plant loads of flowers. A taffe fly will come for the flowers. When its a resident direct it to the tortch when its lit. As soon as the pinata is on fire put it out and it will turn in to a rare RED HOT!

  • Get a Red Hot

    1.Get a taffly resident. 2. Buy a fire brand from Costolot's. 3. Place it anywhere in the garden. 4. Direct the taffly to the firebrand. 5. He will catch on fire. 6. Get out your watering can. 7. Pour water on taffly before the fire goes out. 8. Taffly turns into a red hot.

  • Zumbug

    To get a zumbug you have to get a horstasheo to eat a blackberry and a deise flowerhed.