History Channel Civil War: Secret Missions Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:In the war between the North and South, you're on the side of chaos in this Civil War sim. History Channel Civil War: Secret Mission sends you into battle with one goal: disrupt the Northern and Southern armies in any way possible. Join fabled troublemaking outfits including Mosby's Rangers, Sheriden's Scouts, or Grant's Secret Service. Take orders from some of history's greatest generals, including Robert E. Lee, Ulysses Grant, and Stonewall Jackson. Use authentic guerilla tactics from the era to raid trains, steal ironclads, take out enemy artillery, and choke supply lines. Wield weapons like pepperbox revolvers and coffee mill guns, rely on scouts, attack from the sea, and more!
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History Channel Civil War: Secret Missions Cheats

  • Attention to Detail

    Complete one bonus objective.

  • Corporal

    Earn the rank of Corporal.

  • General

    Earn the rank of General.

  • Jackson

    Complete the Infiltration of Jackson mission.

  • Minuteman Medal

    Complete all missions below the target time.

  • Raining Grenades

    Kill 50 enemies using grenades.

  • Tough Guy

    Kill 750 enemies.

  • War Hero

    Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

  • Bullseye

    Complete a mission with over 95% accurracy.

  • Gat-slinger

    Kill 50 enemies using Gatling Guns.

  • Grand Gulf

    Complete the USS Pittsburg mission.

  • Lynchburg

    Complete the Sabotage at Lynchburg mission.

  • More Than Enough

    Kill 500 enemies.

  • Overachiever

    Complete a mission below the target time and completed all the bonus objectives.

  • Reporting for Duty

    Kill 250 enemies.

  • Sprint to the Finish

    Complete a mission below the target time.

  • Vicksburg

    Complete the Captain Blazer`s Scouts mission.

  • Chancellorsville

    Complete the Dawn at Chancellorsville mission.

  • Pioneer

    Earn the rank of Pioneer.

  • Smell the Roses

    Complete a mission on land without running.

  • War Veteran

    Complete the game on the medium difficulty setting (or higher).

  • Cold Harbor

    Complete Dr.Gatling`s Secret Weapon mission.

  • Marksman

    Complete a mission with over 75% accuracy.

  • Martinsburg

    Complete The Great Train Raid of 1861 mission.

  • Close Combat

    Kill 25 enemies using melee attacks.

  • Ironclad

    Complete the Siege of Vicksburg mission.

  • Major

    Earn the rank of Major.

  • Quick Draw

    Kill 50 enemies using sidearms.

  • Sergeant

    Earn the rank of Sergeant.

  • To the Letter

    Complete all bonus objectives.

  • Colonel

    Earn the rank of Colonel.

  • Vicksburg Gate

    Complete The Fall of Vicksburg mission.

  • War Survivor

    Complete the game on the easiest difficulty setting (or higher).

  • Cannons Away

    Kill 25 enemies using cannons.

  • Demolitions

    Shoot all explosive barrels in every mission.

  • Gettysburg

    Complete the Sharpshooters at Devil`s Den mission.

  • Hampshire

    Complete The Gray Ghost mission.

  • Lieutenant

    Earn the rank of Lieutenant.

  • Captain

    Earn the rank of Captain.

  • Sniper

    Killed 75 enemies with head shots.