Fable 2 Latest News - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Genre:RPG
  • Developer: Lionhead Studios
  • Release Date:Oct 20, 2008
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood,Language,Sexual Content,Use of Alcohol,Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:You wrote your own epic story in the original Fable. Here's your chance to pen a sequel. Return to the land of Albion 500 years after Fable's ending. Explore the massive open kingdom where every decision defines your character and the world around you. Play as a man or woman and shape your life in a world where everything is for sale. This time you'll journey with a companion: a dog offering protection, friendship, and occasional guidance. A new combat system lets you master hand weapons, range weapons, and magic, all with a single button on your controller. Earn currency in Xbox Live mini-games, experience new Co-Op Play, and more.
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    4.6 / 5
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Fable 2 News

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  • 'Fable 2' Pub Games Release

    Microsoft announced that the “Pub Games” downloadable pack for Fable II on the Xbox 360 will come out this August. The title includes three casino-style mini-games, which can be played to earn gold for use in RPG Fable II, when it drops later this year. “Pub Games” will be available for free with a pre-order of Fable II...

    Posted July 7, 2008| 10 Comments

    'Fable 2' Pub Games Release
  • New 'Fable 2' Screenshots

    Lionhead Studios is still hard at work polishing off Fable 2 set to ship later this year. The third-person action-adventure of course, is still exclusive to the Xbox 360 and touts some "interesting" new features: -You are now able to play as a female. -You have the option to have "protected" or "unprotected"...

    Posted June 13, 2008| 74 Comments

    New 'Fable 2' Screenshots
  • Sessler's Soapbox: Game Day Recap

    Adam's back from a week away from both the studio and the soapbox. But now the Sess has returned to a heralding of trumpets and even a mini-ticker-tape parade*. Where was he, you asked? Well, Adam spent the week attending various Gamer's Days and Pre-E3 events, where he got a chance to get some hands-on time with some of the most anticipated...

    Posted May 21, 2008| 31 Comments

    Sessler's Soapbox: Game Day Recap
  • 'Fable 2' Content Complete This Week

    Peter Molyneux says that Fable 2 will be "content complete" by the end of the week and maintains that it will release in 2008. "Content complete" means that the game is playable from start to finish and all of the assets like models, textures, sound, and story are done. Now begins the process of optimization and...

    Posted May 14, 2008| 3 Comments

    'Fable 2' Content Complete This Week
  • 'Fable 2' Gets Complex with XBLA Games

    Peter Molyneux has some big plans for Fable 2 as far as interactivity with Xbox Live Arcade games goes. There will be three XBLA mini-games that will allow players to win gold that will transfer directly into Fable 2. The games will be developed by Carbonated Games, which is a part of Microsoft. Here's the scoop from Molyneux: "They have...

    Posted March 20, 2008| 35 Comments

    'Fable 2' Gets Complex with XBLA Games
  • 'Fable 2' Coming In 2008

    Famed game designer Peter Molyneux (Fable, Black and White) says Fable 2 will be available in fall 2008. Specifically, Molyneux said the game would come in "Late 2008. Maybe when the leaves have a slight brownish tinge - but are still on the trees, if you see what I mean." Molyneux also dropped hints on what's coming after Fable 2:...

    Posted November 30, 2007| 20 Comments

    'Fable 2' Coming In 2008
  • Top 5 Devs to Watch in '08

    Posted: March 31, 2008

    5,002 Views | 02:41 | 4 Comments

  • Big Ones: Upcoming Releases

    Posted: March 25, 2008

    13,417 Views | 02:19 | 6 Comments

  • All Access: Fable 2

    Posted: February 22, 2008

    2,870 Views | 02:41 | 7 Comments


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