High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE! Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Senior Year is when it all comes together. The friends, the fun, the memories. High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE! brings together three movies' worth of High School Musical magic. Hit the dance floor as any of your favorite High School Musical characters, including Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Chad, Sharpay, and Taylor. You can also create your own dancer. Move and groove to your favorite songs from all three High School Musicals as you visit locations inspired by the hit films. Compete in dance-offs against friends or pair up and enter dance-offs as a duo. When the music stops, check out some bonus footage from High School Musical 3: Senior Year.Â
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High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE! Cheats

  • 4th Quarter Comeback

    Max out the performance meter after almost failing

  • Number 1 Fan

    Unlock all Signatures

  • Shop-a-holic

    Unlock all clothing pieces

  • East High Graduate


  • Homecoming Queen

    Create a female CAW character

  • Playing Favorites

    Pass a song using only 1 sector

  • Shhhh it’s a secret

    Complete all Secret Cues

  • Well-Rounded Wildcat

    Get all quiz conclusions

  • Wildcat Explorer

    Complete a Secret Cue phrase

  • Dance Machine

    Get 100% dance accuracy

  • Homecoming King

    Create a male CAW character

  • Perfect Precision

    Hit 1000 Cues perfectly

  • Perfectionist

    Hit above 50% of notes perfectly

  • Senior Year

    Get an A on Every HSM3 Song

  • Summer Vacation

    Get an A on Every HSM2 Song

  • 50 Times the Dancer

    Reach 50 In-a-row

  • Avoid Elimination

    Never enter red zone in the performance meter

  • High School Orientation

    Complete the tutorial

  • Most Popular

    Unlock all characters

  • Tutor

    Double your teammate's Dance Accuracy in Dance Duo

  • Valedictorian

    Get an A+ on every song

  • Welcome to Senior Year!

    Unlock Senior Difficulty

  • We're All In This Together

    100 note combo in Dance Duo

  • Welcome to East High

    Get an A on Every HSM1 Song

  • 100 Times the Dancer

    Reach 100 In-a-row

  • Great Personality

    Play 50 Quizzes

  • Pop Quizzin'

    Complete all quizzes

  • Short Attention Span

    Pass a song without hitting held notes

  • 1K Cues

    Hit 1000 Cues

  • 300 Times the Dancer

    Reach 300 In-a-row

  • Freezer

    Spend 1 hour in Hold Cues

  • Gotta Go My Own Way

    Block your opponent in Dance-Off

  • Shooting Star

    Activate Super Star 3 times in one song

  • Break the Bank

    Earn 100 million total points

  • Class Clown

    Fail a Song

  • Extra Credit

    Total game time of 8 hours

  • Flawless Performance

    Get an A+ on a song

  • Meteor Shower

    Activate Super Star 100 times

  • Passing Grade

    Pass every song

  • Star Dazzler

    Spend 2 hours in Super Star Mode