Assassin's Creed Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Nov 14, 2007
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood,Strong Language,Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The year is 1191 A.D. The place is the Holy Land. The Third Crusade is devastating your home. You are Altair, an assassin, cloaked in secrecy and feared for your ruthlessness, and you intend to stop the fighting by making sure that neither side gets an advantage. Master the skills, tactics, and weapons of the world's oldest secret society of fighters. Plan each move with precision, but be very careful, because all of your actions affect the outcome. Quick moves in a crowd will cause panic. Climb every surface, steal any horse, blend in with a crowd – do whatever you need to find your prey and take them down on your terms.
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Assassin's Creed Cheats

  • Crossbow

    Do all the viewpoints within the whole game.

  • Enemy of the Poor

    Grab and Throw 25 Harassers.

  • The Blood of a Doctor

    You've slain Garnier de Naplouse, Hospitalier Leader in Arce.

  • Defender of the People: Damascus

    Complete every free mission in Damascus.

  • Eagle's Prey

    Assassinate 100 guards.

  • The Eagle and The Apple 1191

    Complete Assassin's Creed.

  • Eagle's Dance

    Perform 50 leap of faith.

  • Eagle's Flight

    Last 10 minutes in open conflict.

  • Eagle's Dive

    Perform 50 Combo Kills in Fights.

  • The Blood of a LiegeLord

    You've slain William of Montferrat, LiegeLord of Acre.

  • Visions of the Future

    After the credits roll, walk back into Desmond's bedroom and activate Eagle Vision by pressing the Y button and look at the wall above the bed.

  • The hands of a Thief

    Pickpocket 200 throwing knives.

  • Blade in the Crowd

    Kill one of your main targets like a true assassin.

  • The Blood of the Merchant King

    You've slain Abul Nuqoud, Merchant King of Damascus.

  • Eagle's Will

    Defeat 100 opponents without dying.

  • Keeper of the Crescent

    Find All Flags in Damascus.

  • Keeper of the Order

    Find all Templar Flags in Acre.

  • Keeper of the 8 Virtues

    Find All Hospitalier Flags in Acre.

  • Keeper of the Black Cross

    Find All Teutonic Flags in Acre.

  • The Blood of a Slave Trader

    You've slain Tatal, Slave Trader of Jerusalem.

  • Keeper of the Lions Passant

    Find All of Richard's Flags in the Kingdom.

  • Fearless

    Complete all Reach High Points.

  • Gifted Escapist

    Jump through 20 merchant stands.

  • Eagle's Eye

    Kill 75 guards by throwing knives.

  • Eagle's Challenge

    Defeat 25 guards in a single fight.

  • Welcome to the Animus

    You've successfully completed the Animus tutorial.

  • Eagle's Talon

    Perform 50 stealth assassinations.

  • The Punishment for Treason

    You have found the traitor and have brought him before Al Mualim.

  • Keeper of the Creed

    Find All Flags in Masyaf.

  • Conversationalist

    Go through every dialog with Lucy.

  • Absolute Symbiosis

    Have a complete Synchronization bar.

  • The Blood of a Nemesis

    You've slain Robert de Sable, but there is one more.

  • Hero of Masyaf

    You've protected Masyaf from the Templar invasion.

  • Hungerer of Knowledge

    See 85% of all the memory glitches.

  • The Blood of a Teutonic Leader

    You've slain Sibrand, the Teutonic Leader of Acre.

  • March of the Pious

    Use Scholar blending 20 times.

  • Defender of the People: Acre

    Complete every free mission in Acre.

  • The Blood of a Corrupt Merchant

    You've slain Tamir, Black Market Merchant in Damascus.

  • The Blood of a Scribe

    You've slain Jubair, the Scribe of Damascus.

  • Personal Vendetta

    Kill every Templar.

  • Eagle's Swiftness

    Perform 100 Counter Kill in Fights.

  • Keeper of the Four Gospels

    Find All Flags in Jerusalem.

  • Defender of the People: Jerusalem

    Complete every free mission in Jerusalem.

  • Disciple of the Creed

    Assassinate all your targets with a full DNA bar.

  • Kill people without penalty

    After you beat the game go on story mode and kill people and you won't lose life.

  • Easy Assignment Kills (Boss)

    When you try to assassinate some of the bosses, they run. So you being the cheaters that you are, don't kill his solders. Insted, chase him and equip the hidden blade. Get close enough to him and a message will pop up and say "assassinate". Thats when you attack with X. You should jump into the air and assassinate him.

  • Lucy's Security Card

    Some of you may have already discovered this, but when you complete the game and Lucy and Doctor Stillmen leave the room and you're free to do what you want, go next to the little computer screen by the Animus and Lucy has left you her security card. With it you can access that computer and read her emails and you will discover an interesting...

  • Templars

    First you should kill them quickly since they will get help anyway. Dont use the throwing knives, that wont kill them. The throwing knives will only stun the Templars for one second, so instead use your hidden blade.

  • Easy Templar Kills

    When you find a templar hold (A) to blend, make sure you have your hidden blade ready. Then move in as close as you can, if you can get behind him even better. Once in place press (X) for your hidden blade and you will instantly assassinate him. No fights, no calls for help, no problems period. JC