Plain Sight - Xbox 360

Plain Sight
Game Description:Plain Sight is, in the words of its creators, "A 3D multiplayer arcade game with robots, bombs, swords and messed-up physics." Use your sword to kill other robots and make yourself a bigger, stronger, better and happier robot. Run about the stage and make kills to get more points than just the one you were made with. With your increased power, you can kill more, but don't let it go to your head -- you still need to explode to bank those points. Blow yourself up to destroy others and accrue multipliers for your point bank -- the one with the most points at the end is the one who wins. Until then, respawn and repeat.
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  • Plain Sight Developer Walkthrough

    Plain Sight is a multiplayer, ninja robot, action arcade game, but unlike other multiplayer games, to win, you have to kill yourself, and you have...

    Posted April 22, 2010

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