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Game Description:It's order vs. chaos as the Overlord returns for more empire-building insanity. In a story inspired by the rise of the Roman Empire, the legions of the Glorious Empire are conquering kingdoms all over the map. No one overrules the Overlord, so it's time to send a message...by sending in your minions. Overrun the well-trained, organized legions of the Glorious Empire with the chaotic onslaught of your minion army.  This time, your minions have some new tricks, like the ability to ride. And, as they obey your every command, they'll please the master by not just destroying armies, but by wrecking buildings, scenery, and everything around them too.
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Overlord II News

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  • Overlord II E3 2009 Trailer

    Written by Rhianna Pratchett (Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia), Overlord II features an improved army of minions wrecking havoc around a whole new regime. It's time to turn evil...again. Check out the trailer for Overlord II below. Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version

    Posted June 8, 2009

    Overlord II E3 2009 Trailer
  • 'Overlord II' Minion Trailers Include Seal-Clubbing And Developer Explanations

    Codemasters release two videos detailing the minions at your control in Overlord II. The gremlin-like creatures have affinity for killing things of the fluffy, cuter nature which can be seen here. After the cut, Creative Director of Triumph Studios, Lennart Sas, talks Minions 101 and details on the advancements they've made since the original...

    Posted May 21, 2009

    'Overlord II' Minion Trailers Include Seal-Clubbing And Developer Explanations
  • 'Overlord II' US Launch Dated, Trailer With More Minions

    Codemasters and developer Triumph Studios release the latest trailer for their action strategy sequel Overlord II. Bearing the known European release date of June 26, Shack has uncovered the official US release page revealing June 23 as the "Mini Spartan" demon uprising day for your minions on the PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Overlord II Some...

    Posted May 1, 2009| 2 Comments

    'Overlord II' US Launch Dated, Trailer With More Minions
  • 'Overlord II' Dev Diary: Rise of the Overlad

    Triumph Studios' creative director Lennart Sas introduces us to the rise of the new seed of darkness in Codemasters' hell raising sequel Overlord II for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. As the "Overlad" (the son of the original Overlord), you can be more dastardly than ever. Now, you're choices go beyond good and evil into the realm between...

    Posted March 18, 2009| 7 Comments

    'Overlord II' Dev Diary: Rise of the Overlad
  • Codemasters Reveals Release Schedule

    Video game publisher Codemasters has revealed its schedule of upcoming games, including sequels to DiRT and Overlord, as well as a multi-platform Operation Flashpoint game! Sweet. Here are all the details: DiRT 2 - September (360, PS3, Wii, PC, DS, PSP) FUEL - May (360, PS3, PC) Overlord II - June (360, PS3, PC) Operation...

    Posted February 20, 2009| 6 Comments

    Codemasters Reveals Release Schedule
  • 'Overlord II' Impressions From NY Comic Con: Rise Of The Overlad?

    Want some more cartoon mayhem in your life? Overlord II is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC to give gamers their fix. Codemasters is also flanking Overlord II with a pair of additional titles, Overlord: Dark Legend for the Wii and Overlord: Minions for the DS. Each of the games, however, feature unique gameplay elements and take place...

    Posted February 9, 2009| 3 Comments

    'Overlord II' Impressions From NY Comic Con: Rise Of The Overlad?
  • 'Overlord' Game Author Returns To New Sequel

    Writers' Guild Award-nominee Rhianna Pratchett will be returning as the scribe to Codemasters's upcoming sequel, Overlord II. Pratchett earned the nomination for Best Video Game Script in 2008 for her work in the original Overlord title. “A huge part of Overlord's popularity stems from its tongue-in-cheek, often dark humour and...

    Posted October 16, 2008| 3 Comments

    'Overlord' Game Author Returns To New Sequel
  • Overlord II Dev Diary 5: Overlord Humor

    Posted: June 25, 2009

    1,190 Views | 02:26

  • Overlord II Dev Diary 4: The Dark Tower

    Posted: June 23, 2009

    3,553 Views | 02:00

  • Overlord II Review

    Posted: June 23, 2009

    23,223 Views | 02:36

  • Overlord II First 15 Direct-Feed Gameplay

    Posted: June 19, 2009

    29,984 Views | 15:29

  • Overlord II E3 2009 A Career in Overlording Trailer

    Posted: June 8, 2009

    1,475 Views | 01:39

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