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Game Description:NOTE: This game is not playable with standard controllers. The guitar controller is not included with rental or purchase.Now's your chance to get onboard the biggest tour yet! The classic GH style is back, updated with new features and the largest group of songs of any rhythm game in history. Jam out with three friends in Band Mode, where you get to rock on guitar, drums, or lead vocals. Eight different players can compete in Battle of the Bands. Eighty-six different tunes - including two exclusive tracks from Ted Nugent and Zack Wylde - await your shredding skills! Blast to the past with legends like Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, or rock to the future with modern stars like At the Drive-In, Mars Volta, and Modest Mouse.
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Guitar Hero World Tour News

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  • 'Guitar Hero: World Tour' Pricing Revealed

    If you're wondering how much Guitar Hero: World Tour will cost you when it comes out across platforms on October 26th, wonder no more: The Deluxe Edition will run you $240, while the run-of-the-mill edition will cost $190 on the PS3, Wii and 360. It's $180 for the full band kit on PS2. Both deluxe and regular bundles come with drums, guitar,...

    Posted October 7, 2008| 17 Comments

    'Guitar Hero: World Tour' Pricing Revealed
  • New 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Mo-Cap Vignettes Immortalize Paramore Lead and Ozzy Guitarist

    When you think about it, getting mo-capped into a video game really does make you digitally immortal. What better game to have your likeness emblazoned in than a musical rock game like Guitar Hero World Tour? Sizzling Paramore frontgirl Hayley Williams has a blast in this mo-cap vignette for Activision's multiplatform Guitar Hero World Tour. ...

    Posted October 3, 2008| 23 Comments

    New 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Mo-Cap Vignettes Immortalize Paramore Lead and Ozzy Guitarist
  • 'Dance Hero' Trademark From Activision

    Activision's latest music project may not involve any instruments at all, aside from the rumored DJ Hero title. The company behind the Guitar Hero franchise filed a mark to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the title, Dance Hero, which--according to the patent via Kotaku--involves "interactive video game programs" and...

    Posted September 29, 2008| 1 Comment

    'Dance Hero' Trademark From Activision
  • 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Preview

    Activision gives the latest strum, drum and lyrics with their highly anticipated music title, Guitar Hero World Tour. Aside from shredding it on the guitar or bass, World Tour also introduces the mic and drum kit for the first time in the series ala Rock Band. But, unlike MTV Games's music game, World Tour features a "Music Studio"...

    Posted September 18, 2008| 10 Comments

    'Guitar Hero World Tour' Preview
  • Exclusive: ION Rocker Drum Review

    The difference between playing Rock Band 2 on the ION Drum Rocker and on the set that comes with the game is like the difference between driving a new M-Class Mercedes and a 1982 Honda Accord—both will get you from Point A to Point B, but the ride is truly magnificent in one, and lackluster in the other. Like any substantial upgrade,...

    Posted September 17, 2008| 14 Comments

    Exclusive: ION Rocker Drum Review
  • 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Full Track List

    And without further ado, the full tracklist for Activision's next music hit, Guitar Hero World Tour, awaits you after the cut! The title, developed by Neversoft Entertainment, is due out in October for the PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 platforms. Don't forget to let us know what you think and tell us what artist would you like to see in...

    Posted September 12, 2008| 88 Comments

    'Guitar Hero World Tour' Full Track List
  • New 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Ted Nugent Vignette

    The American hard rock legend Ted Nugent is detailed in Activision's Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii, PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360. Ride your live buffalo on stage October 26th. Guitar Hero World Tour Ted Nugent Profile Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version

    Posted September 12, 2008| 1 Comment

    New 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Ted Nugent Vignette
  • New Tunes For Guitar Hero World Tour

    Guitar Hero World Tour (Activision/Neversoft, multi-platform) released the info on nine rad new songs coming to the playlist, including a lil’ classic rock (Steve Miller, Wings), prog metal (Dream Theater), alt (The Stone Roses) and punk (NOFX). Here's the list of new songs: Dream Theater - “Pull Me Under” Filter -...

    Posted September 11, 2008| 7 Comments

    New Tunes For Guitar Hero World Tour
  • Ted Nugent: 'Guitar Hero WT' Boss

    The battle between Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour is heating up, people. The latest rock warrior on the side of Activision's Guitar Hero series: Ted Nugent! The Nug will be joining Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy Osbourne and Sting as a boss battle in the game, where you'll match axes on The Motor City Madman's guitar-shredding classic...

    Posted September 11, 2008| 3 Comments

    Ted Nugent: 'Guitar Hero WT' Boss
  • Metallica's Newest on 'Guitar Hero III'

    Metallica has a new album dropping on Friday in stores but it will also be available for download and play with Guitar Hero III which is obviously pretty awesome. The downloaded album, a bit pricey at 1440 Microsoft points or $17.99 on the PSN, will also be forward compatible with Guitar Hero: World Tour and all its fancy, new instrument...

    Posted September 8, 2008| 20 Comments

    Metallica's Newest on 'Guitar Hero III'
  • New 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Video, Sting

    The Police frontman Sting, gives us some insights as his likeness is captured for Activision's Guitar Hero World Tour. The tour gets on the road October 26th for the PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. How many of you gamers can play one of the instruments and sing at the same time? Just avoid songs that have tamborine parts... that tends to not turn...

    Posted September 5, 2008| 18 Comments

    New 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Video, Sting
  • Sting, Tool In 'Guitar Hero World Tour'

    Important rock and roller Sting, bass player and frontman of The Police, will be a playable character in Guitar Hero World Tour. We already knew this, of course, but hey, check him out above. We can't wait to play this game, because Sting is rad! Tantric sex and all! It's nice to have a bass player as featured character, for all you fake...

    Posted September 5, 2008| 12 Comments

    Sting, Tool In 'Guitar Hero World Tour'
  • 'Guitar Hero: World Tour' PAX Hands On Impressions

    At PAX 2008, one of the more prominent booths belonged to Guitar Hero: World Tour. With Rock Band revolutionizing the music game genre last year by including drums and singing in their game, it was clear that Activision’s Guitar Hero franchise needed to make up ground. After playing the game first hand, it appears they may have done just...

    Posted September 4, 2008| 12 Comments

    'Guitar Hero: World Tour' PAX Hands On Impressions
  • New 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Videos, Motorhead & MC5

    Get your "motor" on with these behind the scenes snippets for Activision's Guitar Hero World Tour. In this batch, iconic British heavy metal band Motorhead and the Michican classic rockers Motor City 5 after the cut. The Tour begins October 26th on the PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. Guitar Hero World Tour - Motorhead Watch...

    Posted September 4, 2008| 4 Comments

    New 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Videos, Motorhead & MC5
  • More 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Tracks Revealed

    Today, a few more tracks in Activision's upcoming music game Guitar Hero World Tour were revealed. They are as follows: "Prisoner of Society" by The Living End "La Bamba" by Los Lobos "Scream Aim Fire" by Bullet for My Valentine "Our Truth" by Lacuna Coil What do you think? Is this an...

    Posted September 4, 2008| 16 Comments

    More 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Tracks Revealed


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