Resident Evil 5 (Collector's Edition) - Xbox 360

Resident Evil 5 (Collector's Edition)
Game Description:Produced by series veteran Jun Takeuchi, this next-generation follow-up to the terrifying series introduces the theme of escape as its core survival instinct. As Chris Redfield (former S.T.A.R.S. member and now part of the BSAA unit), your life is in danger as you strive to complete your most dangerous mission yet in a sweltering desert colony where a new breed of evil has been unleashed. Swarms of marauding evil beings will charge at you when your pulse is racing at a heart-shattering pace. Environments will play a bigger factor than ever here, using the power of next-gen systems to create a world where terror might lurk in any alcove or shadow. Powerful lighting effects overwhelm the player with mirage movement and blinding brilliance, and even in the light of day, there is no safe haven in this Resident Evil. This Collector's Edition of Resident Evil 5 packs a number of bonus features for fans eagerly awaiting this fifth entry in the franchise.
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'Resident Evil 5' has finally hit shelves. With all the fanfare surrounding the latest 'Resident' storyline installment, does this game live up to the hype or fall short? Is the single-player campaign fun, or is this a co-op focused experience? Will your new sidekick Sheva be helpful or waste all your ammo and get in the way? In this X-Play Review, Adam Sessler takes a look at the new multiplatform game 'Resident Evil 5' and answers all of your questions.

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    In this All Access Preview, meet the cast that brings the characters to life in the new multiplatform game 'Resident Evil 5' as we go behind the scenes and interview the voice actors in the game.

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    X-Play Preview: Resident Evil 5


    In this X-Play Preview, Morgan takes a look at early levels of the new multiplatform release 'Resident Evil 5' and talks about the graphics, character animations and other first impressions of the game.

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