Naruto: The Broken Bond Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:After saving the village in Naruto: Rise of the Ninja, Naruto finds himself a full-fledged ninja. But with his new status comes a new, even greater challenge. When Sasuke, driven by painful memories, makes a desperate grab for power, Naruto must summon the courage to face his best friend before it's too late. Lean on your teammates as you join with multiple characters to overcome challenges and emerge victorious in tag battles. Battle against prominent Naruto characters in beautifully rendered locations from the Naruto universe. Relive favorite moments from the original series with fully voiced acting, then choose from 25 characters in the Naruto franchise's first-ever online multiplayer option.
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Naruto: The Broken Bond Cheats

  • Nine Tails Naruto

    Enter the following code at the character select screen.

    Code: X, X, Y, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, X

  • Hokage's Arena

    Beat Tag Tournament Mode

  • Kidomaru

    Beat Kidomaru in Story mode

  • Temari

    Complete the against Tayuya in story mode

  • Temple Courtyard

    Beat Solo Tournament Mode

  • Jirobo

    Complete the fight against Jirobo in story mode

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Beat Itachi in story mode

  • Kabuto

    Beat Kabuto in Story Mode

  • New Sasuke

    Complete the fight against Sasuke in story mode

  • Nine-Tailed Naruto

    Transform into Fox Naruto in story mode

  • Kisame

    Survive Kisame's attacks in story mode

  • Tayuya

    Beat Sakon in story mode

  • Green Suit Naruto

    Find the flowers mission for Guy in story mode

  • ANBU Itachi

    Complete Sasuke's 2nd Labyrinth in story mode

  • Gaara

    Defeat Gaara in Rock Lee's flashback in story mode

  • Kimimaro

    Defeat Kimimaro as Naruto in story mode

  • Rock Lee

    Defeat Kimimaro as Rock Lee in story mode

  • Sakon

    Beat The Sound Four as Sasuke in story mode

  • Tsunade

    Make Tsunade Hokage in story mode

  • Seed of evil

    Visit Orochimaru secret lair

  • Don't be shy

    Play a match online

  • Academy Graduate

    Reach the Graduate rank online

  • Fisherman

    Win a gold medal in any fishing game.

  • Genin

    Reach the Genin rank online

  • King of the iron fist

    Win a fight using a killer combo.

  • Hokage

    Reach Hokage rank online

  • Path of darkness

    Visit Sasuke secret room

  • Delivery boy

    Complete all delivery missions with Shikamaru.

  • New Hokage: Tsunade unlocked

    Tsunade is the new Hokage

  • Nine tails: Fox Naruto unlocked

    Transform into Fox Naruto

  • Pervy Nation

    Make all of the Lovelorn Villagers happy by performing the sexy jutsu.

  • Red Sand: Gaara unlocked

    Defeat Gaara

  • Save the Trees

    Win an online match without performing a substitution

  • The last chip is the best

    Complete all gathering missions with Choji.

  • Top dog

    Complete all races with Kiba.

  • Card Collector

    Find all of the ninja cards.

  • Gold digger

    Collect all of the gold coins.

  • Legendary fisherman

    Win all of the fishing gold medals.

  • Naruto's creed

    Complete all of the bounty hunter missions.

  • Pervy Sage

    Arrive at the Hot Springs Resort with Jiraiya.

  • My taijutsu coach

    Learn all of the combos in the Dojo.

  • Special someone: Temari unlocked

    Complete the fight against Tayuya

  • Gifted eye

    Complete all hide and seek missions with Neji.

  • Tsukuyomi: ANBU Itachi unlocked

    Complete Sasuke's Labyrinth

  • Untouchable

    Win a fight without losing any health.

  • Broken Bones: Kimimaro unlocked

    Complete the Naruto vs. Kimimaro fight

  • Chunin

    Reach the Chunin rank online

  • Guy's Fan: Green Suit unlocked

    Complete Guy Sensei's quest

  • Jonin

    Reach the Jonin rank online.

  • Lone Shark: Kisame unlocked

    Survive the Kisame fight.

  • Rock and Roll: Jirobo unlocked

    Complete the fight against Jirobo.

  • Solo champion

    Win a tournament in solo mode.

  • Way of the tree

    Win a gold medal in a Tree Action Sequence.

  • Green beast: Rock Lee unlocked

    Defeat Kimimaro as Rock Lee

  • Mad Scientist: Kabuto unlocked

    Defeat Kabuto

  • Naruto Raving Ninja

    Win all of the gold medals in the Tanzaku festival games.

  • Twisted music: Tayuya unlocked

    Complete the fight against Sakon.

  • Broken Bond: New Sasuke unlocked

    Complete the fight against Sasuke.

  • Deadly web: Kidomaru unlocked

    Defeat Kidomaru

  • Gold collector

    Collect 50% of the gold coins

  • Brothers: Itachi unlocked

    Complete the Itachi fight

  • Hell twins: Sakon unlocked

    Defeat the Sound Four as Sasuke.

  • Team champion

    win a tournament in tag fighting.

  • The Last Stand

    Keep Orochimaru from destroying the Leaf Village

  • World's fastest Ninja

    Win all of the gold medals in the Tree Action Sequences.