Stoked Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Trails? Who needs 'em! Leave the cushy world of lifts and resorts behind and conquer some of the most extreme terrain snow can fall on. This backcountry snowboarding experience was developed with help from renowned snowboarding movie studio Absinthe films. Stoked sends you to five untamed summits with more than 45 square-miles of unforgiving terrain ready to give you the snowboard ride of your life. Create your own style and watch the game's animation system adapt to how you ride. Build your boarding legend as you compete in official events, challenge other rides on Xbox Live, line up officially-licensed sponsors, adapt to shifting weather conditions, and more.
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Stoked Cheats

  • Asthetiker Event Winner

    Win Wangle Tangle on Almirante Nieto

  • Methodology

    Complete all of Wolle Nyvelt's tutorials

  • Nature Lover

    Capture 10 photographs of nature

  • Amateur Photographer

    Take 10 photographs of other riders on Xbox LIVE

  • Method Event Winner

    Win Highway to Hell in Alaska

  • South American Tourist

    Find the Summit Cross and sign the guestbook on Almirante Nieto

  • Stomped It!

    Score 500,000 points in a single run

  • Tour Guide

    Earn a pilot license for each mountain

  • You're a Professional Rider

    Hit a fame ranking of 186

  • You’re Sponsored!

    Earn a sponsorship

  • The Bandit

    You “Owned” a Brand Battleground, stealing ownership from another rider on Xbox LIVE

  • Rider of the Year

    Beat Wolle, Annie, Travis, Tadashi, Nicolas and win 2 of the Events

  • Snowboard Magazine Event Winner

    Win Shred Fest on Mt. Shuksan

  • Absinthe Event Winner

    Win Elements of Style on Diablerets

  • Turn of the Tide

    Own a Brand Battleground and help your sponsor subsequently seize control of the mountain

  • You've Become a Legend

    Win all 5 Events and hit a fame ranking of 1400

  • Professional Photographer

    Take 60 single photographs / all-in-ones and 20 environmental photographs

  • You've Become a Phenomenon

    Win all 5 Events and hit a fame ranking of 1800

  • European Tourist

    Find the Summit Cross and sign the guestbook on Diablerets

  • Huck Magazine Event Winner

    Win Air Party on Mt. Fuji

  • Seasoned Veteran Photographer

    Take 25 photographs of other riders on Xbox LIVE

  • Underdog

    Take the lead in an Event on Xbox LIVE