Rock Revolution Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Konami
  • Genre:Music
  • Developer: Zoe Mode
  • Release Date:Oct 16, 2008
  • # of Players:1 player, 6 online
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Lyrics,Tobacco Reference)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:NOTE: Gameplay requires a Microsoft licensed drum or guitar controller. Rock Revolution is compatible with most Xbox 360 music game controllers. Game does not include drum or guitar controller with rental or purchase.Do you want to rock and roll all night? Grab some friends and get ready, because it's time for a revolution! Pound on the drums, slam on the bass, or wail on the guitar to 40 different tracks on the disc, with more downloadable songs and song packs available after the game is out. You can play drums or guitar freely in Jam Mode, which puts you at the helm of a state-of-the-art recording studio and lets you create up to eight tracks. Choose from one of 15 cool and realistic characters, then rock out in authentic venues. You can even slow down the songs in Rehearsal Mode to practice!
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Rock Revolution Cheats

  • Andre

    Achieve Platinum on the third set of albums

  • Courtney

    Achieve Platinum on the second set of albums

  • Zach

    Achieve Platinum on first set of albums

  • Distinguished Career

    Reach a cumulative 'career points' total of 50,000,000 for an instrument

  • Expert Complete

    Complete all songs on Expert Difficulty for an instrument in Career or Quickplay

  • Power Surge

    Activate the Power Meter 3 times in a song

  • Producer

    Save a song you have created in Studio Mode

  • Professional Musician

    Complete all discs to Platinum standard for both instrument Careers

  • Show Off

    Hit 100% notes in any online game

  • Songs Complete

    Complete all songs for an instrument in Career or Quickplay

  • Taking It Slow

    Hit all notes in an expert song at 50% speed in rehearsal

  • Thanks for the Memory

    Complete all Band Practice challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument

  • Virtuoso

    Win a total of 50 ranked online games

  • Band Together

    Compete in a six player Band Battle and be in the winning band!

  • Birth of a Legend

    Finish a song performance on expert difficulty in Career or Quickplay

  • 250 Combo

    Earn a 250 hit combo

  • Back from the Brink

    Recover a song performance from the red warning level in Career or Quickplay

  • Class Act

    Play a total of 50 online games

  • Expert Song Aced

    100% any song on expert difficulty

  • Grudge match

    Beat an online opponent on your friends list

  • Multi-talented Musician

    Complete all Discs to at least Gold standard for both instrument Careers

  • Multiple Identities

    Complete at least one song performance with each of the characters in Career or Quickplay

  • Multiplier Max

    Reach the maximum multiplier (x8)

  • Party On

    Complete a song in a local co-op session

  • Slick Player

    Win a total of 10 ranked online games

  • Your First Million

    Score 1,000,000 points for a song in Career or Quickplay

  • Internship

    Create a song using the song generator in Studio Mode

  • Dominator

    Win 3 ranked Versus online games in a row

  • Going for Gold

    Achieve a Gold rating for a Disc in Career Mode

  • Illustrious Guitar Career

    Complete all album and gig events in the guitar career at Expert difficulty

  • Session Player

    Complete all Studio Recording challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument

  • 999 Combo

    Max out the Combo Meter

  • Calmly Done

    Complete all Crank It Up challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument

  • Career Complete

    Complete Career mode for an instrument

  • Centurion

    Earn a 100 hit combo

  • Get Out of My House

    Win 5 local multiplayer VS sessions in a row

  • Gig Complete

    Complete a poster gig at any difficulty level for an instrument

  • On the Career Path

    Complete your first event in Career mode

  • Zoned Out

    Complete all In The Zone challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument

  • Heard 'em All

    Try out all the instrument sounds in Studio Mode

  • Illustrious Drum Career

    Complete all album and gig events in the drum career at Expert difficulty

  • It's Gone Platinum

    Complete all events on a Disc in Career Mode at any difficulty

  • Lucky 7's

    Earn a 777 hit combo

  • Song Aced

    Complete a song to 100% on any difficulty

  • 500 Combo

    Earn a 500 hit combo

  • King of the Castle

    Win 10 local multiplayer VS sessions

  • Long Distance Relationship

    Complete a song in an online co-op game

  • Look and Learn

    Complete all tutorials for either instrument

  • More Tracks Please

    Record on all 8 tracks in Studio Mode

  • Platinum Career

    Complete all Discs to Platinum standard for an instrument

  • Hold it Together

    Complete all Poison Note challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument

  • Industry Veteran

    Play a total of 100 online games

  • Super-Dominator

    Win 5 ranked Versus online games in a row