Bayonetta - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer: PlatinumGames
  • Release Date:Jan 5, 2010
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore,Intense Violence,Partial Nudity,Strong Language,Suggestive Themes)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: The spiritual successor to his Devil May Cry series, creator Hideki Kamiya returns to the 3D beat-'em-up genre. The titular Bayonetta is a shape-shifting witch who attacks with a devastating and stylish combo of magic, handguns, and her lengthy hair.
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SEGA/Platinum Games: The Making of Bayonetta Comic-Con 2009 Archive

SEGA/Platinum Games: The Making of Bayonetta Comic-Con 2009 Archive

By - Posted Jul 27, 2009
[6:38] Brian Leahy: "Welcome to our liveblog from The Making of Bayonetta Comic-Con 2009 Panel.   Let's roll."
[6:39] Sterling M: "Hi, it's Sterling McGarvey, Sr. Reviews/Previews editor, and I'm in the panel room."
[6:40] Sterling M: "Sega's PR manager Denny Chiu asks the audience for a show of hands:"
[6:40] Sterling M: ""How many of you have played Resident Evil?""
[6:40] Sterling M: ""How many of you have played Devil May Cry?""
[6:41] Sterling M: ""How many of you have played Bayonetta?""
[6:41] Sterling M: "Big show of hands."
[6:41] Sterling M: "Chiu gives some background on Platinum Games and their recent release, MadWorld."
[6:42] Sterling M: "And without further ado, he introduces producer Yusuke Hashimoto and artist Mari Shimazaki."
[6:42] Sterling M: "Unfortunately, director Hideki Kamiya couldn't make it to the US."
[6:43] Sterling M: "Chiu showd off some of Kamiya's produced works, including Devil May Cry, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and Resident Evil 2."
[6:43] Sterling M: "He has a video message for the audience."
[6:44] Sterling M: ""Hello everyone, I'm Hideki Kamiya. I'm honored that so many people have taken the time to play Bayonetta at Comic-Con. If you haven't played, please pick up a controller and play.""
[6:45] Sterling M: ""I am confident that we've got something special with Bayonetta. Thanks for your support, and enjoy the rest of Comic-Con.""
[6:45] Sterling M: "Video's over."
[6:45] Sterling M: "Chiu gives some background on Hashimoto."
[6:45] Sterling M: "His works: RE2, DMC, God Hand, among others."
[6:45] Sterling M: "Shimazaki's works: Okami."
[6:46] Sterling M: "And now, the Making of Bayonetta."
[6:46] Sterling M: "ESRB trailer gets a huge pop for the "M" rating."
[6:47] Sterling M: "If you followed the Capcom Fighting Games liveblog, you might have noticed my love for Japanese game trailers and their over-the-top nature."
[6:47] Sterling M: "Capcom loves using exclamation marks."
[6:47] Sterling M: "This DMC-like game is full of mystical dialogue, big battles, and crazy electronic music."
[6:48] Sterling M: "It's a cool trailer, nonetheless."
[6:48] Sterling M: "Hashimoto is asked what the game's about."
[6:49] Sterling M: "The audience here at Comic-Con obviously loves their Capcom action games."
[6:49] Sterling M: ""Bayonetta is a witch who's got guns coming out of her feet, and she has magical hair that summons demonic entities. It's part of the unique style. It's a pure action game that's all about huge climax action scenes that build more and more as you play.""
[6:50] Sterling M: "Question for Hashimoto: "Can you tell us more about Bayonetta and where she comes from?""
[6:50] Sterling M: "He's explaining."
[6:50] Sterling M: "Waiting for translator..."
[6:51] Sterling M: ""If I told you too much, I'd give away spoilers. I'd rather explain more about what kind of person she is. She doesn't have any backup. She has no fear, and she's totally strong. She only depends on herself.""
[6:53] Sterling M: "Shimazaki on designing the character: "Initially, Kamiya-san gave me three ideas: she needs to be a witch, female, and tote four guns.""
[6:53] Sterling M: "Laugh"
[6:53] Sterling M: ""I designed the character to look tough and be a strong feminine character who can depend on herself rather than others.""
[6:54] Sterling M: ""Her persona inspired my design.""
[6:54] Sterling M: "Slight translation weirdness. She's re-explaining a little."
[6:55] Sterling M: ""What you'll notice about the design is that her legs are longer. It's deliberate to accentuate the physical grace of the character.""
[6:55] Sterling M: ""I wanted to accentuate the theme of the color black, from her outfit to her hair.""
[6:56] Sterling M: "Question: "Was Bayonetta always how she looked today?""
[6:56] Sterling M: "Pictures of concept art."
[6:56] Sterling M: "Her initial draft looks much more witch-like, with frayed black outfit and a veil-like look on her head."
[6:57] Sterling M: ""The long limbs and graceful look were appealing to Kamiya, as well as the hair on her head, plus the weapons. They went through a hundred different designs.""
[6:58] Sterling M: "Question for Shimazaki: "What was the initial concept behind her hair, and how did you come up with the design?""
[6:59] Sterling M: ""Hair comes from the fact that she's a witch. Witches get power from their hair. It's designed to accentuate the character.""
[7:00] Sterling M: ""The fact that the hair weaves around her as a suit. You only get to see more of her because she's summoning demons. It's a show of her power.""
[7:00] Sterling M: "Chiu jokes. "I just think she's hot." Big crowd pop."
[7:00] Sterling M: "Question for Hashimoto: how did he incorporate the hair into game combat?"
[7:01] Sterling M: "There wasn't a direct influence."
[7:01] Sterling M: ""It's about showing off new techniques in the idea of a modern-day witch.""
[7:02] Sterling M: "Kamiya asked how far the creative team wanted to take the idea of combat within the realm of what the character could do."
[7:02] Sterling M: "Question: What's up with the guns on her feet?"
[7:03] Sterling M: "Shimazaki is answering."
[7:03] Sterling M: "Of course, it's all in Japanese."
[7:03] Sterling M: "So we're waiting for the translation."
[7:04] Sterling M: ""The idea of guns on her feet came about before design was locked in. They wanted a character shooting four guns.""
[7:04] Sterling M: ""What if she punches or kicks, and fires bullets for extra damage?""
[7:05] Sterling M: ""Originally, there were holsters attached to the feet. But that's not feminine. So the guns became attached to her high heels.""
[7:05] Sterling M: "Question for Hashimoto: What role does Jeanne play in the game?"
[7:05] Sterling M: "Me: Wait, who's Jeanne? I haven't seen this character."
[7:06] Sterling M: ""Jeanne is Bayonetta's rival.""
[7:06] Sterling M: ""She does battle with Bayonetta, but the reasons for it are going to be up to you to find out. But she's also a strong female character.""
[7:06] Sterling M: "Question: how did the team come up with the character?"
[7:07] Sterling M: ""Kamiya wanted a rival for Bayonetta. Fighting someone with the same abilities as you is cool, so it's in the game.""
[7:07] Sterling M: "Question for Shimazaki: Jeanne's style is unique. How did you come up with the idea for her look?"
[7:08] Sterling M: ""Jeanne didn't grow up with the same restraints as Bayonetta, even though they're from the same witch clan.""
[7:09] Sterling M: ""Jeanne wears red, so the contrast to Bayonetta's black is established.""
[7:09] Sterling M: "Chiu asks if we'll see cosplayers next year."
[7:09] Sterling M: "Crowd cheers."
[7:09] Sterling M: "He hopes so, too."
[7:10] Sterling M: ""Bayonetta's the most important character in the game. Jeanne has something special in Kamiya's heart. He hopes that you'll find the character special as well.""
[7:10] Sterling M: "Question for Hashimoto: What can you tell us about the story of Bayonetta?"
[7:11] Sterling M: ""She's a witch who's been resurrected after 500 years of slumber. She doesn't remember her past, and that's what you'll both find out.""
[7:11] Sterling M: "Question: It looks like she's fighting angels. Is she evil?"
[7:12] Sterling M: ""That would reveal spoilers. Just think about the idea of a dark heroine, and you can decide if she's good or evil.""
[7:12] Sterling M: "Enemy time."
[7:12] Sterling M: "Question for Hashimoto: how did they come up with the enemies?"
[7:13] Sterling M: ""Initially, we wanted a strong character. We needed enemies that made her feel really powerful.""
[7:13] Sterling M: ""Instead of demons, what's more badass than being able to stomp angels?""
[7:14] Sterling M: "Question about weapons: what can we expect beyond swords, whips, and pistols?"
[7:15] Sterling M: ""There's lot of weapons, like grenade launchers. I don't want to spoil anything. Kamiya loves complex and intricate settings in the game. There's a katana that stores demon souls.""
[7:15] Sterling M: "Question: what went into the ideas for creating weapons in the game?"
[7:16] Sterling M: ""Nothing specific. We talked about what would be most appropriate. We decided on real-world weapons with a little something extra and mystical.""
[7:17] Sterling M: "Question: What has gone into the combat?"
[7:18] Sterling M: ""One of the key factors in designing attacks is that Bayonetta has a sadistic side. The torture devices are designed to punish these angels and inflict pain on them.""
[7:18] Sterling M: "Chiu thanks Hashimoto and Shimazaki for sharing details."
[7:19] Sterling M: "Last question: what can gamers expect from Bayonetta?"
[7:19] Sterling M: ""We put all of our skill and experience into the game. We hope you'll forget how much time has passed when you pick up the controller. We hope you'll play it.""
[7:19] Sterling M: "Audience Q&A time."
[7:20] Sterling M: "Guest: will Sega port MadWorld to other platforms?"
[7:20] Sterling M: "No."
[7:20] Sterling M: "They're focusing on Bayonetta in the panel."
[7:20] Sterling M: "Guest wants to know about a new Space Channel 5."
[7:21] Sterling M: "Again, they're focusing on Bayonetta."
[7:21] Sterling M: "Guest wants to know about the name. Did it come from a bayonet, and the idea of a gun with something extra?"
[7:22] Sterling M: "The image of the bayonet as more than meets the eye is what inspired Kamiya."
[7:22] Sterling M: "Guest: Can Bayonetta transform into other animals other than cats?"
[7:23] Sterling M: "Clarification, it's a black panther, not a cat. Laughter."
[7:23] Sterling M: "Transformation is a key mechanic to battle and has a strong influence on gameplay."
[7:23] Sterling M: "What animals are associated with witches? You might be able to figure it out. What animals would you like to see her transform into?"
[7:23] Sterling M: ""Frogs!" "Penguins!""
[7:24] Sterling M: "Hashimoto laughs."
[7:24] Sterling M: "Next question is about DLC. Will Bayonetta have any?"
[7:25] Sterling M: "This game doesn't have DLC. Everything you could want will be there. We're squeezing it all onto the disc."
[7:25] Sterling M: "Big applause for that."
[7:25] Sterling M: "Last question:"
[7:25] Sterling M: "Does the fact that Jeanne and Bayonetta wear glasses tie them together in some mystical way?"
[7:26] Sterling M: "Hashimoto: The glasses were a design choice..."
[7:26] Sterling M: "Shimizaki: Kamiya likes girls with glasses."
[7:26] Sterling M: "Crowd cheers."
[7:27] Sterling M: "Crowd: "What if she takes her glasses off?""
[7:27] Sterling M: "Hashimoto: "Then she's not Bayonetta.""
[7:27] Sterling M: "That's a wrap."
[7:28] Sterling M: "Bayonetta, coming in January 2010."
[7:28] Sterling M: "Thanks for reading, and check out http://g4tv.com/comiccon  for more liveblogs, interviews, and coverage from San Diego!"

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