Splatterhouse Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Splatterhouse follows college student Rick Taylor as he tries to rescue his girlfriend, Jennifer, who has disappeared after entering the mysterious and run-down West Mansion. Confronted by horrific other-worldly creatures, Rick comes across a mystical sentient mask that promises to give him the power to find Jennifer. Full of desperation and rage, Rick puts on the “Terror Mask” and is transformed into a juggernaut of pure violence and destruction. Featuring an original storyline by critically-acclaimed comic book writer Gordon Rennie (Necronauts, Judge Dredd), Splatterhouse takes Rick beyond the mansion as he scours the ends of the world to rescue his beloved Jennifer. Embodying the unfiltered, primal aggression of its namesake, Splatterhouse gives players countless ways to decimate the mansion’s assortment of demons, monstrosities and abominations. Featuring a dynamic combat system, Rick will be able to use his brute strength to perform bone-crushing melee combos, savage grapples and wield an assortment of makeshift weapons including the series’ trademark 2x4 and even limbs and heads ripped from enemies themselves. Players will also be able to reanimate the corpses of fallen enemies to fight alongside Rick, imparting strategic depth to the game’s battle and unique puzzle systems. More agile than ever before, Rick can now leap great distances and propel himself to out of reach areas by swinging from outcroppings in the environment, adding an all-new level of exploration to the series. Introducing a new regeneration mechanic, players will be able to determine Rick’s status in battle by visible cues detailing how injured he is, doing away with the traditional health bar. If he succumbs to the mansion’s deadly inhabitants, they will begin to dismember him, savagely tearing away limbs and ripping at his flesh to expose his internal organs. To survive, Rick must call upon the power of the Terror Mask to regenerate his mutilated body, allowing players to watch in gory detail as bones, veins, muscles and skin return to his body in real-time.
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Splatterhouse Cheats

  • Unlock the original Splatterhouse

    Complete Phase 2

  • Unlock Splatterhouse 3

    Complete Phase 8

  • Unlock Splatterhouse 2

    Complete Phase 4

  • Army of Dead Evil

    Kill 6 enemies within one second.

  • Be Garbage of Cesspool

    Complete Phase 4: The Meat Factory.

  • Death Came Ripping

    Kill an enemy with a Splatter Slash.

  • Downpour of Blood

    Get 100 kills with Splatter Smash.

  • Killer of Killers

    Get an S-rank in Survival Arena mode.

  • Need More Dead

    Get 150 kills with enemy arms.

  • Shattered Narcissus

    Complete Phase 8: Reflections in Blood.

  • Triumph of Iron

    Get 500 kills with non-fleshy weapons.

  • Bad Taste

    Impale an enemy on a spike.

  • Call of the Thule

    Unlock 5% of Dr. West's journal.

  • See you at the Party

    Kill an enemy with an enemy's arm.

  • The Business of Killing

    Perform a Splatterkill.

  • Audiophile

    Listen to all of Dr. West's gramophone records.

  • Dead on the Rise

    Accomplish 5 Secret Missions in a single Survival Arena attempt.

  • Dreams of the Dead

    Complete the game on "Brutal" Difficulty.

  • Nightmare in Arkham

    Unlock 25% of Dr. West's journal.

  • Creepy Show

    Re-assemble 8 of Jen's photos.

  • Headlong into Monsters

    Kill 6 enemies in one ram attack.

  • I Walk with Death

    Complete the game on "Savage" difficulty (or harder).

  • Jason Schmason

    Get six S-ranks in Survival Arena mode.

  • Lovecraft Baby

    Unlock 50% of Dr. West's journal.

  • Morbid Dismemberment

    Kill an enemy with your own dismembered arm.

  • Must Kill

    Kill an enemy with Splatter Smash.

  • Anvil Horror

    Get three S-ranks in Survival Arena mode.

  • Barrels of Blood

    Get 2000 or more BLOOD Points in one chain of attacks.

  • Boreworm Massacre

    Stomp on 1000 Boreworms.

  • Happy Ending?

    Re-assemble all of Jen's photos.

  • Jen Smells of Rot…of the Grave

    Re-assemble one of Jen's sexy photos.

  • Lust for After Life

    Unlock all skills.

  • The House that West Built

    Unlock all pages of Dr. West's journal.

  • Too much Horror business

    Accomplish all 10 Secret Missions in a single Survival Arena attempt.

  • Head on Arrival

    Get 50 kills with enemy heads.

  • South of Hell

    Perform 75 Splatterkills.

  • The Berserker

    Complete Phase 2: The Doll that Bled.

  • Blood and Lightning

    Splat 100 enemies on a wall with a weapon.

  • Blood Lust

    Unlock 25 skills.

  • Brain Dead

    Tackle an enemy and pummel it 20 times.

  • Bride of the Corrupted

    Complete the game on any difficulty.

  • Flash Re-animation!

    Regenerate with Splatter Siphon.

  • Heavy Frikkin' Metal!

    Get 50 kills with non-fleshy weapons.

  • Hunger Pangs

    Purchase a skill.

  • One Who Slays

    Get 300 kills in Berserker Mode.

  • Razor of Hell

    Get 100 kills with Splatter Slash.

  • The Blackest of Sundays

    Splat 200 enemies on a wall with a weapon.

  • Tongue in Cheek

    Kill an enemy with an enemy's head.

  • You Got Red on You

    Splat an enemy on a wall with a weapon.

  • Experiment 765

    Complete Phase 6: Beast with a Human Heart.

  • POW!

    Launch an enemy straight up with "No Head Room".

  • Pyre for the Damned

    Complete Phase 10: The Wicker Bride.

  • Vigorous Vengeance

    Perform 150 Splatterkills.