Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:With great power comes great responsibility. And Spider-Man: Web of Shadows gives you unprecedented levels of both. You have complete control over the path of your hero and hold responsibility for where the game takes you. New York has been hit by Venom and a symbiote invasion that threatens to consume the entire city. To fight the invasion, Spidey's got a symbiote suit of his own. The suit brings special powers but unknown consequences. Choose to battle as Red-Suit Spider-Man or Black-Suit Spider-Man. Your actions as hero or rebel will shape the City's view of you, affect which other Marvel characters you fight, how the story unfolds, and much more.
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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Cheats

  • New Game +

    After watching the credits all the way through the game will go back to the title screen. From the title screen, select "continue". The game will go through the credits again and put you back at the title screen. Select "continue" again and you'll start a new game with all upgrades from the previous game.

  • Tokens on your radar

    Collect 1000 spider tokens and then all spider tokens will appear as red dots on your minimap.

  • Great Responsibility

    Thwart 100 City Crimes.

  • Over The Counter

    Parry then Counter Attack 100 enemies.

  • Excessive Spider-Man

    Complete Half of All Optional Goals.

  • Great Power

    Thwart 25 City Crimes.

  • Vice

    First Black Suit Choice

  • Bowling Ball

    Web Swing-Kick 5 Enemies in a single pass.

  • Defeat 500 Enemies

    Defeat 500 Enemies.

  • Id

    Spent some time with Black Cat. (Choose the Black Suit option after the Black Cat fight.)

  • The Bigger They Come...

    Defeat First Tech Mech.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man

    Purchase all Upgrades.

  • 100 Hit Combo Ownership

    Execute 100 Hit Combo “Ownership”.

  • 250 Hit Combo Neighborly

    Execute 250 Hit Combo "Neighborly".

  • 50 Hit Combo Spider Silk

    Execute 50 Hit Combo "Spider Silk”.

  • Air Combo Skill

    Defeat 50 Enemies using only Air Combos.

  • First One Hundred

    Find 100 Collectibles.

  • Heroic Accumulation

    Find Half of all Collectibles.

  • Winged

    Vulture Defeated

  • Wall Combo Skill

    Defeat 50 Enemies using only Wall Combos.

  • Eviction

    Pull Tech Mech Pilot from his seat.

  • Max Out Spider-Man

    Max Out Spider-Man.

  • Super-ego

    Black Cat Spurned

  • Virtue

    First Red Suit Choice

  • Bad Kitty

    Black Cat Defeated

  • Complete Story, Act One

    Complete Act One.

  • Declawed

    Wolverine Defeated

  • Obsessive Spider-Man

    Complete 60 Bonus Goals.

  • Overkill

    Perform all three types of attacks (Ground, Air, Wall) on a single enemy 10 times.

  • Complete Story, Act Two

    Complete Act Two.

  • Complete Web of Shadows

    Complete Game.

  • Defeat 100 Enemies

    Defeat 100 Enemies.

  • Encountered

    Parry then Counter Attack one enemy.

  • Ground Combo Skill

    Defeat 50 Enemies using only Ground Combos.

  • Trampoline

    Web-Strike Bounce 20 Enemies in succession.

  • Mary Jane and Spider-Man

    Mary Jane Conclusion achieved.

  • Defeat Symbiote Wolverine

    Symbiote Wolverine Defeated.

  • Defeat Symbiote Vulture

    Symbiote Vulture Defeated.

  • Grounded

    Electro Defeated

  • Defeat Symbiote Electro

    Symbiote Electro defeated.

  • Defeat Venom, Round Two

    Defeated Venom twice.

  • Antihero

    Black Suit Conclusion earned

  • Black Cat and Spider-Man

    Black Cat Conclusion achieved.

  • Defeat Venom, Round One

    Defeated Venom once.

  • No Sweat

    1000 Enemies defeated

  • Defeat Symbiote Black Cat

    Symbiote Black Cat defeated.

  • Hero

    Red Suit Conclusion earned.

  • Get away from the crowd

    If there are too many bad guys switch to black suit.

  • Great Combos

    When you are in the air switch to your black suit to end with a nice strong hit.