NASCAR 09 Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Capture NASCAR's most sought-after title in NASCAR 09! The all-new Sprint for the Cup Career Mode highlights the 2009 version of the world's most popular auto-racing circuit. Join coverboy Jeff Gordon in an all-out race for the checkered flag. Two handling settings let you race according to your skill level. Normal offers a little more control, while Pro throws you out there on your own against NASCAR's best. Beyond Career Mode, challenge yourself to Quick Races, online matchups, or quick-hit contests in the Sprint Driver Challenge. All the while, keep an eye on your reputation - it'll effect how other drivers respond to you on the track.
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NASCAR 09 Cheats

  • All Fantasy Drivers

    Enter the following at the cheats menu.


  • Michael Mcdowell

    Enter the following at the cheats menu.

    Code: Michael Mcdowell00

  • Walmart Track and Car

    Enter the following at the cheats menu.

    Code: Walmart Everyday

  • Craftsman Champion

    Win a Craftsman Truck Series Championship in Career.

  • Cross Country

    Drive 5,000 Total Miles.

  • Experience Wanted

    Win 10 Sprint Driver Challenge Events.

  • To the Top

    Achieve a 5500 Rep Rating.

  • Top of the World

    100 Rated Car for All Track Types.

  • Worst to First

    Win a race after starting in last place (minimum of 11 opponents).

  • Chase for the Cupâ„¢

    Qualify for the Chase for the Cupâ„¢ in Career.

  • Kid Dyno-mite

    Achieve a Top Speed of 200+ MPH.

  • The Ultimate Experience

    Complete All Sprint Driver Challenge Events.

  • We're Talkin' About Practice (10)We're Talkin' About Practice

    We're Talkin' About Practice (10)

  • Chase Champion

    Win a Sprint Cup Series Championship in Career.

  • Nationwide Reward

    Win a Nationwide Series race (minimum of 11 opponents).

  • Are You Experienced?

    Win a Sprint Driver Challenge Event.

  • Mach 1

    Achieve a 761 Rep Rating.

  • Movin' On Up

    Achieve a 3000 Rep Rating.

  • Online Horsepower

    Win a Ranked Race on Xbox LIVE.

  • Trade Your Setup

    Upload a Car Setup to EA Locker.

  • Unfriendly

    Take track ownership from a friend.

  • Custom Car Creator

    Complete a Custom Car for all racing series.

  • Keep On Truckin'

    Win a Craftsman Truck Series race (minimum of 11 opponents).

  • Nationwide Champion

    Win a Nationwide Series Championship in Career.

  • Sprint Ahead

    Win a Sprint Cup race (minimum of 11 opponents).