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Fable 2 -- Pub Games
Game Description:Fable II Pub Games includes three casino-style games -- Spinnerbox, Fortune's Tower, and Keystone. The download also includes a Shell, which is a tutorial of all three games. Each game has multiple variants, plus the ability to earn and transfer gold and unique items to your character in Fable II. You'll also get access to minigames, leaderboards, achievements, and all the fun of these backroom games of chance!
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Fable 2 -- Pub Games News

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  • 'Fable 2' Achievements Revealed

    Website Xbox360achievements.org has published a list of the achievements 360 owners can look forward to when RPG Fable II comes out October 21st....so Achievement Spoilers Ahead! The achievements give a fascinating look into the minutia that will be expected of players of the game--while something like "Defeat your first great...

    Posted August 11, 2008| 12 Comments

    'Fable 2' Achievements Revealed
  • Molyneux: Three More 'Fables' Planned

    According to Peter Molyneux, genius creator of Fable and Fable 2, he is hard at work on Fables 3, 4, and 5. Molyneux also wants to make a sports or driving game! "It's a big story arc and you can see that - if you play Fable 2 you'll recognize things from Fable 1," Molyneux told Gametrailers. As for his sports game: "One day I...

    Posted July 29, 2008| 9 Comments

    Molyneux: Three More 'Fables' Planned
  • 'Fable 2' Plot Around 12 Hours Long

    According to game-blog Joystiq, the main plot of Fable 2 will only be around 12 hours long--not quite the epic length many people expected. Although, that seems to fit in with the overall vibe of the game, in which self-direction and exploration are prized above a linear story progression. Long or not, all the early reactions to the game that...

    Posted July 17, 2008| 29 Comments

    'Fable 2' Plot Around 12 Hours Long
  • 'Fable 2' Pub Games Release

    Microsoft announced that the “Pub Games” downloadable pack for Fable II on the Xbox 360 will come out this August. The title includes three casino-style mini-games, which can be played to earn gold for use in RPG Fable II, when it drops later this year. “Pub Games” will be available for free with a pre-order of Fable II...

    Posted July 7, 2008| 10 Comments

    'Fable 2' Pub Games Release
  • 'Fable 2' Gets Complex with XBLA Games

    Peter Molyneux has some big plans for Fable 2 as far as interactivity with Xbox Live Arcade games goes. There will be three XBLA mini-games that will allow players to win gold that will transfer directly into Fable 2. The games will be developed by Carbonated Games, which is a part of Microsoft. Here's the scoop from Molyneux: "They have...

    Posted March 20, 2008| 35 Comments

    'Fable 2' Gets Complex with XBLA Games