Fight Night Round 4 - Xbox 360

Game Description:Fight Night comes out swinging for Round 4 with its hardest-hitting edition yet! Use a full arsenal of blocks, dodges, and knee-buckling punches. Hang tough in the face of jarring true-to-life impacts. They're delivered by an all-new physics-based game engine that also clears the way for glancing blows, missed punches, and, for the first time, real rough-and-tumble inside fighting. Find out who's the best ever with a roster of 40 all-time greats, including Muhammad Ali, Joe Frasier, Manny Pacquaio, and the return of Iron Mike Tyson. Take your fighter from unknown to champion in new Legacy Mode or step into the ring against a friend for head-to-head action.
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Although Fight Night debuted five years ago, millions of gamers became virtual pugilists when Fight Night Round 3 bowed a few months after the Xbox 360 launched. After several hours of virtual pugilism, I believe that once hardcore fans take the time to learn the new system, they'll discover that it's above and beyond the efforts of past games. This one comes with a steep learning curve, but it provides deep rewards.

  • Video Preview

    First 15: Fight Night Round 4 Legacy Mode

    We take Fight Night Round 4's improved Legacy Mode for a spin in the (almost) first 15 minutes of the game. We skip character creation and the first two fights to bring you the semi-finals and finals for the first tournament.

    Posted: Jun 17, 2009 | 9,080 Views | 15:46

  • Preview

    Summer Games Preview


    X-Play takes a look at the hottest games to hit consoles this summer including Fight Night Round 4 , Dark Void, Wii Sports Resort, Battlefield 1943, Batman Arkham Asylum and Madden NFL 10. Plus, check out the coolest downloadable content like Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection, Gears of War 2: Dark Corners, Fallout 3: Point Lookout and Shadow Complex.

    Posted: Jun 17, 2009

  • Video Preview

    Fight Night Round 4 Preview


    New from EA, enter the ring with the ultra-realistic 'Fight Night Round 4' for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In this Summer Games Preview of 'Fight NIght Round 4' Morgan Webb talks about the game's characters, fight mechanics and more.

    Posted: Jun 17, 2009 | 2,004 Views | 01:39

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