Gears of War 2 - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Release Date:Nov 6, 2008
  • # of Players:1 player, 10 online
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore,Intense Violence,Strong Language)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: Epic's mega-hit franchise returns for a second round as Marcus Fenix and the rest of the COG forces continue to fight against the massive Locust horde occupying their planet of Sera. The game also ups the ante on the multiplayer side, upping the competitive modes to 5-on-5 and including a new cooperative "Horde" mode that pits players against 50 increasingly difficult waves of Locust enemies.
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Gears of War: The Gearsiverse Comic-Con 2009 Archive

Gears of War: The Gearsiverse Comic-Con 2009 Archive

By - Posted Jul 27, 2009
[5:22] Patrick Klepek: "Hey guys! Sitting down, waiting for the Gears of War panel to start at Comic-Con. We're supposed to get a sneak peek at what's happening next with the franchise and a look into the development of the movie."
[5:24] Patrick Klepek: "The panel starts at 5:30, so just a few minutes from now!"
[5:26] Patrick Klepek: "Adam Sessler will be moderating the panel."
[5:26] Patrick Klepek: "It's a live stream through my mind."
[5:28] Patrick Klepek: "No pictures, sorry. They're pretty touchy about that here, since they will probably be showing concept art from the movie. Maybe? Hopefully. Either way, I fully expect a fan will upload it the moment it appears on screen. Too many iPhones for it not to happen. :)"
[5:29] Patrick Klepek: "The panel description says we'll hear about the "future of the franchise." Even if Adam doesn't ask, I'm sure someone will quiz Cliff Bleszinski about Gears of War 3 during the Q&A session."
[5:32] Patrick Klepek: "Should be starting any minute now. This room hosted the packed Heroes panel previously."
[5:32] Patrick Klepek: "Unlike other panels, they are encouraging people to take pictures and video. Weird!"
[5:32] Patrick Klepek: "Big cheers for Adam Sessler. :P"
[5:33] Patrick Klepek: "HUGE cheers for the idea of a movie."
[5:34] Patrick Klepek: "Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Ferguson taking the stage, the masterminds behind Gears of War."
[5:34] Patrick Klepek: ""God, I love Comic Con." -- Cliff"
[5:35] Patrick Klepek: "Adam asking if Cliff thought the series would expand so quickly. He says he's surprised, but the plan from the beginning was to have a Gears of War comic, book, everything. They didn't know if it would happen, but they always wanted it."
[5:35] Patrick Klepek: "On the risks of expanding..."You can really screw it up along the way." -- Rod"
[5:36] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: What's coming in Dark Corners?"
[5:36] Patrick Klepek: "New multiplayer maps with some darker settings and themes and "Road to Ruin," the deleted stealth-oriented single-player chapter."
[5:37] Patrick Klepek: "The new content is a "gift to the fans." They decided to price it down as a result."
[5:37] Patrick Klepek: "They think the maps are the real content and the deleted content is a "gift.""
[5:38] Patrick Klepek: "Discussing the latest title update to respond to community concerns."
[5:39] Patrick Klepek: ""We're at the point where we can start doing some fun things with the game." Now that the team has ironed out the fixes, they can play around with the fans. Expect more quirky tweaks like the waves of tickets during 4th of July."
[5:39] Patrick Klepek: "You'll also be able to play with Epic Games pretty soon."
[5:39] Patrick Klepek: "Double XP week coming to Dark Corners DLC soon, too."
[5:40] Patrick Klepek: "Cliff just namedropped NeoGAF."
[5:41] Patrick Klepek: "New novel coming at the end of the month. The new novel picks up at the end of Gears of War 2, so you'll know where the story is going next. It's called "Jacinto's Remnant""
[5:41] Patrick Klepek: "In the books, they let the authors go more in-depth on the story. "Stuff that's outside of the game, we let those creators be creative.""
[5:42] Patrick Klepek: "They're talking about some of the exclusive Gears of War toys here at Comic Con. If you're out here, head to the Neca booth."
[5:43] Patrick Klepek: "Cliff loves to wind up a ticker toy and have it chase his cats around."
[5:43] Patrick Klepek: ""Explosive death beavers!""
[5:43] Patrick Klepek: "Gears of War COG armor coming to Xbox Live Avatars. People are pretty excited."
[5:44] Patrick Klepek: "The armor will drop in August, alongside the new Xbox Live update."
[5:44] Patrick Klepek: "Epic worked with Rare on the armor."
[5:45] Patrick Klepek: "Rod is quizzing the audience about some locust armor they developed for an Avatar, too. The crowd wants it."
[5:45] Patrick Klepek: "Looks like Locust armor is coming to Avatars, too."
[5:45] Patrick Klepek: "Gears of War comic writer Josh Ortega taking the stage."
[5:45] Patrick Klepek: "He also wrote Gears of War 2."
[5:46] Patrick Klepek: "Adam is asking Josh what his relationship with Epic is like."
[5:46] Patrick Klepek: ""It's amazing.""
[5:48] Patrick Klepek: "They're flipping through some different art for the Gears of War comic books. Josh collaborated with DC artist Jim Lee for the cover of issue nine."
[5:48] Patrick Klepek: "The "Barron" series is starting next.  "
[5:48] Patrick Klepek: "The new comic series will introduce female Gears."
[5:50] Patrick Klepek: "They don't want to reveal who the girl is yet."
[5:51] Patrick Klepek: "And now they're about to bring out Len Wisemen, the director of the Gears of War movie, and the screen writer, Chris Morgan."
[5:51] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: How did you guys get connected?"
[5:52] Patrick Klepek: "Len was working on Die Hard and someone showed him the seven most popular games at the time and he was choosing one to go in the background of the movie. He selected Gears of War and that was his first introduction to the game. He started playing the game after that."
[5:52] Patrick Klepek: "Chris was working on another project with Len and suddenly the Gears of War property came up for Len and they decided to work together."
[5:52] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: What stood out about Gears of War?"
[5:53] Patrick Klepek: "Len loved the world. "Honestly, I saw it as really something that looks like 'that could be a great movie.' And I'm just drawn to that.""
[5:53] Patrick Klepek: "When Len got an Xbox, he wanted to watch Gears of War but he couldn't...because he had to play it. He'd be watching the visuals and die. "I do suck at the games quite bad.""
[5:53] Patrick Klepek: "Len wants an added feature so he can stop dying."
[5:53] Patrick Klepek: "Cliff: "I think Nintendo's working on that feature right now actually.""
[5:54] Patrick Klepek: "Applause for Chris' work on the Wanted movie."
[5:54] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: How are you approaching the adaptation?"
[5:54] Patrick Klepek: "Chris said the biggest issue is picking the biggest, most important parts of the series."
[5:55] Patrick Klepek: "What about The Rock's involvement?"
[5:55] Patrick Klepek: ""I don't want a DOOM connection, for one." -- Len"
[5:55] Patrick Klepek: "Ouch.  "
[5:55] Patrick Klepek: ""I'm looking for the best actor for the role.""
[5:56] Patrick Klepek: "Doesn't sound like any casting decisions have really been made."
[5:57] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: What is the scale of the movie? Can you tell us what's in it?"
[5:57] Patrick Klepek: "Chris says emergence day will definitely be in the movie."
[5:58] Patrick Klepek: ""The tone of the characters and how they are interacting with each other, that gives you the overall tone of the movie.""
[5:59] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: Will the movie have any quiet moments?"
[5:59] Patrick Klepek: ""I approach it from story and character first. I know the spectacle is going to be there and it's a huge focus about what the movie is going to be, but it's not the first priority.""
[5:59] Patrick Klepek: "They want people to connect with the characters and want them to survive."
[6:00] Patrick Klepek: ""You don't follow an event in a movie, you follow the characters through.""
[6:01] Patrick Klepek: ""The tone is so important to pull a movie like this off.""
[6:01] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: Cliff, how are you involved?"
[6:01] Patrick Klepek: ""We're all the kinds of guys who like these cool worlds. The collaboration has been a really fun and interesting one.""
[6:02] Patrick Klepek: "Epic and Hollywood patting each other on the back right now."
[6:02] Patrick Klepek: ""There's been a lot of video game based movies that don't work. I have my own theories why those didn't work and why this one will work.""
[6:02] Patrick Klepek: "^^ Len"
[6:03] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: What about the history of bad video game movies?"
[6:03] Patrick Klepek: "Cliff -- Part of the reason is because there's no collaboration. Hollywood takes the property and never talks to the people who made it.  "
[6:04] Patrick Klepek: "Rod is happy leaving the hard decisions to Len and Chris, deciding which elements need to be left behind in order to make a good movie."
[6:05] Patrick Klepek: "One line from a three part treatment they had for people who wanted to make a Gears of War movie -- "Please, don't kill Marcus.""
[6:05] Patrick Klepek: "Len said Hollywood didn't take video games seriously until recently. It's not a joke anymore, he claims. "You want to create a film franchise that people care about.""
[6:06] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: So, any pressure?"
[6:06] Patrick Klepek: ""There's so much opinion out there already about what this movie should be and shouldn't be."  "
[6:06] Patrick Klepek: ""It becomes what you find is important to embrace and what you decide could possibly be left out.""
[6:07] Patrick Klepek: "Hardest part for Len is picking what has to be left out."
[6:07] Patrick Klepek: "Any talk about a sequel, a trilogy, anything of the sort is only because he wants to see it succeed and keep going."
[6:07] Patrick Klepek: "Q&A!"
[6:08] Patrick Klepek: "Adam: Are you working on a new Jazz Jackrabbit?"
[6:08] Patrick Klepek: "Cliff: Nope."
[6:08] Patrick Klepek: "#1 Someone just suggested John Travolta for Marcus. What happened to the shotgun in Gears 2? It lost its power."
[6:09] Patrick Klepek: "Rod says it hasn't lost its power, it was the most dominant and they have to make balance decisions."
[6:09] Patrick Klepek: "Gears 1 became a "rolling shotgun fest.""
[6:09] Patrick Klepek: "Epic wanted Gears to be more about "tactical combat.""
[6:10] Patrick Klepek: ""I assure you we track those numbers. We know what guns you're using." -- Cliff"
[6:10] Patrick Klepek: "#2 Is the girl Gears COG going to be in the movie?"
[6:10] Patrick Klepek: "Cliff: We aren't ready to answer that."
[6:11] Patrick Klepek: "Len gets emails all the time from Cliff with new content for the series. Essentially: maybe."
[6:11] Patrick Klepek: "#3 Are you going to cast the voice actors into the movie?"
[6:12] Patrick Klepek: "The voice actor for Coletrain just did a "woo woo!""
[6:12] Patrick Klepek: "Len -- "It's an early day. We haven't even gone down that road yet.""
[6:13] Patrick Klepek: "#4 What about the Carmines?"
[6:13] Patrick Klepek: "Cliff -- "It's a big family, dude.""
[6:13] Patrick Klepek: "Did you know Carmine = red = Star Trek reference?"
[6:14] Patrick Klepek: "#5 Any chance of Kate Bekinsale in the movie?"
[6:15] Patrick Klepek: "Len -- "If I can convince her...which I think I may have a shot at doing that." Again, said it's too early, but..."I'd love to see that happen too.""
[6:16] Patrick Klepek: "#6 Question about host advantage for Gearheads of War website. Can you find a way to nerf the host to level the playing field?"
[6:16] Patrick Klepek: "Rod says they already do that a little bit behind the scenes, including adding lag to the host in order to balance it.  "
[6:17] Patrick Klepek: ""You can expect to see ongoing improvements as we go.""
[6:17] Patrick Klepek: "#6 Do you plan on adding any gameplay replay during the game?"
[6:17] Patrick Klepek: ""It's a little bit tougher." And now Rod is going into a really in-depth technical explanation. In summary: it's a really tough technical obstacle."
[6:18] Patrick Klepek: ""Not something going to happen in the Gears 2 timeframe.""
[6:18] Patrick Klepek: "#7 Any plans for new weapons?"
[6:18] Patrick Klepek: ""We're always looking at what we can bring to the community what they want." Harder to do weapons because it involved balance. It's not out of the question, but it doesn't sound likely, either."
[6:19] Patrick Klepek: "#8 What about a golden shotgun?"
[6:20] Patrick Klepek: "Cliff and Rod shake their head. "Like we need the shotgun to be more popular.""
[6:20] Patrick Klepek: "No plans for more golden weapons, but they are "fans of the idea.""
[6:21] Patrick Klepek: "That's the end of questions. Nothing on Gears of War 3? Surprise."
[6:21] Patrick Klepek: "Thanks for sticking around guys. That's a wrap. :)"

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    Wow man, I have to say i'm impressed. I wouldn't have had the attention span to write this stuff down and listen at the same time.

    Posted: July 30, 2009 8:35 AM