Tales of Vesperia Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Namco
  • Genre:RPG
  • Developer: Namco Bandai
  • Release Date:Aug 28, 2008
  • # of Players:1 player, 4 online
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Alcohol Reference,Fantasy Violence,Mild Blood,Mild Language,Suggestive Themes)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The fabled Tales RPG fantasy series celebrates its tenth anniversary by making its debut on the Xbox 360. Tales of Vesperia is set in a world that relies on an ancient technology known as blastia. The technology has the power to control civilization, or destroy it. A former knight named Yuri embarks on a quest to stamp out a plot to use the blastia for evil and ultimately end the world. The game features an upgraded real-time combat system and an engaging storyline. What's more, the cutting-edge cel-shaded graphics make you feel as if you've been thrust into the middle of a live-action anime saga.
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    4.8 / 5
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Tales of Vesperia Cheats

  • EX New Game

    After creating a game clear data, the "EX New Game" selection will now be accessible where a game clear data is required to get this to work.

  • Grade Shop

    Once you loaded your game clear data in "EX New Game", the Grade Shop will be available each time you start a new game in this mode.

  • Unknown Difficulty

    In the Grade Shop, purchase "Battle Rank" for 50 Grade points.

  • Played over 100 hours

    You need patience.

  • 100 Combo accomplished!

    Try to chain you combos

  • Crafting master

    Just try out crafting.

  • Adventurer

    The maps are opened up by the direction of the cameras is focused.

  • Acquired all titles

    Need to clear sub events to acquire titles.

  • Traveled over 100,000 km

    A long way to go.

  • Level MAX

    Just fight your way through.

  • Monster master

    Don't forget to use your Magic lens.

  • Defeated 1000 enemies

    You just need to fight!

  • Used all Save Points

    Save Points are located in various place of the world.

  • Super-rich

    Try saving more gald.

  • Versperia master

    Go for a total completion.

  • Hyper gambler

    Try earning more chips

  • Perfect collector

    There are items only available by crafting.

  • Secret Mission 15

    Secret Mission: Baitojoh (VS. Baitojoh. Hit it 3 times during it's Ice Edge attack and fished it out of the water.)

  • Secret Mission 2

    Secret Mission: Golem (Downed Goliath by attacking its Achilles' heel while it charged X buster.)

  • Secret Mission 22

    Secret Mission: Zagi Fight 5 (Fifth Battle VS. Zagi. Downed him by attacking after he becomes exhausted from Blastia Bane.

  • Secret Mission 7

    Secret Mission: Barbos (VS. Barbos. You took out the bridge supports, keeping him from calling out more of his thugs.)

  • Secret Mission 9

    Secret Mission: Pteropus (VS. Pteropus. You defeated the Leader Bat and prevented Pteropus from recombining.)

  • Smarty-Pants

    Answer All Quiz Questions Correctly

  • They Call Me...

    Earn all Titles

  • Bunny Guild Member

    Bunny Guild

  • Ended Alexei's Ambitions

    Part 2 Clear

  • Big Game Hunter

    Killed all Giganto Monsters

  • Secret Mission 14

    Secret Mission: Zagi Fight 4 (Fourth battle VS. Zagi. Used Karol's Nice Recovery Smash arte to force him to recover from poison.)

  • Secret Mission 19

    Secret Mission: Gusios Fight 2 (Attacked his tail, then downed him with a close attack while his feet were raised.)

  • Speedster

    Cleared Game in 15 Hours or Less

  • First Strike

    First Fatal Strike

  • Piggybank

    Possess 10,000,000 Gald

  • Secret Mission 12

    Secret Mission: Tison & Nan (VS. Nan and Tison. Timed your strikes between their attacks and knocked them down.)

  • Secret Mission 13

    Secret Mission: Schwann (VS. Schwann. Downed him by attacking when he was clutching his heart after his mystic arte.)

  • Secret Mission 18

    Secret Mission: Alexei (VS. Alexi. Downed him by attacking when he was tired after his mystic arte.)

  • Secret Mission 20

    Secret Mission: Khroma (VS. Khroma. Downed her by timing your strikes between certain of her attacks.)

  • Secret Mission 21

    Secret Mission: Flynn (VS. Flynn. He used every arte he could, including a mystic arte.)

  • Secret Mission 10

    Secret Mission: Outbreaker (VS. Outbreaker. You destroyed the core and prevented magic from inverting day and night.)

  • Secret Mission 23

    Secret Mission: Duke Fight 2 (Defeated Duke using a mystic arte.)

  • Low Level Challenger

    Defeated Barbos at Level 15 or Lower

  • Eureka!

    First Synthesis

  • Secret Mission 1

    Secret Mission: Zagi Fight 1 (Defeated Zagi while protecting Estellise from Zagi's attacks.)

  • Secret Mission 4

    Secret Mission: Zagi Fight 2 (Lured Zagi to the side of the ship and knocked him overboard to cool him off!)

  • Character Study

    View all Skits

  • Big Game Greenhorn

    First Giganto Monster Defeated

  • Secret Mission 3

    Secret Mission: Gattuso (Learning from Karol's Experience, you used the billybally plants to stun Gattuso.)

  • Secret Mission 5

    Secret Mission: Gusios Fight 1 (Downed the Dreaded Giant when it reared back and left itself wide open.)

  • Secret Mission 8

    Secret Mission: Zagi Fight 3 (Third battle VS. Zagi. Let him absorb too much magic, destroying his bohdi blastia.)

  • Recovered The Aque Blastia

    Part 1 Clear

  • Secret Mission 11

    Secret Mission: Belius (VS. Belius. You lit up all candlesticks and eliminated the illusions.)

  • Secret Mission 17

    Secret Mission: Yeager (VS. Yeager. Made his heart explode using Raven's Rain arte.)

  • Ahhh, Memories

    Cleared EX Dungeon

  • Defeated The Adephagos

    Part 3 Clear (Game Clear)

  • Secret Mission 16

    Secret Mission: Estellise (VS. Estillise. Used the item, Mother's Momento.)

  • Secret Mission 6

    Secret Mission: Gigalarva (Raven used Serpent to set a trap for the Gigalarva and prevented it from healing itself.)

  • Repede Body Armor Glitch

    Near the end of the game, there's a chance to synthesis an armor called "Aer Fragment". At the same time, there should be two synthesizable armors for Yuri and Karol called "Mumbane" and "Mumbane Aer". The "Mumbane Aer" is better than "Mumbane" which requires an "Aer Fragment" (Repede's armor) and a "Mumbane" to synthesize. Synthesize an "Aer...