Planet 51 Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Planet 51 gives players the chance to immerse themselves in the amazing world of Planet 51 whilst helping bumbling astronaut, Chuck and his new found alien friend, Lem, find their way back to Chuck’s spaceship. Not only will players be able to relive memorable moments from the movie, but the game also expands the vibrant Planet 51 universe with the inclusion of characters, environments and vehicles exclusive to the videogame.
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Planet 51 Cheats

  • Alien!

    Achieve and maintain the maximum level of alert for 3 minutes outside of a mission.

  • Fugitive

    Elude the law enforcers 3 times in a row in the same vehicle outside of a mission.

  • Lawnmower Master

    Complete level 10 in the task "Lawnmower Boy".

  • Perfect Timing

    Finish any of Chuck's missions on foot without failing any obstacle nor taking any damage from traps

  • Too Good to Compete

    Keep first place in any racing mission for more than 1 minute...and win!

  • Billboard Breaker

    Jump through all the billboards in the game.

  • Born to Park

    Complete level 10 in the task "Parking Boy".

  • Car Collector

    Unlock all vehicles (excluding vehicles unlocked at the police station).

  • Breaking News!

    Complete level 10 in the task "Glipforg News Paperboy".

  • Careful Parking Boy

    Complete the "Parking Valet" mission without damaging any cars.

  • Sweet Cleaner

    Complete the "Cleaning The Circus" mission without making King Klong angry.

  • The Dog Catcher

    Complete level 10 in the task "Too Many Dogs in this Town".

  • Desert

    Complete all the Desert missions.

  • Fast Rock Gatherer

    Pick up all the special rocks in the mission "Singing in the Rocks" before any go down the drain.

  • Pro Cyclist

    Travel 12 miles by bicycle.

  • Circus Cleaner

    Complete level 10 in the task "World's cleanest circus".

  • Curious Boy

    Enter every open house and building in the game.

  • Glipforg Deliveries

    Complete level 10 in the task "Glipforg Deliveries".

  • Sticker Collector

    Collect all the stickers that you'll earn in the tasks.

  • The Suburbs

    Complete all the Suburbs missions.

  • Perfect Gardener

    Complete "Neera's Garden" without cutting any flowers, touching the mole, or getting hit by water.

  • Pro Driver

    Travel 300 miles by car.

  • Slippery

    Escape 40 times from your enemies by hiding in the trash cans.

  • The Fastest Driver

    Complete level 10 in all race tasks.

  • Car Crusher

    Complete level 10 in the tasks "Car Crusher", "Battle in the Stadium" and "Desert Battle".

  • I've Got Antennas!

    Complete all the game missions, including all tasks.

  • Skilled Driver

    Complete the "King Klong" mission without damaging the pickup.

  • The Coolest Paperboy

    Get "perfect" throws for all newspapers in "The Paperboy" mission.

  • Careful Driver

    Drive a car for 3 minutes without collisions.

  • Careful Fighter

    Complete any car crusher mission without taking any damage.

  • Comic Fan

    Find all the comic frames scattered around Planet 51.

  • Experienced Delivery Boy

    Don't lose any boxes in the "A Job of Little Importance" mission.

  • Flying Car

    Perform a jump of 150 ft or more.

  • Glipforg Taxi Driver

    Complete level 10 in the task "Taxi!".

  • Reckless Driver

    Destroy 30 pieces of property in 60 seconds.

  • Town

    Complete all the Town missions.

  • Welcome to Planet 51

    Complete the tutorials.