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Indigo Prophecy [Xbox Originals]
Game Description:A downloadable version of the Xbox classic, provided on Xbox Live as an Xbox Originals release. Third-person adventure thriller, created by the team behind Omikron, Indigo Prophecy gives gamers the unique chance to play both hunter and fugitive, which in turn leads them to speak, explore, interact, fight and confront unknown dark forces. For no apparent reason, ordinary people are randomly killing total strangers. Although there is no link between the murderers, they all seem to follow exactly the same ritual and pattern. Lucas Kane becomes one of these murderers when he kills a stranger in the men's room of a restaurant. Finding himself in control of Lucas, the player is haunted by strange visions and the desperate need to find out what is happening to him. At the same time he must keep one step ahead of the police, especially Inspector Carla Valenti and her teammate agent Tyler Miles.
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Indigo Prophecy [Xbox Originals] News

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  • Quantic Dream's David Cage Reveals Why There Wasn't An 'Indigo Prophecy' Sequel

    Quantic Dream's Indigo Prophecy was one of my favorite games for the original Xbox. Its blend of story, characterization, music, and gameplay was more than enough to overcome its (unfortunate) graphics. I was so satisfied with the entire experience that I had no interest in a sequel; I liked the way the plot was wrapped up and saw no reason for...

    Posted May 21, 2009| 21 Comments

    Quantic Dream's David Cage Reveals Why There Wasn't An 'Indigo Prophecy' Sequel
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