Supreme Commander Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Aspyr
  • Genre:Strategy
  • Developer: Hellbent Games
  • Release Date:Jun 25, 2008
  • # of Players:1 player, 4 online
  • ESRB:E10+ - Everyone 10+ (Comic Mischief,Fantasy Violence,Mild Language)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Take control, build your force, and implement your strategy for victory! You are the Supreme Commander, and all the military might is yours to command. Using an all-new, intuitive command system built specifically for the Xbox 360, you will issue commands using three different "wheels," all accessible from the D-pad. Build structures and units from the build wheel, issue commands from the command wheel, and create easily-controlled groups of units with the group wheel. View the battle from any level of zoom smoothly. Play through three separate Single-player campaigns, one for each of the factions in the game, or take on friends on Xbox Live!
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Supreme Commander Cheats

  • Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard

    Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard

  • Nuclear Wind

    Fire 10 nukes.

  • Supreme Aeronautics

    Build 1000 air units.

  • Supreme Annihilator

    Win on all Annihilation maps on any difficulty.

  • UEF Campaign Complete: Hard

    UEF Campaign Complete: Hard

  • Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard

    Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard

  • Economy of Scale: Mass

    Produce 1,000,000 mass.

  • Holding Your Own

    Beat Challenge AI on all Skirmish maps.

  • Mouse Trap

    Kill 100 units with Point Defense Turrets.

  • Supreme Shipwright

    Build 1000 sea units.

  • To The Grave

    Beat Supreme AI on all Skirmish maps.

  • War of Attrition

    Capture 100 enemy units.

  • Cherry Picking

    Beat Normal AI on all Skirmish maps.

  • Cybran Campaign Complete: Easy

    Cybran Campaign Complete: Easy

  • Cybran Campaign Complete: Normal

    Cybran Campaign Complete: Normal

  • Battle Commander

    Win on 10 different multiplayer maps.

  • Hail Storm

    Kill 1000 air units.

  • Razer

    Destroy 500 buildings.

  • Supreme Engineer

    Build 1000 buildings.

  • Fly Swatter

    Kill 100 units with Anti-Air Turrets.

  • Tutorial

    Complete the tutorial.

  • Controlling Presence

    Win on all Command Point maps on any difficulty.

  • Economy of Grand Scale: Power

    Produce 100,000,000 power.

  • King of the Hill

    Win on all King of the Hill maps on any difficulty.

  • Supreme Commander

    Finish all campaigns on all difficulties.

  • Typhoon

    Kill 1000 sea units.

  • UEF Campaign Complete: Easy

    UEF Campaign Complete: Easy

  • Earthquake

    Kill 1000 ground units.

  • Firestorm

    Fire 100 nukes.

  • POW

    Capture 50 enemy units.

  • Project X

    Build 100 experimental units.

  • Supreme Assassin

    Win on all Assassination maps on any difficulty.

  • Theater of War

    Win on all multiplayer maps.

  • Aeon Campaign Complete: Normal

    Aeon Campaign Complete: Normal

  • Economy of Grand Scale: Mass

    Produce 100,000,000 mass.

  • Economy of Scale: Power

    Produce 1,000,000 power.

  • Hunter Killer

    Kill 100 ACUs.

  • Supreme Armorer

    Build 1000 ground units.

  • Aeon Campaign Complete: Easy

    Aeon Campaign Complete: Easy

  • DaVinci

    Build 1 experimental unit for each faction.

  • UEF Campaign Complete: Normal

    UEF Campaign Complete: Normal

  • Camera, Commands

    Before leaping into Supreme Commander 2 for the first time, trying out the built-in Tutorial is advised. Step by step, it will introduce you to the Armored Command Unit controls, beginning with Scanning. By using the directional keys, you'll be able to quickly survey the battlefield surrounding you. This doesn't rotate the camera, however. To...