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Game Description: Use the jet pack to engage in air combat or land for intense ground combat in Dark Void. Fight a ruthless enemy using futuristic weapons and an innovative vertical cover system that establishes any direction as up.
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Summer Games Preview

Summer Games Preview

By Dana Vinson - Posted Jun 17, 2009

The sun has started to grace us with its presence for more than fifteen minutes a day. Flip flops and ice cream are making their return, along with feeling guilty for not going outside more, so you know what that means! It's summertime! Soon there will be frisbees and watermelon!

In honor of this auspicious occasion and to add even more depth to your not-going-outside-more guilt trip, X-Play has put together a preview of all the hot games hitting consoles in this Summer Games Preview. Watch all the videos below while we go make some refreshing iced tea.

Fight Night Round 4
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

If you've longed to see Muhammed Ali punch Mike Tyson in his (non-tattooed) face, your day has finally come. EA is unleashing the ultra-realistic boxing game Fight Night Round 4 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. With EA's intensive background with sports games, this one promises to be a knockout. Get it? Knockout? It's a boxing game? Anyway, this game has a lot to offer fans of the sport and even people who just live to virtually beat stuff up. Morgan Webb previews the game and talks about the game's characters, improved fight mechanics and more.


Summer Download Preview
Multiple Platforms

Not everything that's great comes in a box. Some of the Earth's greatest treasures require no container. That's the case with some of this summer's hottest titles, which you will find not on store shelves, but in the virtual annals of your console of choice. For example, Epic is bringing the pain to Xbots all over with the new Gears of War 2: Dark Corners DLC, plus their new original IP Shadow Complex. But Fallout 3 fans, don't feel left out in the dark. You'll be getting Fallout 3: Point Lookout on multiple platforms. Huzzah! Adam Sessler has the skinny on your downloadable dreams.



Dark Void
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

We have been wishing--for years--that man would finally use his stunning ingenuity to develop a jetpack. Seriously, here. We're living in the future and no one has a jetpack that will allow them to fly around like the Rocketeer. That's utter nonsense. We have the Jonas Brothers and the Snuggie, but no jetpack. Come on...what is this? Amature hour? To ease our troubled souls, Capcom is delivering the next best thing: a graphically impressive looking videogame with a high tech physics engine that centers around, you guessed it, a guy with a jetpack. Adam Sessler takes a look at the multiplatform sci-fi adventure Dark Void and talks about the game's storyline, gameplay mechanics, physics and vertical cover system.




Madden NFL 10
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii

Over the years, the traditional opening day of the big games season has been the release of the newest Madden game, and this year, the tradition continues with the release of Madden NFL 10. Phil Frazier, Senior Producer on the game, gives us a preview, with this look at the game's new features, including Madden online and co-op, and even gives us a rundown of his favorite new features in the game. For those gamers who have been salivating for some football since the Steelers took the Super Bowl back in February, this is an oasis in the middle of a lame sports desert.



Batman: Arkham Asylum
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
There might not be a new Batman movie coming out this summer, but those who are eager for a Dark Knight fix need look no further than Batman: Arkham Asylum, which features Batty and his arch nemesis, The Joker, locked in their never-ending dance of death. In this preview, PS3 owners will find themselves lucky enough to play the game as the painted madman himself, and the rest of us will learn about the dazzling array of villains in the game, as well as getting an ever-so-brief look at the combat system within.



Battlefield 1943
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
Yes, there have been a lot of World War II games in the marketplace over the years, but how many of them allow you to go 12 on 12 in a flying squadron to try and assert your dominance in the Pacific Theatre? Battlefield 1943 is all about that, letting you play in such historical sandboxes as Wake Island, Iwo Jima, and Guadalcanal. This preview also discusses the online play in the game, and the vehicles and weapons you use to destroy the enemy.



Wii Sports Resort

When one thinks of summer, one can hardly escape the idea of a vacation, and what better way to spend a vacation than with some archery, kayaking, golf, swordplay, and a 3-point shooting championship with your friends? Well, since none of us can afford that, the next best thing is to strap on the ol’ Wiimote and fight the heat by spending summer days indoors pretending to do those very things, all within walking distance of your local convenience store. This is the world of Wii Sports Resort, and Adam Sessler is here to give you a preview of those events, and tell you how the sequel to Wii Sports, equipped with the new Wii Motion Plus technology, is going to redefine the way you think about your Wii.



X-Play Staff Picks

And finally, if you want to know what all the cool kids will be playing this summer, check out the X-Play Staff Picks!



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