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Game Description: Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360, the latest installment in DICE's long-running Battlefield franchise, is expected to reflect the experience of war most realistically of other shooters.
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Battlefield 3 impressions - A Russian in Paris

Battlefield 3 impressions - A Russian in Paris

By Miguel Concepcion - Posted Sep 29, 2011

Battlefield 3

While the Battlefield series initially established itself as a predominantly multiplayer experience, the latest Battlefield 3 scene EA showed the gaming press was another chance for the publisher to showcase more of the game’s single player story mode. It’s another insightful look into protagonist Sergeant Blackburn as he’s being interrogated by two as-of-yet-unnamed characters in New York.

“You don’t come across a guy like that by accident.”

That was the crux of this heated conversation where Blackburn is being questioned about his connection to an ex-Spetsnaz operative named Dmitri “Dima” Mayakovsky. It quickly turns into a verbal exchange of trying suss out how much each side really knows about this Russian. This is the same Dima who is the central character in the complementary Battlefield 3 novel written by ex-SAS operator Andy McNab, which emphasizes how Battlefield 3’s story goes well beyond Blackburn’s narrative.

This was also a rare opportunity to watch an actual prerendered cutscene from the campaign. You get to see considerable facial detail on Blackburn, as well as his interrogators. The on-site Battlefield 3 spokesman was consciously tight-lipped about the work that went into these scenes. I was especially curious if they used known actors since one of the officials questioning Blackburn bore a resemblance to Glenn Morshower, one of those “Hey, it’s that guy!” supporting actors on television.

This then transitions to a non-Blackburn playable section in the story where the player is now in Dima’s shoes. He’s in Paris, tasked to eliminate a target carrying a nuclear detonation device. There’s an air of mystery as to whether this presumed flashback is based on what Blackburn knew about Dima’s activities or what the interrogators knew. Whatever the case, it’s a heated garage battle right from the start, accented with the cacophony of French and Russian banter over the sounds of gunfire.

Battlefield 3

Everything from Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Dead Island to Crysis 2 has ensured that we haven't been short of garage settings in 2011. Maybe I just have a high tolerance for these kinds of levels, but it certainly wasn't something I minded in the context of Battlefield 3's story. It was also a fine opportunity to once again show off the bleeding light effects from the Frost Bite 2 engine as this garage had the standard unflattering fluorescent lighting.

The path through the garage eventually led to an office environment that had its share of armed guards. The nuclear device was important enough that Dima’s small squad was soon greeted with lethal gas, although they came prepared with gas masks. This area also featured a few office-based shootouts, highlighting Frost Bite 2’s work in environmental destructability. It also helped to have a heavy machine gun to lay waste to all the glass and walls in between Dima and the soldiers protecting the target.

It’s a rather gutsy move for EA to once again showcase the PlayStation 3 version. While it doesn’t diminish my excitement for the game overall, it wasn’t lost on me that some of the wall destruction looked somewhat dated, especially when compared to seeing this game running on a high-end PC. To its credit, there’s a practical, utilitarian appeal in destruction in Battlefield 3 where destroying objects can give you a clearer shot of an enemy.

Battlefield 3 Gameplay vs. The Real World: What Do The
Military Experts Think?

While the target was often within sight, it felt like Dima wasn’t getting any closer during this raid. He eventually gets flanked by another enemy, triggering one of the few quick time event melee struggles in this mission. Our protagonist quickly takes the no mercy approach by simply taking off the foe’s gas mask; a quick and practical move that sends the guy writhing on the ground. Often the tease, EA cued the fade to black, effectively ending the presentation.

It can be a risk to make a story experience feel fragmented if it jumps across too many locations throughout the globe. Yet if the narrative has a strong enough sense of cohesion, then things might pay off so well that the game might actually standout. And in a densely packed genre like the modern first-person shooter, Battlefield 3 just might get some recognition for taking a chance in this regard. We’ll get an even clearer picture in the coming weeks as we will have a couple more previews leading up to the game’s launch on October 25, 2011.

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  • LastKiller360d4

    baymeo25 to me the game was very well made an is like the best shooter i seen sense crysis 2 the graphic's are way better than any otheir game i seen an it is the most realistic game ive seen also so far so u really cant hate a game like this COD is more like Intro i guess u can say when it comes to first person shooter but battlefield is more for experienced gamers COD an Halo are some very well made games also but are no match when it come to battlefield but what happen to just blowning your way through building like battlefield bad company 2 an why u cant do it in battlefield 3 beta

    Posted: October 3, 2011 3:09 PM
  • baymeo25

    Never mind the bugs. That I can handle. I understand it is just a BETA and DICE is looking to fix these bugs upon launch so the fans can enjoy the game. I was expecting bugs. But the graphics on this game are horrible. Reminded me way too much of Homefront. UGLY. Even Black Ops is easier on the eyes than BF3. Is this how the game will look on the PS3? If so, then I just saved 60 bucks. Also, the game was BORING. I did not feel engaged whatsoever. I remember playing the Killzone 3 BETA and i loved it. It was fun and it looked good, too. I could not believe my eyes when I played the BETA. I thought to myself, "Where are the stunning graphics I saw in all the trailers?" I dunno. I don't see the complete game being much different. Maybe on the PC, but that's it.

    Overall: Disappointed.

    Posted: October 3, 2011 2:13 PM
  • wigglyevil

    ive played 360 beta fun but real buggy hope they fix it by release or there will be a lot of pissed off fans im pretty new to battlefield i didnt get into bc2 but this one has my attention and the campaign looks sweet i just hope the multiplayer isnt this buggy

    Posted: October 3, 2011 10:05 AM
  • BoydofZINJ

    Sorry on .. Warhammer online beta hid all things past 11 and the game did lack atthe impotant end game. Months after release it was still pathetic.

    I could go on... U get the pic.

    I am on a cell atm-sorry

    Posted: October 3, 2011 8:33 AM
  • BoydofZINJ

    For those saying the current build is months old. Let me ask you, what advanvantages does it give to theplayer or the company? Why test old obsolete code? If we are testing old code, why bpther. The mn ew code would have different issues and lag points than this old code. EA and DICE are companies that need to make money. Why. Are they purposely showing a bad and old build that they are being ridiculed and loosing preorders unnecessarily? I ty is not logical. If they are trying to get MORE people to plAY, WHY show them garbage. Ihave beta seberal vames. Games that are well polished and support their fan base does better than showing unpolished games.

    Rift is agood example. Trion's first mmo and game. It was very cv polished in alpha and beta,evenmoreso. It has a strong player base atm.

    Comman&Conquer 4, a EA game, was unpolished and not received well. It did terrible and many fans did notbuy it. I bought every C&C game and expansion, but 4. Notice its has no followup expansion.

    Vanguard Saga of Heroes, a sony game, was very poor and terrible beta. I believe it was put out of its misery -failed.

    Warhammer online, from mystic and EA.. Had a good beta, but they hid level 11+ to u in bea. Fo

    Posted: October 3, 2011 8:18 AM
  • shaggysasquach

    how about this, screw all the bugs, the beta was boring! it seems very apparent to me that dice decided not to learn anything about what people who are not already huge fans want. because spending 5 minutes running across an open field getting hit by snipers from who knows where is not my idea of fun. yes they made a new engine. yes it is technologically better than any previous dice effort or COD game. but there just isn't anything fun about it.

    Posted: October 2, 2011 4:05 PM
  • Ebag13

    People are retarded. Betas are put out for people to test the game and help fix bugs, not so that we have a free-pass to the full game early! Beta does not = demo. -_-

    Posted: October 2, 2011 11:49 AM
  • Unseen_Soul

    Unless you've actually played one the 8(??) Battlefields and played BC2 or hell even BC1 on a daily basis for months along with other Dice games (Mirrors Edge) just stop complaining. Dice knows how to build a game and the problems in this beta that was put together months ago will be gone. You people act like games never get patched. Name ONE GAME that has come out on the Ps3 or Xbox that has never had a patch. Just QYB and wait and if you dont like it, play your god awful Call of Duty again and rake out more on DLC then you do on the actual game

    Posted: October 2, 2011 7:18 AM
  • Gamerzfreak

    i think they shouldn't have released a beta with that many problems. Sounds were turning on and off, screen blanking white outs, and was just upsetting how much was not done.

    Im still buying it. I better not be disappointed or else.........

    Posted: October 1, 2011 4:47 PM
  • CaPoTriGGaMiKe

    I've seen betas with less hype look a hell of alot better than this garbage.

    Posted: October 1, 2011 1:00 PM
  • elite_hoster

    Battlefield 3 beta seems down hill i mean people refer battlefield 3 as massive sand box game where aerial vehicles fly over while out numbered giving everything you have while odds are still against you.

    So far metro's maps not actually showing people what battlefields really about if your new to franchise, say one person shouts out have you played ea's franchises war game "battlefield" they'll say: maybe or no, once played it will reflect bad on sales while they cross analyse it with other games. since this maps tiny and ambush is high this reflects poorly on what people will perceive as this being bad game on all platforms.

    Battlefields really about war at it's finest moments where you depart from a base traveling far out not knowing what to expect suddenly road lights up with chopper fire and tank explodes your teams trapped behind out numbered you spot four laser spotters in distance as each base gets captured you feel like wars lost but will not except death behind a tank, your team mate crawls through some foliage hiding what do you do this is battlefield, where predicting a out come is impossible.

    Games like call duty tend to be predictable where each location becomes remembered within brain but with maps like metro it reflects poorly and i think ea should release another beta as metros a joke.

    Accessing capsian map requires password and have been told takes ages on ea's server
    On all platforms

    I know they are trying to make this game awesome but i know ea's going wrong way about it and should stop it's like game owners receive beta metro map that relates to games that i will not bother mention but it is a nice map when you capture last objective in when leaving metro entering city hub.

    I think they did good job on consoles and excellnt job on pc version and console version really look nice, i didn't play play station version sorry.

    Things i noticed in battlefield 3 i liked that

    Laser spotting
    Flash lights
    How rocket screams in tight corners reflecting beautiful shadow

    Change how you react in situation. when (4 team mates) storm through metro tunnel for example and notice flashing light gazing towards them they go prone and shoot, but when you suddenly notice a red laser beaming down in metro tunnel you suddenly straff left or right deciding what to do next really making game interesting.

    The only massive difference in my opinion between pc and xbox version is how the game renders.

    When i walk up to some object in metro takes longer render on console about 6 seconds and no seconds for pc.

    When i snipe draw distance looks better and doesn't render
    While on console it looks pixelated.

    Some would assume who cares but this offers advantage too disadvantage,

    Say caspian map became released on console and pc at same time people would notice differences for example: say a snipers hiding in distance and you notice a flash from their lens.minute you scope in their general direction u'll notice foliage on pc version and enemy hiding becoming hard see requiring a guess shot. for console owners there will be no foliage just enemy you can visually see aiding you on head shot while not guessing.

    So there will be advantages and disadvantages on each platform.

    Some who recently played caspian map find the joystick and controller easier when piloting a jet on pc.

    I'm just trying to cover both sides of field but overall im really annoyed that every one who played beta didn't get shot at capsian.

    Posted: October 1, 2011 7:28 AM
  • St_Evisser

    "Well we don't need to play Battlefield 3 to compare it to MW3 because we can just compare it to Bad Company 2. It'll be the same thing." Notice how ridiculous that sounds when I just flip it over a bit? We don't need to compare BF3 to MW3 because they're two different games with different reasons to play them. Funny how that works when different developers and publishers create different titled games in different places without consulting one another or trying to copy one another.

    Posted: October 1, 2011 1:53 AM
  • expiredzues

    i really enjoy this beta but it has a lot of minor glitches and bugs that may not be fixed on launch day, i'm ok with this as long as they fix it as quick as possible but i am patient unlike most people these days who will get it and see that its not call of duty and has a lot of bugs they will return it and get the next call of duty and see that it is just what they thought it would be, the same exact thing. So yes they really need to work on all these small annoying bugs and also in response to the feedback for this week, it was exclusive to owners of medal of honor for only 2 days stop acting like its really "exclusive" unlike most betas u just had to download it instead of signing up for something online or having to reserve it. Also to the few of you that say call of duty will be better, we'll see october 25th the day battlefield 3 comes out, we don't need to play modern warfare 3 to compare it we just need modern warfare 1 or 2 since it will be the exact same thing.

    Posted: September 30, 2011 10:19 PM
  • mattgindago

    I've really enjoyed the beta so far. I can't put it down. I've always liked the Battlefield franchise better than Call of Duty. I don't mean to hate, It's just my opinion. Call of Duty 4 was a fantastic game, and I've been a fan of that franchise too, but recent iterations have been disappointing.

    Posted: September 30, 2011 8:33 PM
  • St_Evisser

    It may get thumbs down votes but you can't ignore the immense problems in the beta. Gears sent out a beta months before actual release, and improved on so much in that time. The short time between beta release and game release does not bode well at all, which was even referenced by the people here on G4. The beta is clunky, glichy and lagged terribly. Saying 'oh it'll be fixed by the time the game comes out and that's what betas are for' isn't good enough. Not with a month to go. Dead Island had fewer problems, and no one claims that game was finished on release. I expect another day one patch and yet another game released before it was finished. Obviously this is a trend in today's gaming and should be considered inexcusable.

    Posted: September 30, 2011 5:19 PM
  • brucebruce503

    lol you stupid people the game is going to look and feel better then the beta come on now really the beta is just to check out the online play and battle log . all you have to do is read the small print on the main screen on the beta that would be on the top right on 360 . my friend worked on the game and it will be look feel sound great no worries

    Posted: September 30, 2011 5:00 PM
  • BoydofZINJ

    For those sayingits only aBETA. Think about this: when does the game come out and how much can they change or overhaul in such a short time.

    This comes from expierence. Most games that are buggy and unpolished a month before release will remain so. Games are big complicated programs with (probably) millions of lines of code. Making, even a minor change, can cause unforseen changes. Which is why it can take forever to make a major change. Minor changes, how much dmg a LMG does at long range (i.e. How many bullets it takes to kill someone) is probably a much easier fix than figuring out why u look like a three head ed d hydra while u are prone near the flowers and rocks near the cul de sac in the metro map.. Near obj A first round.

    In beta.i am a bit dis as pointed. This is the reason why games like COD dont change their game play much. COD has a certain feel and style that works for them. It makes them unoriginal and boring. Gameplay and feel has not changed since, the first MW cod. Activision keeps the formula and is happy witj vb illion dollar sales. I now wish BF3 kept the engine, style, and gameplay of badcompany2 with tweaks and minor improvements.

    I have not preorder mw3 and still have hopes for BF3.

    P.s. I do hope it plays better on the ps3, benice to dust it off - but pc all the way.

    Posted: September 30, 2011 8:08 AM
  • ElectricToast

    Battlefield 3.. Game of the Year, hands down, no questions, no substitutions.
    The graphics are simply so real, that there unreal. I can't wait for Oct 25th!!

    Posted: September 30, 2011 6:12 AM
  • markster280

    played beta today not impressed looks crap plays crap. same all same all and looks like a ps3 game. back to gow3 the best

    Posted: September 30, 2011 6:00 AM
  • ryguy44

    The beta is down on Xbox 360, Why video game god why!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

    Posted: September 29, 2011 2:47 PM