They - Xbox 360

Game Description:They is set in London four years in the future, the city ravaged by numerous terrorist attacks. Just as it looks like things can't get any worse, alien robots invade and kick up the mother of all ruckuses. Initially, it looks like the robots are the main threat. However, as you uncover more on these bizarre androids, it transpires they're actually being manipulated by the ethereal and mysterious Phantoms. To combat this invasion, you're going to need one hell of a set of weapons. Rather than unlocking new guns as you progress from level to level, your weapons can be upgraded and changed through items you buy or find in the stages. You can customize guns to your hearts content -- it's possible to create a sniper rifle that fires grenades or even a pistol that freezes enemies. Customization can be taken even further, tuning the rate of fire, the spread of 'bullets' or, perhaps, the amount of ammo each weapon carries.
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  • 'They' Are/Is Coming

    We find something undeniably charming about “mystery first-person shooter" They. We haven't played the game (it's not out until 2009)....

    Posted April 22, 2008 | 13 Comments

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