Silent Hill: Homecoming Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Alex Shepherd is back, along with Alchemilla Hospital and zombie nurses. You must be back in Silent Hill. Watch as the world crumbles to pieces, literally (in a series first) in front of Alex's eyes. This time he tries to save his little brother, but instead is thrown into battle with horrifying creatures. Combat has been upgraded - Alex was a soldier, after all - so your attacks can be strung together in combos with evasive ducks and rolls. Don't get too comfy, though, because the AI has also been upgraded to counter Alex's proficiency. New monsters, new puzzles, and new dangers await you.
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Silent Hill: Homecoming Cheats

  • Circular Saw

    Can be found in the garage at the Shepard's family home

  • Deputy Alex

    Unlocked by getting the "UFO" Ending

  • Order Soldier Outfit

    Unlocked by getting the "Drowning" Ending

  • Orderly Alex

    Unlocked by getting the "Hospital" Ending

  • Laser Pistol

    Can be found in Joshua's room, on top of his foot locker

  • Trucker Alex

    Unlocked by getting the "Good" Ending

  • Bogeyman a.k.a. Pyramid Head Helmet

    Unlocked by getting the "Bogeyman" Ending

  • Eddie's Legacy

    Defeated 1 Feral

  • Creeper Reaper

    Defeated 1 Swarm

  • Josh's Gallery

    Found ALL Photos

  • Clear the Air

    Defeated 1 Smog

  • Kaufmann's Handiwork

    Found 1 Serum

  • Lurk No More

    Defeated 1 Lurker

  • To The Point

    Defeated 1 Needler

  • Shades of James

    Defeated 1 Siam

  • Split Personality

    Defeated 1 Schism

  • Lock 'n' Load

    Found Rifle

  • Nursery Rhymes

    Found all the Children's Drawings

  • Out of Order

    Defeated 1 Order member

  • Sightseeing

    Found 1 Photo

  • The Old Gods... Haven't Left This Place

    Complete game on HARD difficulty.

  • Alchemilla's Finest

    Defeated 1 Nurse

  • Health Junkie

    Found all Serums