Legendary Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Art thief Charles Deckard has accidentally opened Pandora's Box. Now he must either try to close it back up, or just shoot everything that comes out. Deckard goes with the latter, giving you the chance to blast hordes of mystical creatures back into the oblivion from which they came. Meanwhile, werewolves, gryphons, and other legendary creatures have been unleashed on a world that just wasn't ready. As secret societies begin to form in the shadows, a war between man and myth is underway - and you're in the middle of it all. Now you're the only one capable of stopping it all. Better lock and load, buddy.
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Legendary Cheats

  • Axe-Wielding Maniac

    Kill 25 enemies with the Fire Axe in Single Player

  • Combat Veteran

    Play 200 ranked Multiplayer matches

  • Gun Nut

    Fire all 8 projectile weapons in Single Player at least once

  • Animal Control

    Complete game on Normal difficulty

  • Bookworm

    Collect 1/2 of PDA pick-ups

  • Jack? Beanstalk, Beanstalk? Jack

    Destroy the Giant Golem in Episode 3

  • Power Outage

    Take out the power to the Black Order outpost in Episode 7

  • Revenge Of The Soda

    Escape the Nari-possessed vending machine room in Episode 3

  • Walkies!

    Start and finish a ranked Multiplayer match

  • Warm Fuzzy Feeling

    Fill 50% of your team's Monster Machine with Animus in a ranked 4v4 Multiplayer match

  • Werewolf Whisperer

    Defeat the first Alpha Werewolf in Episode 4

  • Fair-Weather Friends

    Use Animus to change the frequency of an Aniform Control Device in Single Player

  • Jazz Hands!

    Look at all "The Great Langtini" posters littering Times Square in Episode 3

  • Live Wire

    Find the Black Order-eliminating electric switch in Episode 2

  • I Will Find You!

    Free Vivian from captivity in Episode 8

  • Mint In Box

    Collect all PDA pick-ups

  • Savage Law Of The Jungle

    Complete game on Hard difficulty

  • DouBull TrouBull

    Survive the double Minotaur attack in Episode 8

  • Heeeeeere's Deckard!

    Chop your way out of the Internet Cafe' with the Fire Axe in Episode 1

  • Upper Management

    Unlock the warehouse exit in Episode 2

  • You Call This Security?

    Bypass the electronic lock in Episode 1

  • 10-Piece Bucket

    Shoot down the low flying Griffons in Episode 6

  • Bounty Hunter

    Kill 10 enemy players in a ranked Multiplayer match without being killed

  • I Have A Problem With Intimacy

    Use the Animus Pulse ability 10 times

  • Survivor

    Survive a ranked 4v4 Multiplayer game without being killed

  • Tenderized

    Defeat the Minotaur in Episode 5

  • All Fall Down

    Completed Episode 3

  • Death To Soda

    Create a ramp with the soda machine using your pistol in Episode 1

  • I Hate Ornithology

    Defeat the Griffon in Episode 5

  • Barf Pin~ata

    Destroy a Blood Spider Queen in Episode 4

  • Bull In A China Shop

    Entice the Minotaur to destroy all Graveyard wall sections in Episode 5

  • Gum On My Shoe

    Get stepped on by the Giant Golem in Episode 3

  • King Of The Jungle

    Win 50 ranked Multiplayer matches

  • Not OSHA Compliant

    Cause the crane to drop the metal beams in Episode 7

  • Petting Zoo

    Complete game on Easy difficulty

  • Science!

    Run all Council Base lab experiments in Episode 6

  • Zookeeper

    Kill 10 Werewolves in a ranked Multiplayer match without being killed

  • Just Another Day At The Office

    Eavesdrop on the Black Order as they cage up a Werewolf in Episode 4

  • Leader Of The Pack

    Be first place in kills in 10 ranked Multiplayer matches in a row

  • Right Tool For The Right Tool

    Fire every weapon available in any ranked Multiplayer match

  • Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

    Extinguish the doorway fire using the water valve in Episode 1