Condemned 2: Bloodshot Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:The disturbing events of former Serial Crimes Unit investigator Ethan Thomas's past have left him a broken man on a downward spiral drifting aimlessly through society. But he's called back to duty when his partner disappears, and he must battle his inner demons as well as the unsavory characters bent on ending his life. A new combat system allows for offensive and defensive chains, grapples and holds, as well as brutal hand-to-hand combat. Open-ended gameplay means murders can be solved in several different ways, using a combination of wits and brute strength. All-new forensics tools are available to aid you, as are tire irons, bricks, and mops, all to inflict damage on your enemies.
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Condemned 2: Bloodshot Cheats

  • Unlock Bonus Artwork

    Create a profile on your Xbox 360 with the following name.

    Code: ShovelFighter

  • FPS Mode

    Finish the game, then you can choose FPS mode on any mission. This mode gives you infinite ammo for your weapons, and you'll start most levels with a gun.

  • Anger Management

    Get emotional!

  • Beat Cop

    Beat your way through a mission

  • Brick Wall

    MP - Block it away!

  • Bum King

    No guns, no problem

  • Self Medicated

    Heal thyself, physician

  • Bloodshot

    Unlock all Bloodshot Fight Clubs

  • Cut Throat

    Finish it!

  • Defender

    MP Defense 10 times over on the evidence

  • Gold-Plated

    Go gold in all missions

  • MP Overachiever

    Win a Deathmatch game with 15 kills without dying.

  • Restraint... Not

    Win Crime Scene games as SCU without firing a shot.

  • Decisive Restraint

    Restraint is a virtue.

  • Investigator

    You took on the hardest and beat them at their game

  • Flambe

    Splash, Shock and Fry

  • Just The Facts

    MP Crime Scene Goodness

  • Serial Killer

    Go kill, kill, kill in MP

  • Chief Investigator

    Complete all missions in Hard mode

  • Detective

    Get through a mission in FPS

  • EPA -

    Grab your foes by the neck and do what's necessary

  • SKX

    Kill the killers.

  • Trooper

    Complete the single-player game

  • Big Game Hunter

    Get up close and personal with the antler


    Use the foosball table piece to your advantage

  • Sleuth

    Be the PERFECT sleuth

  • Survivor King

    Bum Rush Survivor multiple times

  • The Final Word

    You never forget your first time.

  • A La Mode

    5 scoops of everything

  • Collector

    Scan the MP goodies once, twice, thrice - and more!

  • Detective - First Grade

    Shoot your way through it all in FPS

  • Magellan

    Explore all maps more than once!

  • Master Investigator

    PERFECTION as a sleuth all the way through

  • Punch Drunk

    MP - Duke of Queensbury Rules Only

  • Tune In Tokyo

    Tune in all those TVs

  • Can You Hear Me Now?

    Emitter Removal Service

  • Chain Gang

    Use all chain attacks a few times

  • Rush Champ

    Take SCU out with the trash 5 times

  • Sidekick

    Assist in scanning evidence in Crime Scene mode

  • The Plumber

    Find a pipe and use it frequently