Star Ocean: The Last Hope Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre:RPG
  • Developer: tri-Ace
  • Release Date:Feb 24, 2009
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Alcohol Reference,Fantasy Violence,Mild Language,Suggestive Themes)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:NOTE: This is a three disc game, but it only counts as one disc against your rental plan.Humanity's second chance may be its last in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Set in the aftermath of World War III, Star Ocean sends mankind into space in search of a new home. Sci-fi and fantasy elements blend with a soap opera feel in this new installment of the RPG saga. This prequel documents the beginnings of the futuristic franchise with a story that stretches across multiple planets and into the vast openness of space itself. The gripping saga unfolds with intense real-time battles exploding with stunning visual effects. Thankfully, you'll have a chance to catch your breath during breathtaking CG movies from the makers of Final Fantasy's cutscenes.
G4TV Rating
4 / 5
  • Avg User Rating
    (11 Ratings)
    3.7 / 5
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Star Ocean: The Last Hope Cheats

  • More CP

    Get 100% of battle trophies to get more CP.

  • Raise Level Cap

    Collect 50 battle trophies with any character to raise that character's level cap.

  • Voice Collection 2

    Get 75% of any character's Battle Trophies to unlock the voice collection, set 2.

  • Battle Voices, Set 1

    Get 30% of any character's Battle Trophies to unlock the battle voices, set 1.

  • Chaos Mode

    Beat the game on Universe Mode to unlock the Chaos Mode difficulty.

  • Wandering Dungeon

    Defeat Gabriel Celeste at the end of the Cave of the Seven Stars. Then go to the elevator in En II and go down to the Old Road to Sanctuary. Talk to Barago and he'll take you to the entrance of Wandering Dungeon. There are 20 randomly generated floors here, and you can't leave or you'll have to start over. Once you defeat the Ethereal Queen on...

  • Universe Mode

    Beat the game on Galaxy Mode to unlock the Universe Mode difficulty.

  • Secret Dungeon Cave of the Seven Stars

    Beat the game once, then reload your save file and enter the door that's up the stairs on the left after the final save point. You'll fight the Undying Dragon. Beat the dragon and you'll get the Darkness Ring. Then, go to the Colosseum in Tatroi and go to the left on the first floor down the hallway. You'll see a glyph on the wall there, use the...

  • Accomplished Battler

    Obtain 50% of all battle trophies.

  • Advanced Battler

    Obtain 70% of all battle trophies.

  • Expert Battler

    Obtain 80% of all battle trophies.

  • Arms Addict

    Collect 100% of all weapon data.

  • Ultimate Battler

    Obtain 100% of all battle trophies.

  • Practiced Battler

    Obtain 30% of all battle trophies.

  • Rookie Battler

    Obtain 10% of all battle trophies.

  • Seasoned Battler

    Obtain 60% of all battle trophies.

  • Skilled Battler

    Obtain 40% of all battle trophies.

  • Creative Craftsman

    Create 60% of all possible items.

  • Creature Collector

    Collect 50% of all monster data.

  • Errand Boy

    Complete 30% of all quests.

  • Novice Battler

    Obtain 20% of all battle trophies.

  • Potential Postman

    Complete 60% of all quests.

  • Dilettante Designer

    Create 20% of all possible items.

  • Master Battler

    Obtain 90% of all battle trophies.

  • Inspired Inventor

    Create 80% of all possible items.

  • Ship Savant

    Collect 100% of all spaceship data.

  • Treasure Hoarder

    Open 100% of all treasure chests.

  • Treasure Hunter

    Open 50% of all treasure chests.

  • World's Biggest Welch Fan

    Create 100% of all possible items.

  • Aspiring Architect

    Create 40% of all possible items.

  • Dutiful Deliverer

    Complete 100% of all quests.

  • Monster Master

    Collect 100% of all monster data.