Rise of the Argonauts Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:One of the truly epic tales of glory and conquest comes to life in this anticipated RPG for the next generation! Slip into the sandals of Jason, the young king who takes control of the Argonauts, a battle-tested navy of unquestioned loyalty and unmatched prowess in battle. Travel the vast world of the Aegean, a shimmering ocean filled with islands, shining cities, lush jungles, and deep forests. Unleash massive attacks using a combination of powerful and devastating weapons, powers gifted from the gods, and the incredible might of your Argonauts. Fight alongside legendary heroes like Achilles, Hercules, and Atlanta, as you submerge yourself in the world of mythic Greece!
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Rise of the Argonauts Cheats

  • Aquarius, Peerless Warrior

    Complete the constellation Aquarius, routing legions of Greece's finest warriors.

  • Bright-Eyed

    Earn maximum Favor with Athena.

  • Cepheus, Exalted King

    Complete the constellation Cepheus, setting out from Iolcus on your epic quest.

  • Deimos, Fist of Ares

    Complete the constellation Deimos, mastering Ares' combat style.

  • Eridanus, River Styx

    Complete the constellation Eridanus, slaying a host of the condemned.

  • Legend

    Complete the game on Legend difficulty.

  • Leo, Savage Lion

    Complete the constellation Leo, proving your skill at basic combat.

  • Smashing Success

    Pulp 25 enemy heads.

  • Weaponmaster

    Collect every equipment piece.

  • Argo Navis, the Argo

    Complete the constellation Argo Navis, finishing the voyage of the Argo.

  • Corona, Crown of Mastery

    Complete the constellation Corona Borealis, proving yourself the ultimate hero.

  • Sagacious Satyr

    Accept Pan's persuasive pact of partnership.

  • Ursa Major, Great Bear

    Complete the constellation Ursa Major, proving your total mastery of combat.

  • Awe-Inspiring Ally

    Reaffirm your friendship with Hercules.

  • Nutcracker

    Shatter 30 enemy shields.

  • Helios, Searing Brilliance

    Complete the constellation Helios, mastering Apollo's combat style.

  • Parthenos, Spear of Virtue

    Complete the constellation Parthenos, mastering Athena's combat style.

  • Piercing Gaze

    Impale 25 enemies.

  • Silver-Tongued

    Earn maximum Favor with Hermes.

  • Human

    Complete the game on Human difficulty.

  • Words of Compassion

    Make 5 Apollo-aligned dialogue choices.

  • Zephyrus, Wind Shear

    Complete the constellation Zephyrus, mastering Hermes' combat style.

  • Stout-Hearted

    Earn maximum Favor with Ares.

  • Words of Cunning

    Make 5 Hermes-aligned dialogue choices.

  • Gratuitous Carnage

    Kill 15 enemies with dash attacks.

  • Words of Courage

    Make 5 Ares-aligned dialogue choices.

  • Words of Wisdom

    Make 5 Athena-aligned dialogue choices.

  • Wrath of Olympus

    Call upon 10 God Powers.

  • Hero

    Complete the game on Hero difficulty.

  • Magic Missile

    Skewer 25 enemies with thrown spears.

  • Severance Package

    Decapitate 25 enemies.

  • Sun-Blessed

    Earn maximum Favor with Apollo.

  • Virgo, Wisdom of Athena

    Complete the constellation Virgo, breaking the curse of Medusa.