Beautiful Katamari Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Namco
  • Genre:Action
  • Developer: Namco Bandai
  • Release Date:Oct 16, 2007
  • # of Players:1 player, 4 online
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Alcohol Reference,Comic Mischief,Mild Fantasy Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The King of all Cosmos and the Prince are back, and now in full, next-generation glory! The classic Katamari experience returns with all-new features set to make this the best roll-up-everything-you-see game ever. Increased processing power means seamless Katamari growth. A brand-new soundtrack full of catchy tunes backs you up throughout the game. Check out the rest of the new levels, and pick your character from a list of over 50, including the Prince and his cousins, old and new. Race with a friend on the same TV, make sure your communication is at its peak as you share one Katamari in Co-Op, or, for the first time, take on other players from around the world online!
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Beautiful Katamari Cheats

  • 40 Cousins

    Find 40 Cousins.

  • Colossal Katamari

    Make a katamari that's 10,000km or more!

  • 10 Cousins

    Find 10 Cousins.

  • 100 Hours Playtime

    Played for 100 hours.

  • Big Katamari

    Make a katamari that's 30m or more!

  • Collection 40%

    Roll up 40% of the Collection.

  • Mini Katamari

    Make a katamari that's 30cm or more!

  • 1,000 Cookies

    Obtain 1,000 Cookies.

  • Katamari Fan

    Completed Requests 100 times in Normal Mode

  • Non-stop Roller

    Hint: Roll through the course without stopping once.

  • Responsible Roller

    Hint: Roll through the course without bumping into any objects.

  • 100 Cookies

    Obtain 100 Cookies.

  • 20 Presents

    Collect 20 Presents.

  • All Presents

    Download stages and collect all Presents.

  • Collection 100%

    Rolled Up 100% of the Collection.

  • Collection 20%

    Roll up 20% of the Collection.

  • Frequent Online Roller

    Play online 10 times.

  • Resident Online Roller

    Play online 50 times.

  • Small Katamari

    Make a katamari that's 1m or more!

  • 30 Cousins

    Find 30 Cousins.

  • Katamari Lover

    Complete 200 requests

  • All Cousins

    Download stages and find all Cousins.

  • Collection 80%

    Roll up 80% of the Collection.

  • Jumbo Katamari

    Make a katamari that's 500m or more!

  • 10 Presents

    Collect 10 Presents.

  • 20 Cousins

    Find 20 Cousins.

  • All Requests

    Complete all Requests.

  • Astronomic Katamari

    Download stages and make a katamari over 1,500,000km.

  • Katamari Perfectionist

    Clear all stages, and then do each (of the possible ones) on time attack.

  • Online Roller

    Play online.

  • Quick Turner

    Hint: Use Quick Turn to your advantage.

  • Request x 3

    Complete 3 Requests.

  • Request x 6

    Complete 6 Requests.

  • Request x 9

    Complete 9 Requests.

  • Speedy Roller

    Hint: Zip through the course with Dash.

  • 30 Presents

    Collect 30 Presents.

  • 50 Hours Playtime

    Played for 50 hours.

  • Collection 60%

    Roll up 60% of the Collection.

  • Manic Roller

    Hint: Running into walls will destroy your katamari.

  • Sorta Big Katamari

    Make a katamari that's 5m or more!