Every Extend Extra Extreme - Xbox 360

Every Extend Extra Extreme
Game Description:Another evolution of the rhythm-based shooting experience by indie developer Omega and formed fully by Q Entertainment, Every Extend Extra Extreme takes players on a journey that is visionary, exuberating and anything but relaxing and will even let players play to their own favorite music! E4 is an action-packed puzzle shooter where the goal is to self-destruct, create large chain reactions of explosions by defeating your enemies, which will ultimately extend the life of the game. The game is driven by its mixture of outrageous, mind-bending visuals, high-quality sound and gameplay. The glorious presentation in high definition with the support of 5.1 surround sound will provide a clubbing experience right in the living room. Improved for Xbox Live Arcade over the past versions, Every Extend Extra Extreme features three game modes (including standard E4, a free-mix mode of your own music, and head-to-head Xbox Live play) and other online features.
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