Conan Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Step into the boots of Conan the Barbarian and fight to save the world from an elusive and powerful evil in this epic story of brutality, violence, and combat. Utilize a gratifying and deep combat system to demolish your foes. String together movements and multiple fighting styles, including grappling moves, hand-to-hand combat, swordplay and massive dual-wielded attacks. Next-gen technology lets you feel as if you've stepped straight into the movies, complete with special effects and a cinematic soundtrack. A fully interactive world means you can use anything as a weapon, including axes, spears, and torches, as well as the world itself!
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Conan Cheats

  • Chain of Fools

    Combo Counter Reaches 325

  • Free Fall

    Kill An Enemy By Death Fall

  • Master Dual Wielder

    All Dual Wield Attacks Mastered

  • Armored Up

    Find All Power Meter Powerups

  • Adrenaline Rush

    Find All Song Of Death Meter Powerups

  • Bring out the Gimp

    Kill At Least 25 Enemies During The Giant Squid Boss Battle

  • Defeat Cleaver's Army

    Defeat The Bone Cleaver And His Army In Barachan Isles And Obtain The Ward Of Fire

  • Fatal Touch

    500 Grapple Kills

  • High and Mighty

    Score 20000 Points In A Level

  • Man Handle

    50 Grapple Kills

  • Master Looter

    Disarm 100 Enemies

  • Death Grip

    250 Grapple Klls

  • My Hero

    Save All Maidens

  • Slice 'n Dice

    100 Dismemberments

  • Triumvirate Seeker

    Activate 5 Rune Triumvirates

  • Filthy Rich

    Find All Treasure Chests

  • Mob Massacre

    Kill 5 Or More Enemies Simultaneously

  • Rest In Peace

    Complete Game on Normal

  • Sink the Squid

    Defend the ship and defeat the Giant Squid

  • Bill of Health

    Find All Health Meter Powerups

  • Chop Shop

    500 Dismemberments

  • Now You See It, Now You Don't

    Disarm An Enemy

  • Rock of Ages

    Kill 100 Enemies By Boulder Throw

  • Chained Attacker

    Combo Counter Reaches 100

  • Enemy Appetizers

    Impale 100 Enemies

  • Hands

    5 Grapple Kills

  • Mighty Conan

    Complete The Game On Hard Mode

  • Noble Conan

    Save A Maiden

  • Parry Assassin

    100 Parry Kills

  • The Bloody Crown

    Score 100000 Total Points

  • The Legendary Set

    Collect All Armor Pieces

  • Untouchable

    Complete A Mission Without Taking Any Damage

  • Death Rain

    Kill 100 Enemies By Death Fall

  • Losing His Mind

    Decapitate A Captain With A Shield

  • Master Conan

    Complete The Game On King Mode

  • Master Two Handed Swordsman

    All Two Handed Blade Attacks Mastered

  • Meat Market

    1000 Dismemberments

  • Parry King

    200 Parry Kills

  • Shish Kabob

    Impale An Enemy

  • Treasure Hunter

    Find 50 Treasure Chests

  • Demon Slayer

    Defeat the Elephant Demon in the Kush caves to obtain The Ward of the Abyss

  • Dragon Slayer

    Defeat the Sand Dragon In The Lost City Of Shem And Obtain The Ward Of The Earth

  • Master Swordsman

    All One Handed Blade Attacks Mastered

  • Parry Farm

    Perform Every Parry Kill Move

  • Snake Charmer

    Defeat the Sorceress Queen in Stygia and obtain The Ward of Souls

  • Triumvirates United

    Activate All Rune Triumvirates