Hail to the Chimp Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Ever wondered who would win if a polar bear and a jellyfish went to battle against an armadillo and a yak? Here's your chance to finally find out! Fight to rule the animal kingdom in this oddball party game. After the King of the Animals resigns in shame, a group of animals begins an all-out brawl to take the crown. Choose from ten characters, including Crackers the sneaky monkey and Ptolemy the powerful hippo - each with specific strengths, unique strategies, and an unchecked lust for power. Battles blend cooperation and competition in addictive and action-packed play across three modes: single-player, four-player local, and online head-to-head.
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Hail to the Chimp Cheats

  • Banzai

    Survive an event where all other characters die

  • Button Masher

    Claim all buttons in a game of Othello

  • Couch Potato

    Unlock all Commercials

  • Now Now Now

    Win Bean Recount Challenge

  • Party Animal

    Win once with every character

  • Platytude

    Win Daisy Recount Challenge

  • Positive Campaigner

    Win a 3 round campaign without throwing a punch

  • Untouchable

    Block 10 attacks in a Row

  • World Leader

    Win a multiplayer game on every map

  • Whiff of Change

    Win Moxie Recount Challenge

  • Concerned Citizen

    Unlock all Attack ads

  • Globetrotter

    Unlock all Maps

  • Non Stop Party

    Win Ptolemy Recount Challenge

  • Passing Wind

    Survive being pursued by the cloud for three minutes

  • Representative

    Clear the the challenges for Toshiro, Hedwig, Bean, Moxie

  • Senator

    Clear the Murgatroyd and Santo challen

  • Team Player

    Win 10 games while teamed up

  • Tourist

    Get your first piece of Flair

  • Also-Ran

    20 Team-ups with the person in 4th place

  • Clam Digger

    Go for 60 seconds holding 20 clams

  • Comeback Kid

    10 games after not 1st within 10 seconds of game over

  • Creditor

    Watch the credits all the way through

  • Da Bomb

    Punch 20 bombs

  • For the Animals

    Finish the single player game

  • Some Friend

    Betray 25 teamups

  • Ballot Ballet

    Claim all Wells in a game of “Clam in Every Pot”

  • Dark Horse

    Win 10 games after 4th place at halfway point

  • Policy Wonk

    Unlock all Debates

  • Pro Simian

    Win Crackers Recount Challenge

  • Silent Majority

    Win Murgatroyd Recount Challenge

  • Bear Necessity

    Win Hedwig Recount Challenge

  • Diplomat

    Go 60 seconds without throwing a punch and not dying

  • Litter Bug

    Claim all Yardsigns in a game of Yardsigns

  • Pacifist

    Win a round without throwing a punch

  • Alderman

    Clear the Ptolemy, Floyd, and Daisy Challenges

  • Animal's Choice

    Finish the single player game without losing a round

  • I Get Around

    Team up with every character

  • Prime Candidate

    Win a multiplayer game in every gametype

  • The Chosen One

    Finish all recount challenges without losing a round

  • Cursive

    Win 10 games using 5 or more curses per game

  • Educated Voter

    Unlock all Campaign Ads

  • New Coat of Paint

    Win Santo Recount Challenge

  • Player Hater

    Kill any character's rival 25 times using that

  • Saline Solution

    Win Toshiro Recount Challenge

  • Sound Mind

    Win Floyd Recount Challenge

  • Top Dog

    Win a game of frontrunner without allowing anyone else to be frontrunner