Twilight of Lareleth - Xbox 360

Twilight of Lareleth
Game Description:After a tragic event that nearly ends their species, few among the Elves can recall a time, long ago, when they once prospered and knew greatness. Hunted relentlessly on the surface of Lareleth by their mortal enemies - the vicious Gnolls – the once-united Elven people have fled to the corners of the world to seek haven -- but there is none to be found... In Twilight of Lareleth, players are thrust into a game world teaming with life and history! The epic storyline spanning seven Chapters, taking players across the vast and varied expanses of Lareleth, through 40+ levels of gameplay. Choose from four playable Elven characters, each with the ability to class-change throughout the game to one of 9 different playable classes, to mix and match abilities for nearly limitless player customization. NOTE: This game is in production for unspecified consoles -- it was originally in the works for the Xbox game system, but has since been re-engineered for next-gen consoles. Which system (or systems) it will eventually be released on has not been confirmed yet. Please check back for official info.
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