Fallout 3 Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Vault 101; Jewel of the Wastes. For 200 years, Vault 101 has faithfully served the surviving residents of Washington DC and its environs, now known as the Capital Wasteland. Though the global atomic war of 2077 left the US all but destroyed, the residents of Vault 101 enjoy a life free from the constant stress of the outside world. Giant Insects, Raiders, Slavers, and yes, even Super Mutants are all no match for superior Vault-Tec engineering. Yet one fateful morning, you awake to find that your father has defied the Overseer and left the comfort and security afforded by Vault 101 for reasons unknown. Leaving the only home you've ever known, you emerge from the Vault into the harsh Wasteland sun to search for your father, and the truth.
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Fallout 3 Cheats

  • Data Miner

    Hacked 50 terminals

  • Galaxy News Radio

    Completed "Galaxy News Radio"

  • Mercenary

    Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma

  • Scourge of Humanity

    Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma

  • Tenpenny Tower

    Completed "Tenpenny Tower"

  • Weaponsmith

    Made one of every custom weapon

  • One-Man Scouting Party

    Discovered 100 locations

  • Rescue from Paradise

    Completed "Rescue from Paradise"

  • Silver-Tongued Devil

    Won 50 Speech Challenges

  • Strictly Business

    Completed "Strictly Business"

  • The American Dream

    Completed "The American Dream"

  • Following in His Footsteps

    Completed "Following in His Footsteps"

  • Keys are for Cowards

    Picked 50 locks

  • Oasis

    Completed "Oasis"

  • Reaver

    Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma

  • Take it Back!

    Completed "Take it Back!"

  • The Nuka-Cola Challenge

    Completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"

  • The Waters of Life

    Completed "The Waters of Life"

  • You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head

    Completed "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head"

  • Big Trouble in Big Town

    Completed "Big Trouble in Big Town"

  • Head of State

    Completed "Head of State"

  • The Power of the Atom

    Completed "The Power of the Atom"

  • The Superhuman Gambit

    Completed "The Superhuman Gambit"

  • Those!

    Completed "Those!"

  • Tranquility Lane

    Completed "Tranquility Lane"

  • Protector

    Reached Level 8 with Good Karma

  • Blood Ties

    Completed "Blood Ties"

  • Finding the Garden of Eden

    Completed "Finding the Garden of Eden"

  • Harbinger of War

    Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma

  • Pinnacle of Survival

    Reached Level 14 with Neutral Karma

  • Psychotic Prankster

    Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing

  • Scientific Pursuits

    Completed "Scientific Pursuits"

  • The Replicated Man

    Completed "The Replicated Man"

  • Yes, I Play with Dolls

    Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

  • Ambassador of Peace

    Reached Level 14 with Good Karma

  • Paradigm of Humanity

    Reached Level 20 with Neutral Karma

  • Stealing Independence

    Completed "Stealing Independence"

  • The Bigger They Are…

    Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths

  • Agatha's Song

    Completed "Agatha's Song"

  • Picking up the Trail

    Completed "Picking up the Trail"

  • Reilly's Rangers

    Completed "Reilly's Rangers"

  • Slayer of Beasts

    Killed 300 creatures

  • The G.O.A.T. Whisperer

    Took the G.O.A.T.

  • The Wasteland Survival Guide

    Completed "The Wasteland Survival Guide"

  • Vault 101 Citizenship Award

    Got the Pip-Boy 3000

  • Vault-Tec C.E.O.

    Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

  • Trouble on the Homefront

    Completed "Trouble on the Homefront"

  • Doesn't Play Well with Others

    Killed 300 people

  • Escape!

    Completed "Escape!"

  • Last, Best Hope of Humanity

    Reached Level 20 with Good Karma

  • Operation: Anchorage

    Complete the quest "Operation: Anchorage"

  • Paving the Way

    Complete the quest "Paving the Way"

  • Aiding the Outcasts

    Complete the quest "Aiding the Outcasts"

  • The Guns of Anchorage

    Complete the quest "The Guns of Anchorage"

  • The Guns of Anchorage

    Completed "The Guns of Anchorage"

  • Aiding the Outcasts

    Completed "Aiding the Outcasts"

  • Paving the Way

    Completed "Paving the Way"

  • Operation: Anchorage

    Completed "Operation: Anchorage"

  • Mill Worker [The Pitt DLC Required]

    Found All 100 Steel Ingots

  • Free Labor [The Pitt DLC Required]

    Completed "Free Labor"

  • Into The Pitt [The Pitt DLC Required]

    Completed "Into The Pitt"

  • Unsafe Working Conditions [The Pitt DLC Required]

    Completed "Unsafe Working Conditions"

  • Bog Walker (Point Lookout DLC Required)

    Discovered all locations within Point Lookout

  • A Meeting of the Minds (Point Lookout DLC Required)

    Completed "A Meeting of the Minds"

  • Walking With Spirits (Point Lookout DLC Required)

    Completed "Walking With Spirits"

  • The Local Flavor (Point Lookout DLC Required)

    Completed "The Local Flavor"

  • Among the Stars [Mothership Zeta DLC Required]

    Completed "Among the Stars"

  • This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough... [Mothership Zeta DLC Required]

    Completed "This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough..."

  • Not of This World [Mothership Zeta DLC Required]

    Completed "Not of This World"

  • Alien Archivist [Mothership Zeta DLC Required]

    Collected all Alien Captive Recordings

  • Infinite XP

    You can gain infinite XP if your speech skill is high enough. Go to town called "Big Town" located north of Vault 101. If you spoke with a girl named Bittercup she should tell you about her dating exploits. After speaking with her, go into the house marked "Common House" and speak to a man named Pappy. There should be a speech skill dialogue...

  • Andale Mister Sandman Exploit

    Get the mister sandman perk and head to Andale. Go to the smith's house when they are asleep. Go to their sleeping kid and use murder. Since he is a child he will not die but you get experience.

  • Item Value Switch Glitch (Infinite Money Glitch)

    Go into a store with two of the same item in your inventory, like say a 9mm Pistol. First make sure that one of the two is in perfect condition, and the other is completely broken. Sell them both to the store owner, then take back the broken item from the barter screen. DO NOT LEAVE THE BARTER SCREEN! Look at the store buyers' inventory. If the...