Disney's Meet the Robinsons Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Time is on your side in this game based on Disney's Meet the Robinsons. Change the past and control the future as the time-traveling Wilbur Robinson. It's up to you to save the future - without changing it - in this thrilling adventure! Solve puzzles and battle enemies as you chase the evil Bowler Hat Guy and his robotic hat, Doris, through multiple timelines to stop their evil plan. Explore super cool spots like ancient Egypt, the Robinson's mansion, and more on over 40 missions. Use goofy gadgets like the Charge Glove, Disassembler, and the Levitation device. Challenge friends in a Charge Ball mini-game, download new Charge Ball courts, and much more!
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Disney's Meet the Robinsons Cheats

  • Invisibility

    Enter the following in the cheat codes screen from the main menu.

    Code: respawn

  • Find Train Room Court

    Find Train Room Charge Ball VR Disk.

  • Found All Charge Ball Courts

    All Charge Ball VR Disks Collected.

  • Restored Space/Time Continuum

    Complete Science Fair Level.

  • Earn Laszlo's VR Disk

    Earn Laszlo's VR Disk.

  • Earn Uncle Art VR Disk

    Earn Uncle Art's VR Disk.

  • Ambush Art in Charge Ball

    Defeat Art in Charge Ball Mini-Game.

  • Finish off Franny in Charge Ball

    Defeat Franny in Charge Ball Mini-Game.

  • Earn Billie VR Disk

    Earn Billie's VR Disk.

  • Earn Grandpa's VR Disk

    Earn Grandpa's VR Disk.

  • Grand Master of Protectospheres

    Complete all Protectosphere Courses.

  • Obtain Disassembler Gadget

    Obtain the Disassembler Gadget.

  • Obtained Havoc Gadget

    Obtain Havoc Gloves.

  • Undermined Prometheus Project

    Defeat Prometheus.

  • Utilized Time Machine

    Escape from Egypt in the time machine.

  • Acolyte of Protectospheres

    Complete First Protectosphere Course.

  • Best Billie in Charge Ball

    Defeat Billie in Charge Ball Mini-Game.

  • Completed First Havoc Puzzle

    Complete First Havoc Glove Puzzle.

  • Earn Franny's VR Disk

    Earn Franny's VR Disk.

  • Obtain the Charge Ball Gadget

    Obtain the Charge Ball Glove.

  • Obtained Scanning Technology

    Complete the mission to create the scanner gadget.

  • Security Specialist

    Score 25,000 in the Security System.

  • Find Egypt Charge Ball Court

    Find Egypt Charge Ball VR Disk.

  • Find Magma Charge Ball Court

    Find Magma Charge Ball VR Disk.

  • Obtain LEV Gadget

    Obtain the LEV Gun.

  • Scan 130 Items

    Scan 130 items throughout the game.

  • Bear Down on Bud in Charge Ball

    Defeat Grandpa in Charge Ball Mini-Game.

  • Find Frog Room Charge Ball Court

    Find Frog Room Charge Ball VR Disk.

  • Overwhelmed Menacing Automaton

    Defeat Robot guarding the time machine.

  • Trounce Tallulah in Charge Ball

    Defeat Tallulah in Charge Ball Mini-Game.

  • Vanquish Army of Giant Ants

    Defeat Lizzy.

  • Complete All Havoc Puzzles

    Complete Every Havoc Glove Puzzle.

  • Defeat Mega Doris

    Defeat Mega Doris.

  • Earn Tallulah's VR Disk

    Earn Tallulah's VR Disk.

  • Master of Security

    Score 100,000 in the Security System.

  • Clobber the Champ in Charge Ball

    Defeat the Champ in Charge Ball Mini-Game.

  • Find Garden Charge Ball Court

    Find Robinson Garden Charge Ball VR Disk.

  • Find Hive Charge Ball Court

    Find Hive Charge Ball VR Disk.

  • Lambaste Laszlo in Charge Ball

    Defeat Laszlo in Charge Ball Mini-Game.